Hi guys, this is my 秒 review on a Korean drama, only this time I'm going to be doing the 2010 drama, King of Baking. Ready?


Like many Korean dramas that I came across, this series deals with 愛 and family. I 愛 how the relationship between the family are shown, especially towards Takgu and his step-siblings, in particularly his stepbrother Ma Jun.

The Characters

Speaking of Ma Jun, he does look like a small version of Barron Trump! Especially the hairstyle.
Now, there are 2 characters that I dislike and they are Manager Han and Seo in Suk. In fact, every-time I see them on screen, I want to slap In Suk especially for cheating on her husband. She reminds me a bit of Camilla Parker Bowles for their adultery tendencies! I was glad that Manager Han was arrested in the last episode of the series によって his own biological son, Ma Jun!
I'm glad that both Tak Gu, Ma Jun and his 2 sisters have a happy ending except for Seo In Suk.

Do あなた Agree?

My opinions about the series are short, so enjoy watching it!
What an ugly and unpleasant sights I'm seeing!
In your face, Manager Han! または shall I say, monkey butt?
Korea's Barron Trump?
So much for my happy ending!