Queen of Lost & Derek/Tyler

ADE: We are not that close but I feel like I know her. I admire her bravery and independence. She does not have the perfect life but still she gets up and work and tries her best. I also love that she is a Sterek lover, I am too <3 She is very passionate and kind. I wish we could talk more though because I think I could learn a lot from her.

BEE: I'd say Holly's the person I admire most. I've always felt Holly's like my mother on the spot. She's always caring for me and looking out for me, no matter what's happening to her. She has a special place in my heart because of her love for cats<3 I miss her more and more evryday, and I can't wait to change this now I'll be here more!

INES: My dany buddy <3 Our relationship has grown a lot since we're on Happening, and I feel so much closer to Holly now. We have a lot in common (animals for example), and I consider her as my big sister ! We ramble a lot, trying to pronounce french and english correctly, which is really funny ! Boobs of steel forever !!! <33

NEREA: She seems to be a very nice and friendly girl. I have seen a very few of her, but everything gave me the impression that she is an awesome person. So, for these reasons, it would be very good to meet her.

ATIE: My twinny is the most passionate and strong person I know.She's so honest and open minded.She always stands up for what she believes in and fights for herself.She's so protective and caring.She's like a Mama bear to us.I can always talk to and rant to her about everything and I love her for always being there for me

JESS: I think Holly is my longest friend on this spot and on any other spot. We 2 were the first BL'ers to 'visit' the Leyton forum and change the impressions both sides had and that was so such a good feeling<3 Men we used to talk like every day and even on tumblr, youtube and SKYPE! We used to have such amazing and even personal talks and I know that she had some rough years and it wasn't always easy for her, but thats why for me she's AN AMAZING AND STRONG PERSON!She has such a good and caring heart and I hope we will be friends forever <3

ELLE: HOLS <3 I missed you so much. I loved how close we were and how we are slowly regaining that closeness. I am loving finding new things about you, but being able to remember the stuff I did know about you. You kind heart and passion is amazing, and the way you speak about things you believe but still respect what others say is remarkable. You were one of the first BL girls to break the barrier, and I am forever thankful that you did. Thanks for being you Holly <3

MARIA: 15) Holly
The LPF mom ,super brave and passionate . Who doesn't love talking to Holly ?! She's super wise, caring , talented and an epic HBIC<3 . I love how she's not afraid to be herself! Love you<3

NIC: Big Sis!! Always up for a word fight, something I appreciate<3 Always has the best advice and isn't afraid to say her opinion, a HBIC with a soft side for her friends and family and some BAMF moments here and there! Ms Pink is mama of the spot for me and will deffo become a great mother! Elena to my Jer, LY<3

FATEMEH: Brooke to my Haley <3 BEST FRIEND!!!! Holly seriously you’re my best friend. I look up to you so much and you inspire me a lot. I love how close we became in no time. When I started being active on LPF I always wanted to talk to you but I was scared I would annoy you or something. :P But, I’m glad I came to you and now I can call you my best friend. You’reso strong, brave, smart, etc. Seriously you’re epic. I love you so much.

AMBER: Starting with the most important: Holly made me watch Lost and it is honestly the best thing that anyone has ever done, lol. Like it got to the point where she was going to give me her Netflix account info so that I could keep watching, which is pretty awesome. But above everything I know that I could count on her to have my back! Love you <33 (Also one day we are totally going to go to that Dharma bar!!!)

ALINE: Though we don't talk that much, when we do it's always an easy and fluid conversation and I just love that you deeply care about your friends and are always supporting them no matter what.

RACH: Holly is such a vibrant, passionate, funny, beautiful young woman. She is so motherly and kind and I very much admire her for her strength. I know that she will do absolutely epic things with her life. She is very down-to-earth and always gives amazing advice. I just admire her so much and love her loads <333

RANA: My sestra<333 Always there for me! Seriously one of my saviors! Holly is there for regardless of time and place. I will always remember the time where I was in a super dark place and needed someone to talk to so I called Holly and literally cried to her on the phone for an hour :P But she listened to me and cheered me up and just basically made sure I was okay. True sister <3 I love you my Helena.

KIR: I ADORE YOU GIRL. You're so sweet and kind and caring and always there for everyone! You were always there for me during hard times and I'm forever grateful for that.

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