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 Luisana Lopilato 2012
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NOTE: layout not ready yet, as usual :P

Chapter 4: One Step Closer

“I have a surprise for you.” Richard 発言しました while embracing his love. She was cooking breakfast for him, like she always did. It was something she would never stop doing.
“What kind of surprise?” Rachel queried.
“Can’t tell you.” he smirked.
“Oh come on! あなた can’t just tell someone あなた have a surprise for them like that and just leave it there. That’s just plain mean!” she complained.
Richard hated seeing her this agonized, but for some reason he couldn't stop smiling.
“I’m sorry but if I tell you, the surprise...
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 "I do, but maybe you're too in 愛 to notice them"
"I do, but maybe you're too in love to notice them"
Chapter 3: Colors(色) and promises

Celine had been waiting によって the phone for hours to hear the good news. How could she just not think about the fact that one of her best friend might just have gotten engaged to the man of her dreams?
"Why haven't they called yet?" Celine whined. It was already the 次 morning and Paul and Celine were at the breakfast 表, テーブル with Paul flipping through the newspaper.
"I'm sure they will when they have the time, darling", Paul smiled. "Stop worrying. I'm sure everything went as planned."
"But what if it didn't?"
"It did."
"But what if it didn't?" Celine groaned. "Do you...
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agents of shield
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