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season 4
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This iCarly 写真 contains レオタード, ユニタード, ボディスーツ, キャットスーツ, 猫のスーツ, ボディー スーツ, タイツ, and レオタード. There might also be 遊び着, 演劇, ビスチェ, マイヨ, タンクスーツ, マイヨール, and ・ マイヨ.

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(Not to be rude to Carly though! She's awesome!)
Summary: I told myself I would never come back... But I'm done with this. Hello Seattle, Sam Puckett will return, and I'll return with revenge. On Carly Shay.

iCan't Believe あなた Did This To Me - Prologue
によって PftFan99

A Seddie Story... Sam's POV
- -

"Carly Shay! Will あなた marry me?"
Freddie was bent on his knees in front of the girl, I wanted to be.
'Please say no, please say no.'
"Yes, Freddie! I will!"
Thats when my insides blew up.
I did what Pucketts never did... I ran.
I ran like my life depended on it.
When what would be normal for me, was just
punching Carly straight in the face, but she was my best friend.. I could never force myself to do that..
So what I did was ran.
I ran with tears flying off my face.
Faster than what I had ever done in my life.
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