When I opened the door, I saw his red eyes screaming at me. As I stood there, rendered motionless, my mom came running up behind me. I thought she was going to yell at me for opening a door to strangers, または just shoo him away but she did neither. She merely just greeted him with a smile and 発言しました "Hello! あなた must be the new butler!!". He returned her kindness with a smile, but when he looked at me, his grin was もっと見る sinister than Dante's Seven Layers of Hell.

Even though chills went down my spine, I had a feeling this was going to be a very special birthday...

"So...why do we need a new butler? What's wrong with Tanaka...?" I asked my mother and father. Tanaka was our old Japanese butler that has been with us as long as I can remember. Even though I'm not allowed to call him this in front of my family, when Tanaka and I are alone, I call him "Old man" as he calls me "Young Master", though I'd
rather be called Ciel.

"Tanaka has grown far too old, and this young man here--" My father points to the man "--Is far もっと見る skilled than such an old-school geezer." This time I knew he was talking about Tanaka.

When the sun set behind the trees and the moon brightened the white sheets that covered the ground, I sat alone in my yard and thought about a lot of things...Is it fair to think that my parents are up to something? Who is this man, even...and why did he save us three years ago? But for some reason, I feel like I knew him in another life または something-

My thought gets cut short when I hear a yell from the door. "Ciel...!!! Dinner's ready~!!" 発言しました the man. I looked at him, then at my feet and finally made a decision: I knew him...but from where? I've lived my whole life in this manor, and not a single stranger stepped foot in this house...

When I walked in the door, I had a strange sensation. My ハート, 心 started to beat and I could see myself, sitting alone at the 表, テーブル wearing clothes similar to my father's. Beside me stood the man, his head high and he 発言しました not a word. But for a second, I didn't recognise myself...for I had one eye, the other covered によって an eyepatch. I felt like a ghost, and it made my stomach do flips.

When it was over, my parents stood 次 to the 表, テーブル waiting for me. "We're not eating until the guest of honour takes a seat." My father said. Even the man was smiling, and that made me even もっと見る sick. But, little did they know I had no appetite after such hallucinations.

"Father, can I speak to you..." I said. I had no idea what to say, but I needed to get away from the man. "F-father...who is this man? He is our butler, and yet, he has no name...why do あなた trust him?" I looked him in the eye, but averted his.

"Ciel, you're young and have much to learn. Sometimes I wish I didn't know what I knew now...the world is too cruel-- " I didn't let him finish. "You need to listen to me..." my voice trails off and I get interrupted. "Young Masters, the 食 is getting cold!" yelled the man from afar. I walked into the room with my head high and I didn't say a word.

We ate ディナー and had a special desert. Marble cake that 発言しました "Happy Birthday, Ciel!" on it. I took a bite, and I knew I had known the taste from somewhere.

As I went to bed, I thought about the man. Then something struck me; I had to go talk to the man. I ran down the hall to the only room that he had to be staying in. I swung the door open and everything came back to me at that very moment.

"S-sebastian..." I 発言しました panting. "Tell me why you're here." He looked at me, then smiled. "Good job, Young Master. I see you've come back. I'll tell あなた anything

...in exchange for your soul.