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投稿されました on November 4, 2015
Image: LOEN Tree

IU‘s latest album CHAT-SHIRE has been a hit since its release over a week ago, the タイトル track “Twenty Three” taking over the charts with all-kills under its belt.

With the immense positive reaction that the album has received from the public, criticism has also reached it as netizens discuss IU’s choice of lyrics for her song “Zezé” which are supposedly indecent.

Additionally, a netizen on Pann goes further to point out that a photographer pointed out the hidden concept behind IU’s CHAT-SHIRE ジャケット albums, a lolicon...
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Using an example from the film adaptation of Lolita, netizens claimed to have further evidence of solo singer IU(アイユー) using concepts from the novel for her 最近 comeback.

Netizens have continued to attack the singer with alleged evidence. Quoting a scene from the film adaptation of Lolita, one netizen claimed that IU(アイユー) used the same phrasing when discussing the character Zeze from the book My Sweet オレンジ Tree. The quote, “What makes me anxious is this premature girl’s duplicity. She has softness of a child like a typical lolita, but it’s mixed with evil and vulgar vibes,” was compared to...
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Netizens have taken to discussing the different rankings of female idols in the eyes of their female and male fans.

A post on Pann illustrates some of these differences によって sharing 写真 of idols 人気 with men and those 人気 with women.





“The type of faces that women become jealous of. They possess naturally striking features and generally tend to have a kind, 子犬 dog type of look. They are generally tall and possess a certain aura of purity and innocence. They are slim without appearing emaciated. Guys go crazy over girls like this.”



“These two are symbolic...
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The highly anticipated drama Producer will air exclusively on DramaFever on May 8th, and while we nervously wait for the grand premiere, we wanted to share a little bit about the lead actress IU.

Known によって K-drama 恋愛中 for her role in Dream High, IU(アイユー) is also a 人気 singer/songwriter adored によって people of all generations in Korea. Let's take a look!


1. IU(アイユー) worked hard to overcome a poor background and reach stardom


IU’s family wealth declined when she was younger and the family lived in a small one bedroom...
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In the midst of working on her comeback and her upcoming drama Producer, IU(アイユー) managed to find time to have a fun weekend with her father, and share the moments with her ファン on Instagram.

Despite having just joined the social networking service within the last two months, the singer has delighted her ファン によって sharing her life through various 写真 and videos.

IU shared several 写真 with her ファン through Instagram, including two of herself picking strawberries at a farm, and one with her father.

The singer even uploaded a hilarious clip of her and her dad rolling around in a large plastic bubble,...
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IU's ファン are some of the sweetest in the world it seems, just like IU!

The singer's ファン sent her a coffee cart, presumably to the set of her latest drama 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.' This small yet thoughtful gift must have really made IU's 日 as she even gave the ファン who delivered the カート to her an honorable mention on Instagram.

She wrote, "I was actually having a tough time today...thanks to あなた all I got to eat and regain my energy. Thank you! #thankstagram in May all 日 every day," sharing a picture of the truck and the fans.

How lucky is IU(アイユー) to have such caring fans?


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On a 人気 online community called Pann, a post compiling sexy 写真 によって IU(アイユー) recently went viral.

Originally titled, “IU’s sexy photoshoot,” the post compiled IU’s photoshoot where she wore revealing clothing and posed in suggestive ways.







Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who コメントしました on the original 記事 from our Korean source. The below コメント are the most 人気 コメント at the time of this 記事 being published.

[+ 228, – 42] So this is really the image she wanted in the end. Singers need the sexy image to last long. She’s...
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In light of the 最近 controversies that have arisen with regards to IU’s 最近 album Chat-shire and track “Zeze,” netizens have continued to put together a case 表示中 her lolita concept is true.

Although both IU(アイユー) and the book’s publisher have both responded to initial accusations, netizens have put together a もっと見る comprehensive series of 画像 detailing the heavy lolita themes in the song.


