Campanulaceae can be 発言しました as the saint of that era, everyone he is at arm's length, respect her, but also afraid of her, and link her nature is typical of traditional Oriental women like the 16th night princess, gentle and virtuous, the totalthinking of others, do not want others to be hurt.

However, because of her strength she had a major mission - the eradication of monsters to protect people. This mission she had all their emotional repression buried. As she 発言しました that she must not reveal the vulnerable side
link of the slightest, otherwise the monster will swoop.

Therefore, no matter how much pain she can not reveal their own feelings, so people feel as aloof, cold. Such complex emotions caused によって the her レーズン personality. Sometimes prefer to be a wicked man to quietly help others, like when she 発言しました to use the amber fragments hit Naraku, people think she is so ruthless.

No one standing によって her side, all condemned her to stop her, who can understand her pain, she's really carefully who will understand? If she really wanted amber fragments, and finally do not have that happy ending, I always think she has done is to amber, amber hope that they can hit Naraku, even to give up life, which makes the amber will not listen into anyone discourage, and she told amber to have debris hit Naraku amber feel that they must live up to that time makes sense, so there is no rash want to go to Naraku, where suicidal.

To do so both to protect the amber, but also to achieve the wishes of the coral, but the cost of own heartless and ruthless image. Imagine, if there is no the Campanulaceae this reason, amber will do what? Of course, is link going to find Naraku, with their dead to pay for their own sins. Which rely on persuasion, not prevent it. Is for each other is good, but also to meet each other's wishes, I am afraid that few people can do it. All others, even if it is to sacrifice themselves, how can she indifference?