Voro stretched out on the extra large ベッド alongside a heavily comatosed P.B. Who had made it half way up in the elevator before becoming a problem that only a shot of vellum into the veins could cure. As for the front desk...it had taken a considerable sum of both money and threats to ensure not a word of him または his フレンズ got any further.Though if she kept on going she'd leave him no alternative but to ポンプ her body with an over dose of liquified cocaine and drop her out the window. Which may cause a few to babble, but even then who would care when the toxicology レポート came out.Just another baby who got strung out on some bad shit and had jumped during one of her hallucinations.He couldn't see the authorities wasting もっと見る than 15 分 tops on it.
Hopefully it wouldn't come to that.
When they'd checked on her after the first 時 in the master's bedroom they'd found her having made a rope out of damn near everything possible in the room. Another 15 and she would have been dangling towards freedom a floor または two below.The guards had tackled her a little too roughly breaking her nose as her face had slammed into the wall. For good measure Voro had doubled the dose of vellum in the syringe. He sighed heavily the only luck in all this was they had a wait of 30 days before they could get married. "Send for a medic. Plastic surgeon would be preferable but get anyone あなた can find before that goes too far." Voro 発言しました pointing at the swelling on P.B.'s face. "Say it was a nose job gone bad." His two bodyguards nodded and were gone out in a hurry, so far they had not returned. He sighed and feathered kisses on the non-swollen places of her face. Voro was about to go further when there was a knock on the door. " Are we never to be alone long enough my precious jem?" Rolling to his side of the ベッド he got up and grabbed his ローブ from the 机, デスク chair.
" あなた are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. I swear to you, あなた will not regret becoming my wife." Then he was out the door.
"What is it あなた walking corpses?" The one he'd named Shades swallowed hard before answering."We've got a problem." Voro narrowed
his eyes.The other one quickly put in.
" Your sister went fricking nuts, I mean off the ウォール crazy." Voro folded his arms.
" And that means what to me?" Shades coughed.
" Your sister killed everyone at the wedding. All except your aunt and uncle.They weren't there and they gave あなた 24 hours to turn yourself in または else they'd sick some nasty bounty-hunter's on our asses." Voro's eyes went a little wide at the news. "When did my sweet sis do this?" Shades squared his shoulders.
" At the rehersal dinner, some kind of quick 芝居 poison and then she drained all the bodies into the bath tub.They say she actually bathed in the blood. She didn't even spare the 花 girls." Voro chuckled at his sister's actions.
"She always did enjoy that fairy tale." He then went to the phone and ordered breakfast. His hand made a rolling motion. "Huh? Oh yeah your aunt and uncle plan on offering up 1/2 their shit as the bounty." Voro paled even their mediocre empire was still a tidy some. "Have あなた checked on the merchandise?" Shades nodded.
" Yeah their all ticking yet, we wanna call the buyer today?" Voro put down the phone and nodded. " Make it for around noon. So do あなた have any word of where my dreamy sister's hiding out?" The other shook his head.
" No sir we've had no word." Voro frowned that wasn't good, being her brother did not mean he was safe. Actually it almost guarenteed he was on her list.
Lilly gloried in all the jewels, ゴールド and cash she'd taken from all the bodies. The only shame was that her aunt and uncle hadn't been there to have witnessed it all. One rival family down, so few to go. She sighed heavily. "Hmmm.....guess that means I can 削除 all these names." Her fingers quickly did the deed. " Who will I kill after though? Hmmm…..Maybe that wonderful message therapist. Cut off her finger? No the hands." She smiled and nodded. " Yes, I'll have them bronzed with diamond encrusted nails. Ooh, yes, yes. But first I'll have to lay low. I wonder if I could still make it in time to be the maid of honor at Voro's wedding? " She giggled as she called the captain of her yacht.
" Yes mame?" Came his aged voice over the intercom. "Do we have enough fuel to make it to Kadda Kudda town?" After a few moments the captain's voice came back on the line.
