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 Kowalski and Doris
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posted by littlebirdy05
Alrighty, this contains my theory on how the heck it is, Kowalski always whips out his clipboard from nowhere, but in truth, It’s もっと見る of a ridiculously long one-shot on Kowalski’s past.

Skipper waddled over to the coffee maker, pouring himself a cup. He turned, opening the fridge. "Hm, where did I put that...?" He mumbled to no one in particular. It was only five a.m. and the others were still sleeping. He always got up before they did. "Eh, there it is..." Skipper took out a small 魚 and stuck it in his coffee, stirring with it. He lifted the cup to his beak and took a sip. Suddenly...
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posted by Icicle1penguin
I got nothing to do. So for all あなた ファン that got nothing to do. Read this short-ish story!

One morning in Central Zoo park, Kowalski was just finishing his experiment. "Eurika! I've done it! I made a ヘルメット that can read other people's thoughts! Now time to test it out..."

Kowalski walked over to a chair in the HQ and put on the helmet. "Ok helmet, do your stuff."

He looked over to Skipper, who was 読書 a book.

Skipper: (Why do I bother 読書 when I can't even understand this book?)

"Yes! It worked!" Kowalski cheered. He pointed the ヘルメット to Rico, who was brushing his doll girlfriend's hair....
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posted by Kowalski995
Tears of the Storm
By: VivianShadowGirl
Rated M
Couple: Maybe KowalskixCarrie. Some SkipperxAlly (Friendship)
Slash: Skipper/Kowalski (friendship)
Summery: It wasn't his fault, but he has to face it: Kowalski is cursed. What is in the curse? And how come it's starting to make the smart ペンギン change... によって killing and breaking rules?

Chapter 1: The Curse

"Are あなた the new animal?"

The tigeress look over and saw a tall ペンギン によって the railing with a smile on his face. Kowalski climbed over the railing, the new animal had moved in just today. And he saw that tiger pen was getting a new tiger for the zoo......
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Hello, peoples!! RavenFeathersOfDarkness here, and I’ve got just one thing to say: SUGAR RUSH!!!

Let me explain. I bought this bag of super サワー イチゴ キャンディー a few days ago, and yesterday I was out doing stuff and I decided to see what would happen if I ate a whole bunch of キャンディー at once. I did eat a whole bunch of キャンディー at once, and I’ve been mega-hyper ever since!! I know the crash is just waiting for the right moment to strike, but I’m gonna take this time to get started on Chapter 2. (I just ate four もっと見る today and it’s taking all my restraint not to bounce off the walls!! This...
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Story Introduction: Operation: Mad Genius

Disclaimer: …Sigh…I do not own this awesome show. Do I wish I do? Hell, yeah!

For those who don’t know me, I am RavenFeathersOfDarkness [also known as PenguinCrazy14 on ], princess of the shadows, and crusader against all things girly, pink, and sparkly, and shamelessly obsessive ファン of the Penguins of Madagascar.

Speaking of the penguins, I have been online almost every 日 読書 fanfics and taking PoM personality quizzes. Of all the クイズ I’ve taken so far, about 85% of them told me I was most like Kowalski. (The other 15% 発言しました I was like...
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Kowalski was lying in bed. Sure, the other guys have had their bad days, but.. It was hard for him. How could he go on much longer? He was thinking of leaving. Without a goodbye. He knew he could. But would he? The bunk he was in was cold and hard. He wanted so many things. He wanted to tell Doris he loved her. He wanted to tell Skipper to get his own brain... He wanted to be free. But he couldnt. He was a military officer now. That wouldnt change. He could get court martialed with the snap of a flipper. So he would sit.. And keep waiting. He knew he couldnt last much longer.. He knew he was going to finally crack. He couldnt stand it anymore.. He was resorting to unhealthy habits. He would'nt cut himself, no. That was too easy. He would sit, and think about what he could have become if he had gone to the 大学 with his siblings instead of the academy. He wanted to go home.