Hi everyone! あなた probably have seen some pictures of my DIY dreamcatchers in this club and other places and many of あなた have liked them a lot, so today I decided to let あなた take a look in the process of how I create them. Like あなた maybe already know, my room is always in the endless makeover. Especially one wall, I am changing it all the time, frames with 写真 and drawings, rope with pictures, dreamcatchers, needleworks, loads of other stuff gets put on, taken off, switched places etc. Since new windows finally will be ordered and put in this week I had to take off all my decorations again and I am going to completely change the look afterwards again. New pictures and everything is already in the process of making and of course some new dreamcatchers too, I was making this little beauty yesterday and I decided to take some pictures of making process. This is just my method on how I make them, each person does it differently, but I will tell もっと見る about it in picture descriptions. So let's get started 😉

1. I take medium size embroidery loops middle part (using loops, especially higher quality ones makes the whole thing もっと見る expensive than if using some wire または something like that, but it gives much better result and easier to work with) and glue the end of yarn to it using hot glue (I know that actually it's better to use only natural supplies for making dreamcatchers, no glue, no plastic, but according to my experience, if あなた will just tie knots everywhere IT WON'T HOLD TOGETHER I make web very tight and knots just can't hold it) afterwards I like to ラップ the yarn around whole サークル, 円 outline around 3 times to avoid color of loop being seenable through yarn, then fix everything with hot glue one もっと見る time and start wrapping it tightly around loop.

2. I ラップ yarn around very carefully so it looks perfect in the end, actually the process of wrapping is the part I hate the most about making dreamcatchers, あなた simply have to be super patient to do it, it's long, it's boring and あなた have to hold the yarn very tight so your hands might start hurting... And the bigger your dreamcatcher is, the もっと見る nightmarish it is. Usually when I do it I put on some music, it makes the process seem much faster. When I was making this one, I put on some Robert Miles instrumental pieces. Yes, wrapping part is cruel but the 次 steps will be much もっと見る pleasant.

3. When loop is completely covered in yarn I fix it with hot glue and cut the excess off, によって the way, if あなた have to take a break during the making of web または wrapping ALWAYS pin the yarn または thread with tight cloth pins unless あなた want to redo everything...

4. Okay, now the interesting process starts. I use some crocheting thread for making middle webs, glue the end to the loop tightly, cut off a long piece and put it in my huge needle I use specially for dreamcatcher making. Then I just start to go around loop like this:

The most important thing is to keep the same distance between little loops in first circle.

So then I just go around like this...

5. And as あなた can see, this time I did something I do a quite rarely - I put some beads in the 秒 row of web, putting beads in web makes the whole process a bit longer and もっと見る difficult but result is definitely worth it, isnt it?

And then I continue impressioning a spider...

6. When I finally reach the middle I secure the web によって gluing a bead to the thread in the middle and the web part is finished. によって the way, many people have asked me how do I make the hot glue so smooth and invisible (okay, it's visible in 写真 but it won't be noticeable when dreamcatcher will be finished) and the answer sounds a quite masochistic - I press it with my fingers, yes I smoothen very hot glue with my bare fingers... Of course it's sometimes painful when the glue is still too hot and I have had burn blisters in my fingers but that's nothing horrible for me, it usually heals in a few days and doesn't hurt. And now I have a kinda learned to tell when glue is still too hot and when not hard yet, but 安全, 安全です to touch.

7. Now comes the process of adding bottom part of dreamcatcher. I take feathers, もっと見る beads (and glue gun of course) and for this dreamcatcher I used leather strings, but for some I have used braided yarn. Then I cut leather into different length pieces (lengths depend on the size of loop).

8. Now I fill the middle holes of beads with glue and put in feathers, then glue two または もっと見る beads together for some (as あなた can see in photos)

9. Then I put ends of leather strings into other side of beads hole, were there is still warm glue inside (you have to do 8. And 9. Step very fast so glue doesn't harden)

10. Then I attach other end of leather strings to the bottom of dreamcatcher (hot glue again) also I add two beads with feathers without leather string, these two make the result look cuter, and it's done! The dreamcatcher is ready to be hanged on ウォール (however I usually wait for a couple of 分 for all that glue to harden)
And that's it!