The door to the house opened.  Jack walked into the house, tiptoed  up to Rose and grabbed her によって the waist, and kissed her check. "How was your day?" he asked.
     " Fine." Rose replied, fiddling with her engagement ring. 
     "Just fine? Did anything important happen?"
     "Our wedding is in seven months, right?"
     "Right, exactly one 年 to the 日 we met, we planned it like that, so what does that have to do with anything?"
     "Jack, I'm two months pregnant." Rose said, sounding a little worried.
     "Rose! This is amazing! We're going to be parents! " Jack 発言しました キス Rose's small bump. "So what does the  wedding have to do with this?" Jack asked, still excited. 
      "In seven months, it is going to about my due date, but I really want to get married to あなた the anniversary of the 日 we met, so I was thinking that maybe, if it was okay with you, if maybe we held off the wedding until 次 year?" Rose asked. Jack walked up to her and  kissed her check, "What ever works for あなた two." he 発言しました grinning, he bent down and kissed her bump again. "I 愛 あなた two." 
      "And we 愛 you." Rose said, キス him.

Seven months later...

Jack was finishing the final touches to the baby's room. The room was  Violet and Baby blue; Rose's two お気に入り colors, had white furniture, a purple blanket for the ベビーベッド and had flowers, hearts, and 蝶 painted on the walls in white. Jack was putting the baby's clothes in the bottom drawers, since Rose found it hard to bend down.  Rose was lying down on the couch, rubbing her stomach, "Do あなた know that exactly one 年 today, me and daddy were boarding Titan-" A pain struck her in the side. "JACK!!!!!!!!" Rose yelled out in pain. "It's time!!!!" 
      Jack ran out of the baby's room."What do あなた need?" Jack asked, panting.
        "Towels, lots of towels." Rose 発言しました in pain. Jack ran to the bathroom and grabbed all of the towels in the closet. "Here." Jack handed her some of the towels and put the rest underneath her. "I'll go call the midwife." Jack 発言しました as he went for the phone. "Hello, yes my wife is in labour, Uh 115 Chippewa Falls. Thank you." He hung up and went to Rose's side. "She'll be here in ten to fifteen minutes, I'll stay right here while we're waiting , I promise." he 発言しました キス her hand.  
A knock was at the door, "That must be the midwife." Jack got up and went to the front door. "She's in there." Jack said, walking the midwife into the living room. 
      "Hello miss, I'm going to help あなた deliver the baby. I see あなた have towels out, that's good." 発言しました the midwife, sitting down on the couch.  
After three hours of contractions, Rose was ready to give birth. Jack was kneeling down によって her side, holding her hand. After a half 時 of screaming; the baby was in the midwife's arms. "Let me go clean her off. Where's the bathroom?" 
     "Uh, down the hall, to your left." Jack said. 
     "Thank you." she 発言しました as she walked down the hall, with the baby wrapped in a towel.
     "So, how are あなた feeling?" Jack asked.
     "I'm fine, just relieved that she's finally here ." Rose said. "What would  you like to name her?" 
     "Well, I've been thinking and I thought that maybe Rosa would do justice. Don't あなた think?" Jack 発言しました grinning. 
    "But Jack, that's not fair to you, she'd be named after me, and without you, I'd be dead." Rose said.
    "Yes. And without you, if for some miracle I did survive,  I would be living under a bridge!" Jack 発言しました laughing.  
 After a pause Rose spoke up,"Can we make a deal?"
    "If あなた want." Jack replied.
    "How about we keep her first name Rosa, but make her middle name Jackie?" 
    " あなた drive a hard bargain, but...Deal. Rosa Jackie Dawson. I 愛 it." Jack 発言しました キス Rose. The midwife walked out of the hallway, holding the baby. "Here あなた go miss." she handed Rose the baby. "Well I must be off, if あなた need any help with the baby または yourself, just give me a call. Good bye." she walked out the door. 
      "Hi Rosa, how are yo?." Rose asked the baby. All Rosa did was giggle. "Here, go with daddy." She carefully  handed Rosa over to Jack. "Hello beautiful,do あなた know あなた look just like your mother?" Jack said, キス her forehead. "Do あなた want me to go get some clothes for her?" 
      "Sure." Jack handed Rosa to Rose. He got up and walked off down the hallway, he came back out with a バイオレット dress and a pair of バイオレット slippers to match. Rose took the clothes and put it on her daughter. Jack got up on the ソファー, ソファ and put his arm around Rose's shoulder, "I 愛 you." "And I 愛 you." Rose said.  She leaned in to キッス Jack, but got interrupted によって Rosa, "And we 愛 you." they said, キス her forehead.