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icuSTALKER posted on May 17, 2012 at 01:48AM
FORUM (duh)
How to start?
This is the Anything About Krista forum. Congratulations! You made it far enough to actually read this part and not get bored so far.
You're welcome, as I am condensing my essays.
Kind of :D Don't get too sad about it xD
So this is where you can post anything about Krista; it can even be a message you've been wanting to tell her.
So Imma start with this:
Loves avatar
Goes on TinierMe
Loves Percy Jackson
Loves The Hunger Games
Has a slight accent
Has a tendency to prop you hard and epically
Lives in the United States
Pokes percy4ever a lot
Pretty much never makes anyone mad

There is my portion :D Contribute your's. Anything you can think of xD
<3 you Krista!!:D
Peace out.

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1年以上前 kristalovepercy said…
Loves avatar: True :D <3
Goes on TinierMe: True :)
Loves Percy Jackson: SUPER TRUE!! :D <3
Loves The Hunger Games: ULTRA TRUE!! <3 :D
Has a slight accent: FALSE! it is STRONG!! I've been told...
Has a tendency to prop you hard and epically: True! ;D
Lives in the United States: True :D
Pokes percy4ever a lot: very true :D
Pretty much never makes anyone mad: ...well...
1年以上前 kristalovepercy said…
Thanks Jazzy :D your the best ^-^
I have a form!!
about me!! :D
...I guess there is a first for everything... XDDDD
1年以上前 percy4forever said…
Haha, you do poke me alot XD... And now it's my turn to say something about Krista :D!

Krista, you are an amazing person :D. You're probably the nicest person on Fanpop (I mean, you put up with me.... That takes alot of niceness.... (Beautiful word choice, huh :P?) ;))... You're also suuuuper pretty. Like, you should definitly be a model. And... I might add; you're a pretty kick-butt poker ;D. You also love PJO; which makes you ten times more amazing! And finally, you're an amazing writer and friend :).
Luv ya (in a friendly way ;)), Krista :)