Hi guys, here are my lists of my favourite Korean Dramas, for those of あなた who don't know the series, I will definitely can help あなた all with this list.

1. Descendants from the Sun

I'm currently still watching this drama, and the story is really amazing. I heard that Song Hye Kyo is now competing alongside country girl Kim Tae Hee, in particularly their looks and popularity.

2. Sharks

Now this series have been the subject of uproar from many ファン including myself, especially the last episode where it was abrupt. It left us a lot of 未回答 質問 like what happen to the hero and all that.

3. Iris

The 2009 drama is about espionage, I absolutely adore Kim Tae Hee along with Song Hye Kyo. In fact, this was the drama that I got to know もっと見る about the former before the latter.

4. Baker King, Kim Tak Gu

This 人気 drama is about family and love, it has a happy ending though, it's like シンデレラ meets the Princess and the Frog!


Well, this 一覧 is relatively short, but I'll write もっと見る in the near future.
Descendants from the Sun.