1- “I smile and think; This is my job, this is what I do for a living, and its what I’ve always wanted”

2- ''Live your dream and never weake up''

3- “Dreams are like stars. あなた may never touch them, but if あなた follow them they will lead あなた to your destiny…”

4- Interviewer = What's the meanest thing you've ever done? ''Once I didn't say 'god bless you' after someone sneezed...''

5- “You gotta live hardcore to be hardcore.”

6- “I’ve always perfered having girlfriend to just seeing people.”

7- “Whenever I’m sad I just imagine 赤ちゃん with moustaches.”

8- “‘The worst thing a boy could do to a girl? Personally, I think it’s to ignore her for a little while whilst she’s loving あなた with all her heart.”

9- ''The security is not just for us, it is there to keep the girls 安全, 安全です too''

10- “If I was Simon Cowell for a day, I’d buy a bouncy castle, and jump on it. Then…pour ketchup on myself!”

11- ''We went to a farm and they offered us to ride horses, there were only 4 馬 so Harry rode a cow.''

12- ''Every time あなた smile, I smile. And every time あなた shine I shine for you''

13- “Believe it または not, but even when I’m sleeping, I’m dreaming about meeting fans”

14- ''Harry is the biggest flirt, without a doubt. He is terrible''

15- “Everyone does smelly poo sometimes. it’s a モットー that i live by.”

16- ''Got nothing to say, Say nothing at all''

17- ''After a コンサート I realized that the bus was leaving without me so I was running and screaming and the boys thought I was a fan''

18- ''I feel like Niall is my little brother, because I always think he is the youngest of the band''

19- ''We are ourselves. People enjoy what we do because we don't hide anything''

20- ''I can never be really, like really horrible to someone''

21- ''Theres nothing that can separate us''

22- ''Please stay 1D ファン forever, we need あなた guys !''

23- ''Un sacapuntas, that is a pencil sharpener in spanish''

24- ''Harry is like a younger brother, we do exercices together then he asks me to prepare a サンドイッチ for the effort''

25- ''My first crush was called Emily and I asked her out によって the lockers at school によって 歌う to her and she dumped me the 次 day''

26- ''Niam is real''

27- “We made a 100,000 viewers tonight, so I can go to sleep a very very happy little chappy.”

28- ''I came ホーム one 日 and one of my turtles was missing a foot''

29- ''Apparently I was Matito but Niall was definitly Dick''

30- ''I'd 愛 to do A Britney and shave my hair one day.''

31- ''When I was little I always 発言しました that I wanted a brother and now it's like I have four of them''

32- ''When あなた open Niall's wallet, the first thing あなた see is a picture of Justin Bieber and a picture of us''

33- ''If I could live in the past, I'd be a colonial woman churning butter''

34- ''You usually hear Niall before see him''

35- ''Niall's bum is like a time bomb''

36- ''I realised today how much I care about my boys, sounds cheesy but they're the best four matesn I could have asked for''

37- ''Harry's ファン are so hardcore, あなた wouldn't believe''

38- ''Niall is obsessed with Barack Obama, he knows everything about him''

39- ''At a scale from 1 to 10. I'm probably at 6 when it comes to flirting. I'm quite shy''

40- ''Oh My God, Head & Shoulders please !''

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