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IU, the multi-talented role-model and national treasure of Korea, is like everyone’s ‘girl 次 door.’ Here’s some 最近 写真 shoots of IU(アイユー) just being herself; the photoshoots highlight her sweet character and her inner beauty.

The genuine feeling behind IU’s shoots give ファン a personal look into her kind and gentle soul. After seeing these 12 写真 you’ll surely be wishing she was your next-door neighbour.

Check out these 12 写真 That Reveal IU’s True Inner Beauty

Cozy and warm!
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Koreaboo 投稿されました an 記事 titled "9 K-Pop セレブ With Ridiculous Luxurious Cars", and IU's Porshe Cayenne Vantage 2, which is valued at ~80,000 USD (~80,000,000 Won) is included in the list! The car might be worth $80,000, but riding with IU(アイユー) is priceless XD

These Korean セレブ have some of the most expensive, luxurious cars on the market. How would あなた like to step into the ride of your お気に入り idol? From interior to exterior these cars are the epitome of luxury, check out which car your お気に入り idol drives on our 一覧 titled: 9 K-Pop セレブ With Ridiculous Luxurious Cars

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​[Naver] Jessica: "Kpop songs あなた enjoy the most? ...IU's music."

Jessica: "I still 愛 all IU's songs even after constantly listening to them. I listened to her 最近 releases, Palette and Through the Night."

1. [+2471,-319] It's true that IU(アイユー) is loved によって so many colleagues and juniors... Thank あなた all.

2. [+2112,-304] That's because IU's 音楽 is everyone's cup of tea

3. [+1583,-263] IU(アイユー) is love.

4. [+1296,-238] I 愛 IU's 音楽 as well ♡♡

5. [+1140,-226] IU(アイユー) definitely is 愛 ♥

6. [+333,-75] As expected, believe and listen to IU's

7. [+250,-61] Isn't it amazing when a singer receives...
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Gaon has released their chart for 2015!

The chart is divided into Digital, Download, Streaming, and Album. The most frequently seen artist on the charts was Big Bang, not surprising as the kings of K-pop had an incredible amout of hits that had everyone jamming in 2015. EXO also took over the physical album chart, and Baek Ah Yeon, Zion.T, and hyukoh appeared everywhere as well.

Digital 上, ページのトップへ 10:
Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang
Big Bang - Loser
Brown Eyed Soul - あなた In The Same Time
Big Bang - Bae Bae
Zion.T - Eat
Baek Ah Yeon - Shouldn't Have...
EXO - Call Me Baby
hyukoh - Wi Ing Wi Ing
Maroon 5 - Sugar
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Recently, 音楽 industry and entertainment experts came together to vote on the best of the best in a アンケート 与えられた out によって media portal Asia Today.

The media portal surveyed 100 people that include broadcasters, personnel that worked in film, drama, entertainment, and 音楽 to vote on the best 星, つ星 (actor, entertainer, and singer) from the past 10 years (2005-2010).

So who shined the most in the past 10 years in terms of best song, best solo, and best male and female groups? Find out below!

Find out what Netizens had to say about this 記事 below!

Best Song

#1 | PSY “Gangnam Style” – 51 votes...
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Female soloist IU(アイユー) recently made a comeback with her latest album, Cheshire, and has been topping the digital charts with her タイトル track “Twenty Three.” However, her success has also brought some suspicions from some netizens.

On October 31st, a netizen noted the suspicious activities on Korean 音楽 site MelOn, a company known to be own によって LOEN Entertainment and in turn, manages IU(アイユー) among other singers under the sub-label LOEN Tree.

Via online portal site Pann, the netizen writes the title’s post as “Raised suspicions that MelOn is manipulating IU..(?).”

Find out what Netizens had to...
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Drama "Producer" actress and singer IU(アイユー) appeared for the Showcase opening 次 月 in Hong Kong today afternoon at Landmark, attracting 500 ファン to the scene, there was a ファン with the "cannon" camera to capture the Idols’s beauty .

