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well im not posting this on fan pop don't worry but i need your opinions . im writing a book about Renesmee grown up well she still 17 lol
ok so it is in 2 parts Bella's which is the introduction pretty much and the Renesmee's
what happened in this story is when the cullen's move back to forks the werewolves start to change Jacob goes to help them [seth is in the story but hes not a werewolf anymore] slow ly jacob leaves the Cullen with good resons but thats just bella's book . in Nessie book she go completely crazy she dumps jacob and meets a new vampire hes a good person don't worry, Bella likes him. the vampire she leaves with is super friendly an nice he is also very human hes like rose and hate the fact that he was changed hes 25 in human years nut 59 all together . he starts to fall for Nessie and gives her a new nickname . i don't want to spoil the story but for you Nessie and Jacob ppl they get back together

here is a peice of it if you like it ill finsh it if not tell me what else i can do

I bit my lip I could already feel the tears streaming down my face It was no help at all that Jake was outside, as usual with only pants on
“Nessie!” he yelled across the parking lot
I didn’t want to see him it only made the fact that hew wasn’t here hared to bare so I acted like I ding hear him and walk to the car
“Hey I was calling you ” he was behind me I jumped when he spoke “nessie?” he said when I didn’t turn around
“Sorry Jake I'm in a hurry” I still didn’t turn around to see what he looked like I didn’t want a new picture in my head to stab my heart I popped the trunk to put my 3 mount supply of Reese’s in it. I was almost there without seeing his face then he jumped in front of me
“Why are you crying?” he asked putting his arm around me I looked down and didn’t answer. This irritated him he huffed and he lifted my head making me look at him “nessie what's going on ”
I looked into his eyes. Completely black, absolutely tire yet so happy to see me as if I was the sun after a long cold snow night. When that look was in his eyes that look alone would never make me cry from that look in your eyes I've realized all that matter. He was all that mattered. He stood staring back into my eyes where they as warm and happy as his were I couldn’t tell what I looked like in the past 6 days. I silently began to cry in his warm bare chest
This was the happiest strangest moment I have had in the last 5 weeks completely silent yet so meaningful nothing could break the hold he had on me. Both hold his perfect charming selfishness and the fact that he was squeezing. I didn’t more like couldn’t stop he looked at me now confused and worried. I fell back into his chest he kiss my and smelt my hair.
I had to stop this he's not coming home -stop- this will be the death of me. I started to pull away and decide that I was don't waiting and I will be with him at all times or never. I have to tell him that
To bad my cell phone bet me to the case. He reached into my back pock and answered it
“Hello Nessie phone, ” he was being sarcastic, I hear my mom sigh in relief “hey Bells, no she’s with me. I don't know she’s not talking. I'll talk her home ” he look at me with a big smile “come on Bells, do I ever turn down food? Oh really well, we are leaving now. Ok see ya! ” He hung up
“Can I take you home?” he looked at me. That was when I realize that we were in the parking lot to Wal-Mart everyone was watching us including Samantha, Mathew, and Kim. I shook my head yes .I still couldn’t talk.
“Ok great let me go tell Samantha ” he was turning around but instead of having me wait by the car he took my hand and walked over to Samantha’s Jeep.
“Samantha, I'm going over to the Cullen’s place for a while hold down the fort for me while I'm gone.” He said
An evil growl came from Kim chest and she began to shake the whole car. Jake moved me slightly behind his body and hissed at her to stop.
That was when I found my voice “relax Kim you don’t want to do that here ” Jacob looked at me. That was the exact thing Edward would say to him when he was angry around Bella
“The only one I want to hurt around here is you ” Kim snarled at me but slowly coming down.
“She’s half human that means we protect her to so you really need to stop” Samantha told her with out any emotion. Like it was the truth but not her truth. “ I will Jacob. Is there something you need us to do? ”
“No it’s a free day go home and relax ” he smiled “I will.” he walked away from the car I hear Mathew laugh, Kim growled, Samantha just drove way.
“That is the best part about being in charge I can do whatever I wanted when ever I wanted, ” he said smiling and kissing my head again.
“Its so nice to have you hear Jake ” grandpa said while Jake and I ate. Mom and dad made almost every thing we had in the fridge.
