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Biography Keith-Lee Castle
Officially approved によって the man himself.

DATE BIRTH-16 July 1959
MARITAL STATUS- married, with Rachel, the
mother of his two children
His daughter's name is Samantha, she is 7 years old.
His son's name is Mark, he is 12 years old.
Keith is very family orientated and very protective of his family.
His hobbies include: Reading, playing Pool, quiet nights at home.
He is a very quiet private person away from work.
His favourite drink is Captain Morgans ラム, ラム酒 Parrots-Passion Fruit
Likes classical 音楽 -opera Beethoven
He does smoke as well but not sure...
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This is the only thing I have so far managed to find out about the illusive Keith-Lee 城 [AKA Count Dracula etc etc]

I have discovered, through much digging on my part, that Keith-Lee Castle's 芝居 agency is 'Roger Carey Associates' but on their website, it currently has no information on their actors.


I have also tried to contact them via e-mail with no sucess :(

But when the info does come up, it's right there on the website :D


Also, if あなた are a ファン of Young Dracula (as i am very much) go go go sign the petition for its release on DVD.
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