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Leyton Family<3 {part 4} 18 ランダム facts about my current LPF friendships. Which do あなた find the most interesting?

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 mooshka posted 1年以上前
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mooshka picked #10:
10.I feel like I have a different connection with Atie just because we can relate to on a cultural and religious aspect.

11.I remember I used to see Ade on fanpop all the time! And I used to love the comments she used to put in the OTH and Leyton spot. But we didn't get to know each other until MUCH later when she joined the LPF.

12.Rachel and I were always good friends but we didn't become "close" until a year and half ago.
posted 1年以上前.
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Piu95 picked #11:
^Actually I was look at picks I've made a long time ago on other spots and saw comments by Nic, Bee etc & it was way before we knew each other. That's crazy! :D
posted 1年以上前.
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Nicolas97 picked #11:
That has happened to me with Ade, Bee, Moosh & Aline so much!! And I knew Rachel from GA spot long before I talked to her properly and back then I used I dislike her but then I joined LPF and we talked in Skype and I we then became friends ;-)
posted 1年以上前.
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WarriorGilbert picked #10:
posted 1年以上前.