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123 Ways to Annoy, Harass, Confuse または Generally Scare Lord Voldemort
Sure-fire ways to get yourself killed, または at least Crucio'd round the block and back again

(I didn't write it, it's from an e-mail)


1. Ask him why he 'doesn't have such a cool scar?'

2. Laugh at him.

3. Wake him up によって 歌う ビーチ Boys songs in his ear. 'Round, round, get around, I get around...'

4. Knit him things. Really hideous things.

5. Give him kangaroo-ears for a month.

6. Smile during Death Eater meetings and say あなた taught him everything...
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First of all, let me point out that it is によって no means an attempt to justify または excuse Dark Lord’s actions, merely an attempt to understand them and his motives. It is also strongly influenced によって existentialism and my slightly fatalistic mood.

Following Sartre’s “Man is fully responsible for his nature and his choices” it’s easy to say that the Dark Lord “ made all the wrong choices" i.e. he could have been a Minister for Magic, an ingenious inventor または a celebrity, but chose, and therefor became, the most powerful Dark Wizard of all time. True, it is Tom Marvolo Riddle, and perhaps...
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