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posted by sturmelle15
Although the 表示する has long since been cancelled, I thought I'd make a 一覧 of the actors involved in Kids WB's old show, The Zeta Project about a robot and his female companion looking to escape from government agents and otherwise every 日 issues.
Diedrich Bader: Zeta "Zee"
Adam Baldwin: Sven
Dee Bradley Baker: Dante
Clancy Brown: Sheriff モーガン, モルガン
Dabney Coleman: Dr. Boyle
Robert Costanzo: Titus Sweete
Greg Eagles: Old Man
Conchata Ferrell: Dr. Greer
Jennifer Hale: Gloria
Lukas Haas: Casey MacCready
Stacy Keach: Ronald Flueres
Tom Kenny: Bogg
Charles Kimbrough: Pat Jensen
Andrew Lawrence: Carl Finlay
Joey Lawrence: Dex Finlay
Tress MacNielle: Macy's Mom
Michael McKean: Dr. Marcus Edmonds
Julie Nathanson: Ro "Rowen"
Stuart Pankin: Dr. Tanner
Alexander Polinsky: Young Boy
Michael Rosenbaum: Agent West
Pepe Serna: Stevedore
Kurtwood Smith: Agent Bennett
Tara Strong: Macy
Lauren Tom: Agent Lee