Find out what Netizens had to say about this 記事 below!
Take a look at their screencaps below:

Zeze is depicted as a pin-up girl. Additionally, the 花 which...
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Famous for her タイトル as the “Nation’s Little Sister”, IU(アイユー) is the adored エンジェル of Korea. Loved for her innocence and kind heart, IU(アイユー) is every girls’ role model!

But some ファン might not know that on occasion she’s appeared on stage wearing some incredibly sexy outfits.

The following 10 pictures showcase this hidden talent of hers and might leave あなた with a new image perspective of IU(アイユー) あなた never thought of before. Here’s 上, ページのトップへ 10 Sexiest Outfits Of IU.

1. Black レース dress with see through arms and stomach.





2. White button up シャツ and black shorts



3. These sweaters of...
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It is a three-way battle on this 'Who Wore It Better.' Three K-pop darlings—IU, miss A's Suzy, and A Pink's Eunji—were spotted wearing the same Check Ruffle 'Steve J and Yoni P' dress.

The dress is a red and navy plaid dress with a box 上, ページのトップへ and ruffled bottom; it perfectly matches the girl-next-door charms all three ladies are loved for. IU(アイユー) wore the dress during her performance at the '2013 Korean 人気 Culture Arts Awards,' Suzy in her September 2013 'Cosmopolitan' spread, and lastly Eunji at the VIP premiere of her film, 'Saving Santa' in December of last year. Seeing as these were all...
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IU(アイユー) has taken over realtime and daily charts with her pre-release song!

The songstress will be releasing her new remake album “Flower Bookmark 2” on September 22, and she shared the song “Autumn Morning” on September 18 at 7 .a.m. KST as a gift to ファン for her ninth debut anniversary. The song quickly rose to the 上, ページのトップへ of many realtime charts.

As of 2:30 p.m. KST on September 19, “Autumn Morning” took No. 1 on the realtime and daily charts of all six major Korean 音楽 sites (Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet, Naver and Soribada), as well as iChart’s realtime chart. This means it has achieved a “certified all-kill”!

The song will achieve a “perfect all-kill” if it also comes in No. 1 on iChart’s weekly chart.

With only days left until her new remake album is released, check out her teasers so far here.

Congratulations, IU!

Source: https://www.soompi.com/2017/09/19/iu-achieves-certified-kill-autumn-morning/
Singer-songwriter IU(アイユー) visited her friend Yoo In-na, on her last 日 on KBS radio program “Let’s Crank Up the Volume’ aired on Sunday.

The two flaunted their close friendship with a 写真 together, with IU(アイユー) holding up a placard written “I can’t live without DJ Yoo.” In contrast to IU(アイユー) who seemed to be on the verge of crying, Yoo In-na smiled at the camera, looking happy due to her little friend’s visit.

IU(アイユー) wore an adorable but comfy black hoody with her hair tied back. On the other hand, Yoo In-na donned a もっと見る dressed-up look with a feminine ブラウス and a burgundy cardigan.

Actress Yoo In-na marked the end of her 5-year-long DJ life as of Sunday. She has been replaced によって Cho Yoon-hyee.

によって Kim Ji-young (christinekim@heraldcorp.com)

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The best way to end the 年 is to spend it with your loved ones. And that's exactly what close フレンズ Sulli and IU(アイユー) did on New Year's Eve!

Sulli 投稿されました a selca of the two smiling together with the caption, "Spending the last 日 of 2015 with the person I love."

They're so cute and we 愛 their '93-line friendship.

{A/N: allkpop is wrong about Sulli's 93 line}


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With the new 年 looming, netizens have gathered some of the hottest issues that occurred in 2015, not including the several breakups that was reported.


