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 House Unreleased Poster - Season 6
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This Dr.HOUSE(ドクター・ハウス) 写真 contains チェーンリンクフェンス and 金網フェンス. There might also be 看板, ポスター, テキスト, 黒板, and サイン.

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House Season 1 Episode 18: 赤ちゃん and Bathwater

Full Recap

A couple are driving through the streets and the pregnant wife is driving her drunk husband. The woman temporarily blacks out and they barely manage to avoid a car wreck. The police 表示する up and think she's drunk as she begins to act woozy. Then collapses.

Foreman is checking up on the couple and her brain tests prove negative but her kidney and liver look odd – she's only 28 weeks pregnant. House is indulging in a dream about Vogler when Foreman brings him the news. House in turn gives them the news that Cameron has quit. When Chase...
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Princeton‑Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
in real life Princeton University's Frist Campus Center in Princeton, New Jersey

( Copy/Paste the link, sorry not working with direct link )

Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital
in real life Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey

( Copy/Paste the link, sorry not working with direct link )

または copy/paste the coordinates :
PPTH: 40°20'47.94"N 74°39'18.57"W
Mayfield: 40°50'4.86"N 74°30'18.68"W
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This is scene 3 of Part 1. Hope あなた like it. Please コメント =)

Sarah did not hear the soft footsteps enter her lab. She was running tests on several of her patients and listening to her Ipod. When she could, she preferred to drown out the rest of the world and work in solitude. Suddenly one of her headphones was yanked from her ear, catching her so off guard that she fell out of her お気に入り spinning chair.
“Damn it House, don’t do that,” she admonished as she got up and turned off her Ipod.
“You should work on being a little less skittish, especially since you’re about as graceful...
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Now that I’ve caught your attention with my catchy タイトル I can introduce myself and get this 表示する on the road. Hi I’m Georgie and I will be introducing あなた to a number of different diseases, disorders and diagnostic tests in each issue. Before I start I am not a doctor nor do I have any training in the medical field, I am just a person that is interested in medicine and anything relating to the human body.

Cushing’s Syndrome
Cushing’s is a hormonal disorder caused によって prolonged exposure of the body’s tissues to high levels of the hormone cortisol from a variety of causes including pituitary...
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 Eliza Dushku as Danielle Fayle
Eliza Dushku as Danielle Fayle
This episode is between episode 9 and 10, lol.
I´m neither good at medical stuff nor at sticking true to the characters, be warned...

Episode 9 1/2 (Part 1)

(View of Wilson´s office. He is sitting at his desk, 書く something as a woman with a file comes in. Wilson stops 書く and looks up, taking a nap of his morning coffee.)

Wilson: Morning Danielle.

Danielle: Morning James.
(reads the files)
You have to talk to a patient in an hour. Ah and Mrs. Taylor annulled her appointment for tomorrow morning.

Wilson: Thank you, Danielle.

Danielle: によって the way, Mr. Thompson is still complaining about the...
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I 愛 silly little bits of information that are utterly useless in practical everyday life. So I thought I would compile a '6 Degrees Of Separation' 一覧 (well, sort of...) for 'House MD'.

Lots of the actors and 女優 that have appeared on the 表示する have crossed paths before working on, または since working on 'House MD'. Here are the ones that I have picked up on...

1) Kurtwood Smith, who played Dr. Obyedkov (father of Patient-Of-The-Week Patrick) in the season three episode 'Half-Wit', also played the father to Robert Sean Leonard's character, Neil Perry, in the 1989 movie 'Dead Poets Society'....
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