IU wore a blue dresses appeared at 3:30pm, greeting in Cantonese: "Hello everyone! I am IU! Thank you!" Regarding to the 前 shooting trip for the magazine in Hong Kong, She went to the peak and enjoyed Spicy カニ under the bridge and would like to know if there are もっと見る tasty foods and better places to go in Hong Kong. She would like to go night market to...
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On KBS‘s latest hit drama “Producer,” IU(アイユー) plays a cold and jaded young singer named Cindy who bosses around her meek manager and keeps herself closed off from everyone.

As the 表示する is being praised for its realistic portrayal of what goes on behind the scenes on variety shows, there has been some speculation about just how true to life the 表示する is.

Despite IU’s reputation as a cheerful and altruistic star, some netizens have been speculating that the characters of Cindy and her manager are based on IU(アイユー) and her colleagues.

IU’s real-life manager, Loen Entertainment‘s Park Jung Hyun,...
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A member of IU's boyfriend Jang Ki Ha's band, Jang Kiha and the Faces, によって the name of Jung Joong Yeop made a cute update on his Instagram!

The bassist 投稿されました on November 2 a picture of IU's new album, 'CHAT-SHIRE,' and wrote, "Kiha gave me this saying, 'It's a present.' When I saw this, I felt against my better judgment that it was worthwhile to do music."

The album picture shows IU's writing, which says, "Joong Yeop oppa. Please enjoy listening to this! I am supporting you!" So cute.


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Eonjengan I nunmuri meomchugil
Eonjengan I eodumi geodhigo
Ttaseuhan haetsari I nunmureul mallyeojugil

Jichin nae moseubi
Jogeumsshik jigyeoweojineun geol neukkimmyeon
Dabeorigo shipjyo
Himdeulge jikkyeoodeon kkumeul
Gajin geotbodaneun
Bujokhan geoshi neomunado manheun ge
Neukkyeojil ttaemada
Darie himi pullyeoseo na jujeoanjyo

Eonjengan I nunmuri meomchugil
Eonjengan I eodumi geodhigo
Ttaseuhan haetsari I nunmureul mallyeojugil

Gwaenchanheul georago
Nae seuseuroreul wirohamyeo beotineun
Haruharuuga nal jogeumsshik duryeobge mandeulgo OH~
Nareul mideurago ~OH
Malhamyeonseodo midji mothaneun...
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投稿されました on November 4, 2015
Image: LOEN Tree

IU‘s latest album CHAT-SHIRE has been a hit since its release over a week ago, the タイトル track “Twenty Three” taking over the charts with all-kills under its belt.

With the immense positive reaction that the album has received from the public, criticism has also reached it as netizens discuss IU’s choice of lyrics for her song “Zezé” which are supposedly indecent.

Additionally, a netizen on Pann goes further to point out that a photographer pointed out the hidden concept behind IU’s CHAT-SHIRE ジャケット albums, a lolicon...
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We’re used to seeing our お気に入り idols in sexy outfits for their on stage performances, but less often do we see them dressed in elegant attire. Here’s our collection of stunning dresses worn によって gorgeous K-pop idols!

It's kind of funny/ironic that on the 日 I mentioned IU(アイユー) not having much news lately, she seems to pop up everywhere (and I'm not complaining!). IU(アイユー) was just featured on Koreaboo's 一覧 of "14 Beautiful Dresses Worn によって Gorgeous K-pop Idols", and she shows up not once, but TWICE! Go 表示する our お気に入り idol some 愛 によって 読書 the article!

1. IU(アイユー) looking like an elegant バナナ with a flowing yellow dress and matching shoes~

11. IU(アイユー) in a wedding dress!??
Using an example from the film adaptation of Lolita, netizens claimed to have further evidence of solo singer IU(アイユー) using concepts from the novel for her 最近 comeback.

