In fact, I think Kagome is somewhat analogous to a third party, 犬夜叉 is the first and Campanulaceae with each other unforgettable first love. 犬夜叉 Campanulaceae said: "I am willing to become human, to the time, the Campanulaceae あなた to become my ..." has become my wife. However, this sentence is 発言しました Campanulaceae, link even if it is not the moment he was Campanulaceae シール Inuyasha: Campanulaceae, I hate you. "Or" I will kill あなた ", then, but said:" Even In this way, this bellflower, I ... "Inuyasha did not finish, but we guess out, he would like to say he still loves Campanulaceae.

Platycodon is also in 愛 with him, the Campanulaceae obviously able to use the Hama ARROW/アロー let 犬夜叉 disappeared in this world, but she did not do so, she did not want this end of the period romance between her and Inuyasha. And gave up the opportunity of students, with the Inuyasha.
Life, she loved so once, loved such a man.

Kagome, I can not deny 犬夜叉 liked her. However, compared to between
link Campanulaceae and Inuyasha, she seem to some trivial. Like she said, "I can not like Campanulaceae for 犬夜叉 pay with their lives .
But the Campanulaceae already dead, and appears again only the Living Dead. She brings 犬夜叉 愛 is very heavy. Campanulaceae is gloomy, and she could not bring the 愛 of 犬夜叉 sun, so be regarded as torture, to torment each other with memories.

Occasionally fiction Campanulaceae become Inuyasha's wife, then their lives must be very happy, very happy. Imagine: a silence of the woods, there is a hut. The Campanulaceae did not give up the witch's occupation, that would be the Campanulaceae allow 犬夜叉 to stay at home, she wanted to go out to kill the monster. 犬夜叉 pushed out pouting, secretly chasing out .Along the way, followed Campanulaceae, really cute! The Campanulaceae no longer is a witch, that would be, they can at Tamkang University, gave birth to the baby of a few super Meng, we laugh together, play together, chase together, live together. The dead of night, the children sleep, 犬夜叉 sat quietly under the moon round the Campanulaceae.

Campanulaceae ah Campanulaceae, the feelings of your dog night may like link
Eustoma 花 Arrangement language of お花 is the same but hopeless love.
Legend, the 秒 coming the Campanulaceae お花 on behalf of happiness. But was able to seize the happiness, some people are destined to miss it, catch it, but also failed to keep the flowers.
So Campanulaceae has a double meaning: the same 愛 and hopeless love.