Kate Beckett <3
1-Where are あなた from and how old are you
I am from Athens, Greece and I am 17 and half years old :p ,well actually I will be 18 in October ;)

2- What are your favorites?
-TV Show: フレンズ
-Book : The last song
-Movie : Mamma Mia
-Couple : Ross&Rachel
-Female : Kate Beckett
-Male : Ross Geller
-Actress : Jennifer Aniston
-Actor : Patrick Demspey
-Friendship/Relationship : Carrie/Miranda/Charlotte/Samantha

3- How would あなた describe yourself?
Let me tell あなた that this is the hardest one haha :p . Ok well I think I’m down to earth but at the same time I’m a dreamer ;) . I’m a sucker for romantic things and I 愛 funny, good and honest people <3 . I 愛 making my friends/family happy and inspiration is really important to me . What else should I say ?! xD I 愛 meeting new people but I don’t open up easily so sometimes I may seem distant but that’s not the case and I really don’t like talking about myself so I will let this one on あなた =) haha !

4- Who is your biggest role model and why?
Trying to answer this 質問 I figured out that I don’t have one . Ok, I mean that I 愛 many qualities from many different people (both artists and my close environment people) so my biggest role model is a faceless person that combines all these different qualities <3 . It would be so unfair to name just one person because there are so many beautiful humans out there who inspire my daily!

5-How did あなた come about the LPF?
あなた mean how did I join? I think I joined the spot the period I was watching OTH and being obsessed with Leyton firstly I thought it had to do with these two . Then I saw that people were making really cool and different kind of picks and I started answering e.t.c . I have already spoken with some of the members as well such as Ade and Bee and then I just started making picks too ?! Haha I really don’t remember .

6- What do あなた hope to be/achieve when あなた are older?
Uh… well I won’t name a certain profession . I will just say that I want to do something that will inspire the rest of the world and something that will inspire me to keep doing it . Also, I want to be surrounded によって my お気に入り people .

7-What is a dream あなた really want to accomplish in life?
Do something –professionally wise- that has to do with art <3

8-Your absolute お気に入り quality in a person and your absolute least お気に入り quality in a person?
Favorite: humor and honesty (can’t choose :p)
Least favorite: fakeness

9-If あなた could live anywhere in the world other than Greece where would あなた live?
I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else tbh :p but If I had to choose I think in Rome/Italy ;)
10-If あなた could play any type of t.v. character on any type of show; what kind of character would あなた play and on what show?
Uhm … I would want to be a ファン お気に入り (LOL :P) haha . Ok I would like to be in a 表示する like glee/グリー ,something that combines comedy, drama, 音楽 all together ;) and as for the character I would like to be a funny/badass one !

Maria's beauitful OTP

[b]11- What 3 songs mean the most to あなた and why?

Oh man that’s hard :p
Ok I will go with
1) Wings によって Birdy : Even though I don’t like ranking my お気に入り songs ,the last 年 I’ve been telling to everyone that this one is my お気に入り and the hopeless romantic in me just adores the lyrics
2) Time of our lives によって Tyrone Wells : THE LYRICS MAKE MY CRY :’( . So as あなた know I just graduated from high school and Nic made a really emotional video with this song for our graduation celebration. I’ve always loved this song but now I 愛 it even もっと見る because I already miss school like crazy and how we all were so close ,especially the last year, so yeah going with this one ;D
3) I’m torn between Shake it out (Florence and the Machine) and Cannonball (Lea Michele) for the third place :p but after some serious thought (heh) I will go with Cannonball : Let’s just say that from November of 2013 until March of 2014 wasn’t the best period of my life . These 6 months were hard for me because I had some English exams going on and some school things going on ,anyway I was feeling alone sometimes ,when it came to friends, and sad so when this song came out ,January of ’14 the lyrics really spoke to me haha <3. It gives me strength and I’m もっと見る of an optimist ,so yeah I relate to it. Plus it’s my お気に入り singer 歌う it how could I not adore it?!

12-Describe each of the LPF members in 5 words??
ADE : honest, independent, adventurous ,friendly, caring
ALINE: admirable, funny, caring, badass, independent
AMBER: sweet, caring, understanding, open-minded, admirable
ATIE: sarcastic, badass, cute, loving, friendly
BEE: bubbly, kind, open-minded, friendly, enthusiastic
CELINE: nicest (person), caring, loving, princess, dorky
ELLE: funny, caring, honorable, independent, smart
FATEMEH: stylish, independent, sarcastic, loving, badass
HOLLY: brave, admirable, passionate, strong, loyal
INES: innovative, smart, caring, creative, honest
JESS: friendly, nice, brave, smart, funny
KIR: smart, caring, friendly, honest, enthusiastic
NAD: independent, sarcastic, strong, loving, funny
NEREA: creative, friendly, honest, caring, loyal
NIC: loyal, brave, funny, stylish, (my person<3)
RACHEL: kind, brave, smart, loving, caring
RANA: smart, loyal, funny, strong, lovable

13- If あなた were a superhero what super power would あなた have?
Cure illnesses ;p . I’m pretty sure this is not a super power but oh well it could be!

14- What's a talent あなた wish あなた had?
Sing better?!

15- Besides Nic...who would あなた say are your closest LPF people and why?
First of all I want to say that I consider myself pretty lucky because I think I am close with most of あなた <333 so I will narrow it down to the three people I think I’m cloeser because of course I want to include あなた all :D
- Rana because she is my actual big sister <333 (we’re the twisted sisters after all ;P). I can be completely honest with her and I can talk about anything with her whether it’s fangirling または real life stuff!
- Aline because once again I can be completely honest with her <333 . For me Aline is probably the most admirable LPFer and I feel that everyone who talks with her has something to gain!
- Celine aka my (snow) twinnie <3 . We haven’t talked in ages tbh :p but whenever we do talk it’s like no time has passed since the last time . I 愛 this girl ,she is my personality twin and I feel really close to her!