“Yeh I miss all of the food no one in this new generation can cook its awful Samantha can cook but that’s its and she is in her wolf form more then I am”
“So what is the new pack like this year?” Uncle Jasper asked from the living room.
“Well there are 2 girl so that’s really strange I had a hard time with Leah last time I did this and there are a total of 7 then me.” Jacob said.
“Do you think there will be any more?” uncle asked
“Well I have a theory that there will be one for every vampire here but looking at the genetics of all of it there should be one more,”—he looked at –“Mathew, you saw him today, he Samantha’s younger brother ”
“Oh really!” I grimaced what a loser
“He’s a lot like me in was he's always happy that’s probably the reason why he hasn’t changed so fast yet. But he wants to be come one I think its strange I would never wish my first few years as a wolf on anyone. ”Jacob said then when mom laughed he looked confused
“Wow this pack isn’t any thing like yours, ” she said
I couldn’t stop staring at him all through lunch and when we all moved in to the living room to watch TV –what we always did before he left-I started humming a song that Claire was working on upstairs I pretty sure everyone here her. Jacob noticed that I was humming with her guitar he asked me what that was all about
“ I didn’t know you sung or played guitar ” he sat up to talk to me. We really hadn’t spoke all that much
“Yeh only since you’ve been gone grandma and grandpa redid dads room into a studio ” because of you, always killing me from the inside out
“Really that’s cool. ” was that really all he had to say?
I guess it was, a few moments passed then I spoke again. “She’s just about done with this one I will help her with the course later tonight. ”I sighed he dint respond the what I wanted
Without realizing it I had snuggle very close to him I felt his heart on my cheek. Mom and dad had already gone home. Rose Alice Emmett and Jasper had gone hunting. we were somewhat alone right now. I guess this would be the only time I got all of my answers.
I looked up into his eyes they were closed he had fallen asleep. He looked so different like no one had ever seen he was exhausted and that was hat I saw “I love you Jake” said he didn’t move but in his dream he must have heard me cause smile and mumbled “I love you too Nessie I better go thought I don’t want you to get hurt”
What did he just say so this was about my safety? He didn’t want to be there but he was he couldn’t help it. This made me very mad. I sat up is moved out of his arms and nearly yelled
“What do you mean by that, Jacob Black ”
“Nessie what’s wrong” he was confused what he really sleep when he said that
Grr I'm not buying it “you know what I want you to go and you cant come back un till I'm safe forever do if you have to stay they for the next I’ve years then that is your fault you did this to yourself ” I yelled getting off the couch
“Nessie I don’t understand way are you mad? I'm not leaving you, ever ” he was hurt his eyes began to water I never have yelled at him like this.
“Fine stay I'll leave” I ran up the stairs in to my studio where Claire was laying down “ get up we’re leaving” I turned round and Jacob was there
“What is going on Nessie tell me what got you so up set please don’t leave ” he was following me around begging me I was ignoring him “where are you going its late ness please stay with me don’t go ”
“Oh but you can go at any time and your conserve a protector. Well you know what … ” I shuddered “I don’t want to hold you back you better go before she gets here” I whispered. I heard tires turning in to the houses driveway and Samantha’s heavy breathing. I turned and walked around him and meet Claire at the door.
“Come on” I muttered to her going thought the back door into the garage. “Get in and don’t say a word or I swear to god I will leave you here.” I snarled she did so.
As I backed out of the garage, mom and dad where they’re with disappointed confused faces. I can’t leave with out hitting on of them and totaling my car great
“Renesmee don’t just tell them what you were thinking this morning about your vacation ” Claire whispered to me with tears in her eyes she had never seen me upset. I had never see me up set I was scaring everyone. Aunt Alice appeared next the last thing I need was Jasper so I rolled down my window and told mom
“I told you this morning where we were going I'll call you when I check in to the hotel” I was crying
“Ok I'll come up with you on Sunday we can get you a pedicure mmk.” she kissed my head and waved at Claire “I love you every one does ok be safe I'll see you in two day ok”
Dad blew I kiss in my direction and I saw Jacob and Samantha in there wolf form there close scatter around where they were looking like arguing I saw dad looking in their direction.
“Bye” I waved and drove away
We drove completely silent the whole way to Seattle and when I got into the hotel, at 3 in the morning. I called mom and told he we were there. Claire took s shower.
Tonight was the quiets night of my life.
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