Unpretty Rapstar Season 1
Several trending phrases, parodies, controversial(?) female version of ‘Show Me The Money’

Phrases: “We are not a team, this is a competition” (Jessi), “Naega naega naega wow (I, I, I, wow)” (Lil Cham)



Jo Jung Suk and Gummy revealed to be in a relationship - link


Lee Tae Im and Yewon cursing controversy - link
Infinite Challenge’s 検索 for a Sixth Man - link

One SCANDAL that arose...
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With the controversy over IU‘s lyrics of her track “Zezé” and her supposed interpretation over the character, YouTuber Heechulism underwent a reaction video project, 表示中 her live performance to Americans.

Published on November 28th, he begins the video によって explaining, “In Korea, the song ‘Zezé’ has been controversial and brings about the issue of an artist’s ‘Freedom of Expression.’ I showed some Americans this 音楽 video.”

Their first reaction was that the video (a special live clip released によって 1theK and includes English captions) was very “colorful.”

While one comments...
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Oftentimes the casting of idols in dramas can lead to disgruntled ファン as they harbor serious doubts about the 芝居 abilities of some 人気 celebrities.

However, a 最近 post on Instiz shows that idols excel at 芝居 too! The original 作者 compiled a 一覧 of five successful actor-dols as listed below.

1. Jung Eunji – Sung Siwon


“Prior to the drama’s airing, netizens called her out on being ‘too plain’ for the role of Sung Siwon. However, it was this very plainness that allowed her to play her role successfully as a student and woman giving birth.”

2. D.O – Han Kangwoo

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New stills from “Producer” have been released that are 発言しました to depict a scene in which Tak Ye Jin (played によって Gong Hyo Jin) and Cindy (played によって IU) continue to fuel their mutual loathing as they meet again at a work get-together.

The first time viewers saw the two characters interact, “Music Bank” producer Tak Ye Jin was confronting diva Cindy about the revealing clothes she was planning on wearing on stage. Cindy managed to get the better of Tak Ye Jin in that episode.

Regarding the scene in the new photos, a staff member from “Producer” says, “It’s the beginning of the sweet-and-sour...
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Rejoice IU(アイユー) fans, we know you've been waiting for this!

IU(アイユー) has finally made a personal Instagram account and confirms it today. It means もっと見る 写真 and video clip アップデート straight from IU.

Global ファン would be delighted indeed. As for her first 写真 uploaded yesterday, IU(アイユー) seemed a bit ロスト and still exploring Instagram. However, IU(アイユー) raises a 質問 along with her selfie.

"Lee Ji Geum insta. Everyone why do あなた put #?"

T/N: Lee Ji Eun is IU's real name. 'Lee Ji Geum' is a play of words which means 'It's now.'

How cute of an Insta started she is! Help her with her 質問 によって following: link

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While K-Pop may be full of amazing voices, there are a few that stand out above the rest. Be it range, power, または artistry, these female vocalists are the cream of the crop.
Check out these incredible vocalists, with clips provided in this 一覧 of 7 Of K-Pop’s Best Female Vocalists!

Lee Hi
This is one small girl with a big voice. Lee Hi's cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" is still one of the best K-pop idol covers of an English song to date.

Lee Haeri (of Davichi)
One half of Davichi, Lee Haeri always delivers in the emotion department. Watching her 歌う expressions will have あなた feeling...
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IU(アイユー) recently attended a graduation of one of her ファン in order to keep the promise she made with her a 年 ago.

It’s now been revealed that the graduation gift she prepared for the ファン was worth approximately $15,000 USD.

On this day, she called up the ファン onto the stage and congratulated her in person. She even performed a few songs for the students.

But that’s not all. She also gave all the students gifts that included flowers, cosmetics and chocolate.

And according to speculations によって a netizen, the お花 are worth $54 USD, the cosmetics $43 USD and the チョコレート $1.40 and with 156 students, IU(アイユー) would have spent over $15,000 USD! Even with bulk discount, she would’ve spent well over $10,000 USD.

No one can deny that IU(アイユー) is simply an angel.