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This Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica ファンアート contains ブーケ, コサージュ, 花束, 小さな花束, ポーズ, ノーズゲイ, バラ, バラ色, ローズ, rosiness, バラ, バラの木, and バラブシ. There might also be バナナスプリット, バナナの分割, トゥッティフルッティの, トゥッティfrutti, トゥッティ フルッティ, つや消し層ケーキ, 曇った層のケーキ, and レイヤー ケーキのつや消し.

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Lotte: *A somewhat tall, brown haired, brown eyed, english girl* This place is great!

Madoka: *Sees Lotte* Hello!

Lotte: Do あなた know where the Junior High is?

Madoka: Yeah! It's the school I go to. Are あなた the exchange student?

Lotte: *Nods* My name is Lotte, Lotte Heartally. What's yours?

Madoka: I am Madoka Kaname.

Lotte: Nice to meet you, Madoka!


Teacher: *Taking role*

Hitomi: *Looking at Lotte evilly*

Lotte: *Sees Hitomi and whispers to Sayaka* Who is that?

Sayaka: That's Hitomi...she's been acting...scary...

Nick: *Has black hair, brown eyes, and a シャツ with a dragon on it*...
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Plot: It is the 年 2014, and all Magical Girls and Witches have had there powers sealed in toys called "Magic Dolls". Now, a girl named Ginga Hoshi, her boyfriend Scott Archer, and her BFFs (Zoe, and Mari) must defeat the New Saga Empire.

Magical Girls/Allies:

Ginga Hoshi
Age: 15
Hair Color: ピンク with 星, つ星 Braids
Eye Color: Galaxies
Wish: To be able to save the Magical Girls.
Soul Gem Color: Cosmic
Weapon: Magic Blade

Scott Archer
Age: 15
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Powers: Can control Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth

Zoe Hayata
Age: 14
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Orange
Wish: To help Ginga in her...
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Chapter 2:

Lotte: *Walking and talking with Nick*

Nick: So your from England, Lotte?

Lotte: Yeah! It's a really nice place *Smiles*

Nick: *Senses something*

Lotte: What's wrong?

Nick: DUCK!

Sokola: *A mime-like witch fires a beam at Lotte*

Lotte: AH! *Jumps out of the way*

Sokola: *Fires again*

Mami: *Intercepts* TRIO FINALE!

Sokola: *Knocks Mami away*

Mami: *Fires at Sokola*

Sokola: *Feels nothing and grabs Mami* Yum!

Nick: *Meditating*

Lotte: Help us!

Nick: *Turns into a dragon-like warrior and pulls out a small blade*

Lotte: Woah...

Nick: *Jumps and cuts off Sokola's arm*

Sokola: AH! *Drops Mami*

Nick: *Helps...
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itsuka kimi ga hitomi ni tomosu ai no hikari ga
toki wo koete
horobiisogu sekai no yume wo
tashika ni hitotsu kowasu darou

    Someday, the light of 愛 that あなた set aflame in your eyes
Will transcend time
And surely destroy one dream
Of this world that hurries to its ruin.

tamerai wo nomihoshite
kimi ga nozomu MONO wa nani?
konna yokubukai akogare no yukue ni
hakanai ashita wa aru no?

    Swallow down your hesitation.
What is it that あなた wish for?
On the path of yearning as greedy as this,
Will there be a transient tomorrow?

kodomo no koro yume ni miteta
inishie no...
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Plot: This is a 表示する about Lotte Magica character Nick Ryu. Nick Ryu shows different magical girls and battles witches himself.


Nick Ryu
Lotte Heartfeltia


Kirameku Mirai" (キラメク未来?, lit. "Shining Future")

Lyrics: Hideki Tama (田靡 秀樹 Tama Hideki?)
Composition & Arrangement: Takao Konishi (小西 貴雄 Konishi Takao?)
Artist: voyager feat. Nick Ryu
Episodes: 1-13

Rising High"

Lyrics & Composition: Toshihiko Takamizawa (高見沢 俊彦 Takamizawa Toshihiko?)
Arrangement: Toshihiko Takamizawa with Yuichiro Honda (本田 優一郎...
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    Sabitsuita kokoro,

otomonai sekai, nani o miteruno?
Matane o ieru kao o sagasuyo
sore o kurikaesu dake
    (Kyoko) With two hearts rusting together,

in a world without sound; what do あなた see?
I'm searching for the face who will say "see あなた again,"
I'll just be doing it over and over again.

    Kizukeba soko ni...
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