L(デスノート) If あなた could name ANYONE doesn't even need to be anime, who is most like L?? (You have to pick someone other than L!!!)

Pick one:
Ulquiorra~ (Bleach-Anime)
House~ (House M.D- T.V show)
Near~ (Death Note-Anime)
Sasuke~ (Naruto-Anime)
Einstein~ (...Genius)
Kyouya~ (Ouran Host Club-Anime)
Horatio~ (CSI Miami-T.V show)
Hatori~ (Fruits Basket-Anime)
Carlisle~ (Twilight-Book/Movie)
Conan~ (Case Closed-Anime)
または BB
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Noel Fielding (at least in looks)
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Columbo (why not?)
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