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This IU(アイユー) 壁紙 might contain フェドーラ, フェルト帽, ホンブルク, ステットソン, フェドラ, フェルト・ハット, ステトソン, トリルビー, フェルト帽子, ボートに乗る人, レグホン, パナマ, パナマ帽, 船乗り, スキマー, 麦わら帽子, ボーター, パナマ帽子, セーラー, and リボルノ.

IU(アイユー) is definitely in some hot water now. While some ファン continued to defend the singer regarding her portrayal of the character Zeze from 'My Sweet オレンジ Tree' in her song of the same name, the company that publishes the book, Dongnyok Publishing Company, relayed their dismay on November 5 regarding her "misinterpretation" of the story.

Dongnyok wrote on フェイスブック under the title, "Miss IU. Zeze is not that kind of child." The parts of the lyrics they had a problem with go, "Zeze, quickly come up the tree, put your lips on the leaf / あなた should not play around, あなた should not hurt the 木, ツリー /...
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Source: http://cfile271.uf.daum.net/R474x0/2374714854AB73652B43CA
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K-Pop Idols can look incredible in uniform, whether it’s female idols または male idols! From the traditionally sexy sailor outfits to the manly and rugged army uniforms, these idols have it all! We decided to feature a 一覧 of them, so that あなた could get a great start to your Thursday morning!

Check out our 一覧 titled, "12 Incredibly Handsome & Cute K-Pop Idols in Uniform"

1. Super Junior Siwon salutes you!

2. What would あなた do if this handsome policeman pulled あなた over?

3. Girl’s 日 are the chicken police! It better be crispy または else..ㅋㅋㅋ

4. IU(アイユー) so sweet even in uniform <3

5. TVXQ Yunho

6. Rain the defender

7. Girl’s 日 Minah

8. Choa & Way look too cute in those uniforms ㅋㅋㅋ

9. Girls’ Generation is here to serve your every wish!

10. Super Junior Shindong will tell あなた when to stop and go!

11. SHINee in uniform formation

12. Captain Key
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Kim Eana (IU's lyricist), Park Yohan (IU's dancer) and Hanteo manager have コメントしました on her 写真 (I'm way too lazy to scroll all the コメント looking for もっと見る people I know.)

She is also following several people, like Coordi Noh, that require approval to be followed.

IU's confirmed Instagram account: link

[UPDATE] IU's former producer, Cho Young Cheol, confirmed the account on his twitter via his Instagram: https://twitter.com/cho072/status/563714370463862784 and IU(アイユー) replied.

Translation here: link

写真 caption translation:
ee ji geum (wordplay of ‘Lee Jieun’, meaning ‘this now’) Instagram. Why does everyone add # at the back?

trans source: link

写真 source: link
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