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posted by biancatdifan
One 日 near Izzy's house there was a small jungle,she went every afternoon after dinner.She went right after ディナー and she climed at a vine and swooped out of the vine and said:"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! whoa!*she falls in a 木, ツリー and hits her head**bonk*"ow,well that was hard,ok!! lets get back on the road"she 発言しました with her normal hyper voice,*she gets back on the vine and swings to other vines and jumps right to the ground and sees Gwen,Heather,LeShawna and Lindsay across the 通り, ストリート and says"Hey guys,good to see ya!"
posted by izzyfan1
Izzy liked owen but after that she hided a secert thisis ture so あなた better get ur 本 to rights she was dating owen but stoped after that she started dating justin the pretty boy that was a model.....and in another secert I found out was that she ran from the MCRP (which was the new TDi which is not TDA total drama action) she was talking to chris he told him she was dating Justin and she 発言しました "I was dating justin hes a model あなた know until i figured out hes a LIER!!" that ment she stop dating him cause hes a little LIER! and she stoped dating him...

I hope u injoyed the Secert! ^ ^
(^-^)O BYE!
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