"No mame, but we can fill up on both the fuel and supplies at the 次 stop." Lilly giggled and picked out a blue diamond neckless. " This will make those baby blues of P.B's stand out." She hit the intercom."Make it so dear sweet captain.I need to make it before my brother weds the pretty little minx." She knew he'd obyed when the ship corrected its heading. She smiled and went back to wriggling on her hoard like some mythical
dragon on its stash.
Jamies eyes stared at the town. She blinked and blinked again.Sure she'd seen it on the t.v., the lap top,and from above.Yet as they walked down the sidewalks, she could hardly believe it was the same town. Not even the bastard's palace stood または its ruins.Of course after 5 years in revolt,
playing robin フード in the...what forest. Her eyes pricked with tears. Damn! It was down right depressing. "I'm starting to regret coming. Nothing looks the same." Lips and Mira eyed each other behind her back."Don't think I forgot why we're here....Its just....I once had フレンズ here.Things happened and its all gone like it never happened. Do あなた know how that makes me feel?" Mira put her arm around her shoulders.
"Out of place. Uncomfortable as hell. Itchy."
Jamie raised her eye brows on the last one.
"O.K.I get itchy, あなた don't." Jamie nodded.
"And don't あなた forget it." Lips strolled up beside them."Ooh-oh I do, but its not the same kind of itch." Both women rolled their eyes as he smacked his lips at the numerous large breasted women that giggled on by. "Jesus Lips we've barely been down for four hours,we've had just enough time to buy the damn house.....Why did あなた have to bring him?' Jamie growled Mira's lips twitched."That was Flack's fault he called in a favor." Jamie rolled her eyes and shook her hands up in the air. " Some favor." Mira smiled as she pushed her beloved mistress into a fashionable clothing shop. Jamie came out wearing a pair of breathable pants, a baggy hooded sweater, whose pockets were sliced so Jamie could get to her daggers at any time.Plus a baseball キャップ with a dragon breathing 火災, 火 on its face.Popping on her ear buds that had 3 settings.
One for Flack and the other 2 for just the regular shit."Hey Flack how about my transcripts?"
It took a moment for the connection to take affect. "Cool-cool momma, you're good.Just going to give あなた a few days to settle in.You start on Monday.You bring your back pack?" Jamie had to hold her tongue from embarrassing the locals with her vocabulary. "Really Fenton? I could teach the damn teacher a thing または two, so no I didn't bring a pack." Fenton's voice took on a serious tone. "Yeah I know, but if あなた get ahead of yourself and someone notices....." Jamies voice went cold. "I know what to do. This isn't my first time または second." Jamie clicked him off and nearly burst threw the 次 shops doors.Then turned him back on." Are あなた alright?" Flack's voice now was concerned. "No. I'm upset, confused and scared for P.B. this is all my fault." Fenton sighed dejectedly. "Jesus couldn't have predicted what would have happened next. But this isn't your fault this is Voro's. Even his own uncle and aunt have had enough of both him and his sister. They've put 1/2 their shit up as bounty. Dead is preferable." Jamie sighed depressingly.
"They should have been put under my care years ago.Then again its not so easy to see the evil when they are all あなた have left of a brother and sister-in-law. Maybe the bounty hunters will catch them before I have to." Lips stomach suddenly growled.Jamie started to giggle."I have to go, Lips needs to re-charge his lips." Flack chuckled lightly. "I'll keep monitoring, if あなた don't mind." Jamie began to relax. "I wouldn't have it any other way." Then she clicked him off.
"All right lets get あなた fed." Jamie oppted for convienience store 食 as she could get a whole
hog 84 oz soda and a monster ご飯, 米 ball with 火山 hot sauce. Sniffing delicately she gave the nervious boy behind the counter a raised eye and whispered. "You are what I think あなた are, aren't you?" The boy chittered. " Who do あなた think I am mame?" Jamie chuckled.
