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huddyislove posted on Mar 06, 2010 at 06:35PM
Oh, well... you know me?
and you know huddysmacked?
Well... considering this spot has grown to be a bit.. (what's the other word for inactive?)
we came up with a contest/game :DDDD

And it's called:
Funny or Huddy!

(it has to do with the site Funny or die, link but I'm not surprised if you have no idea what it is XD )

So, basically, we'll start with me and Regi giving you a set of


Your task is to make a sentence with all those in it, and it has to be Huddy FUN related XD
You can use other words, but don't make the sentence too long!
It has to be no more than/no less than words 25/8 per sentence.

When the first 5 fans post their sentences, we'll make a pick so the other fans would be able to pick the funniest sentence.
The winner will be able to post a new set of words. :)

The rewards: our awesome friend Aivi is gonna present each of the winner with an icon and Regi and I are gonna prop the winners :D

For instance:
Regi posts:


And you should make a sentence like this:

Cuddy was shooting daggers from jacuzzi while eating a banana and waiting for House.

(but something POSSIBLY more funny XD)

So... who's in?
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1年以上前 houseluva8 said…
Can I join, or have I been off the spot too long? :P
1年以上前 huddyislove said…
big smile
Anyone can join Mel :)
1年以上前 huddysmacked said…
big smile
Ok so remember the order is object/verb/time/place/character

And the first set is: cupcake/lick/forever/trampoline/Chase

Go and gives all Huddies a good laugh!
1年以上前 houseluva8 said…
big smile
Chase is forever scared after seeing House lick Cuddys cupcake on the trampoline.
1年以上前 MrsBellaSwan said…
thong/flick/forever/exam room/Thirteen
1年以上前 huddygirl2 said…
ohh thats a hard one

House flick Cuddy;s Thong to the exam room where Thirteen is forever confused.

1年以上前 playingcold said…
House would never kiss Wilson but he wants to have wild monkey-sex with Cuddy.

button/taste/Taub/parking lot/every day
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1年以上前 huddysmacked said…
No wait wait wait! You have to make 5 for the first one and then we will make a pick for the top 5 for the option cupcake/lick/forever/trampoline/Chase

You see it's a game/contest and after we get 5 entries for the first set of words we'll make a pick and have a winner , the winner gets props and an icon by the wonderful graphic maker : Aivi.

1年以上前 huddysmacked said…
or we could do it as you wish!
1年以上前 bluehue said…
I'll try to help keep your game going...8-15 words only...ohhh - not easy!! is my season six summary in a nutshell......

Chase bounced off marriage trampoline and no frosting to lick off our Huddy cupcake forever...
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1年以上前 huddygirl2 said…
sorry huddysmack but we can have to verson;s of this.
1年以上前 huddysmacked said…
^^^I didn't understand your post. But like you know we can do it however you (fans) like it but I mean if we leave it to the wide open, it will become tedious and you'll forget about the game. If we make it a contest, it might become more interesting because there are "awards" and fans will be a little bit more active around.
1年以上前 Hughlaurie4ever said…
Chase licked the frosting on his cupcake while he daydreamed about House and Cuddy having sex on a trampoline and it was forever implanted in his mind.
1年以上前 huddyislove said…
Ok, huddygirl2, if you want to participate, we'd like you to make a sentence with the set of words that are already provided.
It's easier this way to vote for the most creative answer and keeping it just a game would not really include this spot getting more alive. :P

Thank you for understanding why we need to do it this way. :)
1年以上前 huddyislove said…
I'm pushing this forward, we'll have 3 answers for this set of words, this time.
And we'll continue like this,
every person posts an answer to the set of words the person above them posted.
Once we have 5 sentences, me or Regi will post a pick and we'll continue as planned before :)

The next set of words
can be the one playing cold posted:

button/taste/Taub/parking lot/every day

The pick :)
1年以上前 houseluva8 said…
big smile
Taub undoes his button in the parking lot when he sees House taste Cuddy everyday
1年以上前 cheery_blossom said…
Every day Taub tastes the parking lot when he stumbles over a missing button and falls

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1年以上前 sheis1963 said…
big smile
Can I join? :D
1年以上前 sheis1963 said…
big smile
Everyday Taub's button tells him he tastes like parking lot .

1年以上前 babybell said…
Everyday Taub sees House taste Cuddy's parking lot, his pants button pops off. Hey, folks ;)
1年以上前 huddyislove said…
The winner of the 1st round is:
And here's your award:

(thanks to Aivi :D)
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 The winner of the 1st round is: [b]houseluva8[/b] CONGRATS! :D And here's your award: (thanks to Aiv