Leyton Family<3 ランダム Lyrics I 愛 ; Your お気に入り ?

Pick one:
you're my downfall,you're my muse,my worst distraction,my rhythm &blues
from all of the faces あなた were the one 次 to me
you're crazy and i am out of my mind
sometimes i wish that i could freeze the picture & save it from the funny tricks
and i am feeling so small it was over my head i know nothing at all
the way あなた play for me at your 表示する
crazy days ,city lights the way you'de play with me like a child
my eyes are are on あなた and i hope that あなた won't hurt me
the moment when we're meeting will play like a scene straight off the silver scre
i dreamed that 愛 would never die
 marakii posted 1年以上前
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