" Yeah あなた are, sorry I called あなた a what.So what are あなた doing here and don't patronize me." The soul reaper gulped. "Well I wanted to see this side. I...I wanted to know." Jamie smiled warmly.
"I like あなた kid, not many like you.Here have some fun and don't be stingy on yourself." Jamie laid down 500 dollars and left after waving her two フレンズ off out the door. His eyes became silver dollars as he picked up the cash, and then he blushed hard. "Who are you?" Jamie winked at him and watched him blush. "A friend, address is underneath the moola. Stop によって any time." Then she made sure her back side swayed just enough to be eye catching.Sure enough he was so red he was nearly purple.She blew him a キッス and he went flat on his back. "Jamie!" Mira hissed
as she dragged her away from the store's front.
"Really? あなた are going to kill someone with moves like that.Hell that poor kid is going to compare every girl he might have a chance with, which isn't many, to you.Thank god for Lips stomach, または you'd have him at your feet, his tongue hanging to his crotch." She plopped her 16 年 old looking guardian down into a シート, 座席 in a bistro's outdoors table. "Eat. Don't make any eye contact with anyone, except us." Jamie licked
her fingers clean によって the time Mira had finished her tsking. "Here Lips, あなた can suck this down.I think I'll go wear this off." She patted her non-existent paunch. Lips 1/2 stood to go after her, but was stopped によって just a look from Mira. "She'll be alright. Nothings going to even want to キッス her with 火山 breath streaming out that hole of hers." Lips choked on his lunch as he laughed, he quickly sucked down what was left of the 84 oz. "Woo. Wow Mira, please don't say anything like that again. または I'll piss my pants." Mira snorted
at the idea and then tapped into Flack's tracking on her smart phone. "Have あなた decided which one you're going to attend momma bear?" Flack teased. Jamie sighed. "Which one am I nearest to?" It took a moment. "Hmmm.....gritty gray.
Don't have あなた in gray. I think you'd look good in gray. Plus its close to your new stake in town. Damn did あなた pay that much for it?" Jamie nodded and than forgot that he couldn't see her nod. " Yeah why not. I got it, hell I could buy this whole town at least twice." Flack frowned and she could tell it. His tone confirmed it.
"What's up?Other then the obvious." Jamie kicked a rock out of her way. "Kadda Kudda town is ground zero for me. Its got me tense, ハート, 心 broken and sad. All my フレンズ are gone, hell why didn't I just let あなた guys handle it." Flack strapped in as they waited for the tower to signal them to pull up to the strip."Mom, あなた need to face this. If あなた haven't been back since then, don't あなた think its time to own it. Its what あなた tell us, and its sound advice. It helped us heal. Even though its a rough tough road to travel あなた aren't alone. あなた have us. God I'm sounding so sappy. Yuck. God I have to go before I start puking rainbows." He clicked off the main line. Rory looked back at her fiance. "Mom is going to fry us both for this. She hates it when we just invite ourselves to the festival." Flack scratched his newly shaven face. "Mom's not herself, または rather she's having to face herself from whenever she got here. Kudda is ground zero for her. Shit! I'm dead!" Rory rolled her eyes. "Tell me あなた didn't." Fenton gave her a sheepish look. "She needed a last name on the transcripts. Its one she hasn't had before." Rory gave a short laugh. "You may not get killed, honey but I'd find that sports cup あなた bought for a gag. Your boy's may not last the season." Fenton paled only slightly and put his laptop away to take the co-pilot's シート, 座席 as the tower's signal light came on their board. "Mom wants grand kids, she wouldn't dream of it."
Rory roared as they taxied down the run way.
"Wrong honey buns. She'd definitely dream of it and then hand the job to me. Somethings should be done behind closed doors after all." She tweeked his cheek as he pulled in the landing gear. "Ewe-you're sweaty." Then she kissed his cheek. "Don't worry we'll have some fun first, you'll just have to make sure I'm asleep first and awake last." Fenton snorted. "Thanks a bunch."