Netizens have continued to attack the singer with alleged evidence. Quoting a scene from the film adaptation of Lolita, one netizen claimed that IU(アイユー) used the same phrasing when discussing the character Zeze from the book My Sweet オレンジ Tree. The quote, “What makes me anxious is this premature girl’s duplicity. She has softness of a child like a typical lolita, but it’s mixed with evil and vulgar vibes,” was compared to...
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Netizens have taken to discussing the different rankings of female idols in the eyes of their female and male fans.

A post on Pann illustrates some of these differences によって sharing 写真 of idols 人気 with men and those 人気 with women.





“The type of faces that women become jealous of. They possess naturally striking features and generally tend to have a kind, 子犬 dog type of look. They are generally tall and possess a certain aura of purity and innocence. They are slim without appearing emaciated. Guys go crazy over girls like this.”



“These two are symbolic...
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The premiere 日付 of KBS2TV’s new drama “Producer” has reportedly been pushed back.

A representative of the drama stated to news outlet DongA on April 23, “‘Producer’ will air its first episode on May 15. While it was previously announced to premiere on May 8, the 日付 has now been confirmed as May 15. We apologize for the abrupt change in schedule.”

When asked about the reason for delaying the release, the 情報源 explained, “We were planning to air the first episode in mid-May, and the exact premiere 日付 was simply confirmed today. The previously revealed May 8 was an estimated release date, not a confirmed one.”

“Producer” starring Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, and IU(アイユー) will finally premiere on May 15 at 9:15 p.m.

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The highly anticipated drama Producer will air exclusively on DramaFever on May 8th, and while we nervously wait for the grand premiere, we wanted to share a little bit about the lead actress IU.

Known によって K-drama 恋愛中 for her role in Dream High, IU(アイユー) is also a 人気 singer/songwriter adored によって people of all generations in Korea. Let's take a look!


1. IU(アイユー) worked hard to overcome a poor background and reach stardom


IU’s family wealth declined when she was younger and the family lived in a small one bedroom...
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In the midst of working on her comeback and her upcoming drama Producer, IU(アイユー) managed to find time to have a fun weekend with her father, and share the moments with her ファン on Instagram.

Despite having just joined the social networking service within the last two months, the singer has delighted her ファン によって sharing her life through various 写真 and videos.

IU shared several 写真 with her ファン through Instagram, including two of herself picking strawberries at a farm, and one with her father.

The singer even uploaded a hilarious clip of her and her dad rolling around in a large plastic bubble,...
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Once I saw the タイトル of this article, I knew IU(アイユー) would be featured! allkpop 投稿されました "10 Female Idols Who Can Rock Beanies", and included IU, calling her "adorable" and posting THREE different pictures of her in 3 different beanies! Gotta 愛 em!

IU(アイユー) puts the "A" in "Adorable." We already know she has a baby-face, but with a beanie, she goes back in time and returns as her 15-year-old self. Her taste in beanies is just as adorable, ranging from the monster-ear beanie (far right) to the beanie with a huge fluff ball placed on top.

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IU's ファン are some of the sweetest in the world it seems, just like IU!

The singer's ファン sent her a coffee cart, presumably to the set of her latest drama 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.' This small yet thoughtful gift must have really made IU's 日 as she even gave the ファン who delivered the カート to her an honorable mention on Instagram.

She wrote, "I was actually having a tough time today...thanks to あなた all I got to eat and regain my energy. Thank you! #thankstagram in May all 日 every day," sharing a picture of the truck and the fans.

How lucky is IU(アイユー) to have such caring fans?


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In light of the 最近 controversies that have arisen with regards to IU’s 最近 album Chat-shire and track “Zeze,” netizens have continued to put together a case 表示中 her lolita concept is true.

Although both IU(アイユー) and the book’s publisher have both responded to initial accusations, netizens have put together a もっと見る comprehensive series of 画像 detailing the heavy lolita themes in the song.


Find out what Netizens had to say about this 記事 below!
Take a look at their screencaps below:

Zeze is depicted as a pin-up girl. Additionally, the 花 which...
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