Leyton Family<3 My #9 favourites || Your Favourite??

Pick one:
TV Couple: Zoe/Wade ♥ {Hart Of Dixie}
Book/Movie Couple: Lissa/Christian ♥ {Vampire Academy}
Female TV Character: Rory Gilmore ♥ {Gilmore Girls}
Female Book/Movie Character: Katniss Everdeen ♥ {The Hunger Games}
Male TV Character: Dan Humphrey ♥ {Gossip Girl}
Male Book/Movie Character: Cinna ♥ {The Hunger Games}
Friendship: Serena and Blair ♥ {Gossip Girl}
Actress: Evanna Lynch ♥
Actor: Rupert Grint ♥
Artists/Bands: クイーン ♥
TV Show: Pretty Little Liars ♥
Movie: She's the Man ♥
Book: お花 in the Attic ♥
Option for me ♥
 Elbelle23 posted 1年以上前
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