I awaken to the curtains being unfastened, and the sun stinging my eyes. I know my dad's going to wake me up at any minute, so I wait for him to shake me awake. But it never happens. He just starts to talk.
"Wake up, Ciel. Today's a very special day." he says. I just groan and turn my body away from him, as if to say that I don't care. But I actually do. Today, I turn thirteen. This time, he does try to force me awake.

"A future Earl should not be late to awaken. Take it from a real Earl, like myself." This makes me mad. I get up and look at my Father standing beside my bedroom window, mocking me. Then I remember that I'm not supposed to care, so I lay back down. "That's もっと見る like it." he mocks. His sarcastic smile reminds me of myself.

I dash down the stairs of my manor, and my mother is there waiting for me. "Happy 13th birthday, my dear son!" she says. My Aunt An and my cousin Elizabeth are there as well. ピンク decorations cover the walls and I barely recognize my own living room. I almost tell my mother that I'm not a child anymore, but then I realize she probably had no say in what went up on the walls for my birthday. My cousin loves to decorate things in pink, so she probably forced my mother and aunt to play along with her silly little games.

They all stood there, waiting to celebrate something that didn't matter. Unless I die in the 次 year, I'll have もっと見る birthdays. This one isn't at all special in the slightest. But I couldn't stop thinking about my tenth birthday...

Back then, a 火災, 火 engulfed our mansion. I was scared we were going to die, what with me only being ten years old at them time. But as I called out to my parents in the inferno, I saw a man. The man was wearing a black suit and white gloves. The only other thing that I remembered was his red eyes. He looked at me, then pressed his finger against his lips as if he was trying to say "shhh...it's a secret...". Then he saved us. My mother, father and I stood outside as our house burned, but non of us dead. The only person who didn't make it out was our dog, Sebastian.

Just then we got a knock on the door. I opened it, and the man was standing there, his red eyes screaming at me.