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hello there ipodの, ipod owners! as あなた all know, ipods itself are expensive enough, then there's the cost of buying songs/tv shows/movies/apps/games/and 音楽 動画 from the 林檎, アップル store. all in all, ipods are pricey gadgets to own and use. there are solutions to that problem, however. there is always good old limewire, but limewire can infect your computer and ipod. so there is another solution safer than limewire that will help あなた save money: memory sticks. memory sticks are just basically little memory chips (fairly inexpensive to buy) that plugs into the back of your computer. so, あなた take the memory stick, plug it into the back of a friend または family member's computer, take songs あなた want from their itunes (with their permission of course), unplug it from their computer, plug it into yours, and put the songs onto your itunes, which あなた can then sync to your ipod. its as easy as 1-2-3! i hope i helped!!
How to Sync 音楽 from android to the New iPod Touch freely
sync 音楽
backup 音楽
android 音楽 to ipodの, ipod
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If あなた are a big video enthusiast, あなた must have noticed that there are great and interesting 動画 and 映画 on the web, あなた maybe want to download 動画 off website to your iPod, mp4 players または keep them in any other desired forms. Is there a way around this? Anyone knows a suitable program? All these 質問 will puzzle you.

Well, some kind of video downloading software will offer nifty solutions. If possible, あなた can also do some searching to download 動画 off web and pull ideas here. あなた are sure to find the best one for yourself.

How to download video from website to computer

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With Syncios iPhone Ringtones Maker, あなた can make ringtones as あなた like for your iPhone freely. View video tutorial to learn more.
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