If yes.Does it depended on where あなた live?

Does he just 愛 american girls only?

Any one outside of the states ever had a reply,or autograph 写真 または something?
Does he give a crap about anyone?
Maybe he just loves himself does he?

He shakes hands sometimes,that really pays back for all them dvd's bought and cinema tickets paid for does it?What about them posters?What about the expensive autograph 写真 i purchashed,because he was too mean to reply to ファン mail.
Can a magical bird use a pen?Can he speak say.
Does he 愛 me!!!!!

When he is going to appeciate ファン a bit more.
The ファン 愛 does n't feed his ファン stomach.

Does he love?
How much does he love?
Is there price on love?
How does he prove his love.