No one will deny that, between 犬夜叉 and Campanulaceae copies of the plight of the situation bitter, heart-breaking, just make people feel each other better not to.

Who says that 愛 to the depths of 愛 thin, no need to preempt grievance in the link situation to the concentration? If this were so, why should we meet in this world?
Full moon night 犬夜叉 see Campanulaceae injured, suddenly was tie him to live the pace, if the encounter is the God-given fate, knowing each other is the fate and write the melody, that 愛 is what?

または in Campanulaceae 犬夜叉 tell the mind, they will be tightly intertwined with the red line one end of a lonely, that one end is another man's loneliness. 愛 suddenly take root at this time, the snow, Tian

Who quietly staring figure, eyes, look into who is kind, beautiful and happy smile.
犬夜叉 emotional hugs to fall in his arms, bellflower that moment, I began to believe that this world is really something called love.

Has been so serene, time no linklonger flows, and perhaps this quiet, even the チェリー blossoms will be reluctant to falling.
Only if it OK behind the ファンタジー is always a little deep and shallow helpless, 犬夜叉 was sealed, Campanulaceae follow him to die, who would have thought finally decide to 愛 to end that way.
Blank five decades, five decades sleeping five decades hate the endless 愛 endless, goodbye, heaven and earth in fifty years, I still remember when 犬夜叉 sad, muttering "My Campanulaceae" the hearts of thousands of emotion turned into endless

Of regret. Their future is no longer belong to each other, Campanulaceae and wandering the earth in order to purify Naraku, Inuyasha's ハート, 心 for another girl to occupy, 愛 like the oncoming wind, refused to Whom stay.
Blue sky Death's fate in life to death quietly away.

I held back always think 愛 really yield on the boundaries of life and death? If not, who abandoned it? Campanulaceae, Inuyasha, または あなた do not know they have recognized in fate?
もっと見る later, 愛 the もっと見る buried deeper, but never disappeared, Sijun such as the moon, and night and less pure, Campanulaceae Qiannian, 犬夜叉 nostalgic, I know, I do not know Jun.

See Campanulaceae helpless in Naraku's arms are about to die when, 犬夜叉
linkremembered his former promise - your life is my always feel in the Campanulaceae front of 犬夜叉 will always become mature play up ,

Often promise as a cloud, the time really want to honor, but how can not find its mark.
So Inuyasha, will eventually forget, so do not memories, and intentions to protect the other a love, your crippled 愛 can not give Campanulaceae needed comfort.

Sometimes would rather they never phase seen, is not met, do not spend, do not fall in love, there would be no harm.