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TITLE: Valentine's Day
AUTHOR: Chirteen13
PAIRING: Cameron/Thirteen
SUMMARY: Thirteen wants her and Cameron's first Valentine's 日 to be specail.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the 表示する House または any of the character または ideas. But I wish I did!
NOTES: I also have this 投稿されました on Fanfiction.net

Today is Valentine's Day. Cameron and Thirteen's first Valentine's together, and Thirteen wanted it to be perfect for her girlfriend. She never had anyone special to celebrate the holiday with, so she was not sure exactly what to do. All Thirteen knew was that she didn't want to be corny and she wanted...
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posted by made_of_awesome
Again, this is pretty short... a third part is coming in a couple weeks!

After a few 分 at Kutner's apartment, Taub was shocked.

"You tried to to WHAT!?"

Kutner looked down in shame "I know!! I- I don't know what I was thinking."

Taub used his forefinger to lift Kutner's chin so they could see each other face to face. "Look. I'm not angry. I'm worried as hell, sure, but not mad. Sorry if this is too personal, but what stopped you?"

"Well, when the gun was at my temple, my life literraly flashed before my eyes. I always thought that happened in 映画 only, but it does in real life, too." Kutner...
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2:59    [Comment From Hugh Laurie]
Reporting for duty
2:59    Tom O'Neil: yes, there's a delay. This chat is moderated. We can't let everything fly through at once. sorry
3:00    Tom O'Neil: Hi E
3:00    Tom O'Neil: HI HUGH
3:00    [Comment From Loretta]
Good afternoon, Mr. Laurie ;)
3:00    [Comment From Donna]
hi hugh!
3:00    Tom O'Neil: Are あなた an ace typist?
3:00    [Comment From Meera from Singapore]
Hello Hugh! Hope あなた are well...
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People were shocked to see that very ハート, 心 breaking episode ( season 5 episode 20) where Dr Kutner was found in his apartment with blood everywhere, and his gun 次 to him. Why did the writers of House m.d make this happen? It's because the actor, Kal Penn, has taken up to a job in the White House, as the associate director in the office of public liaison. This big change will be an exciting new adventure to the cast and crew of House m.d. i am very excited to see what the writers of House will do 次 in the series I hope it will be shoking and keep me on the edge of my seat. This is a very,...
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posted by peoplesuck
This is the beginning to part II which is obviously entitled denial. It is rather long. As always please comment. =D

Part II: Denial
6 months later

All human beings have ways to defend themselves from their pain. Some pop pain medication at an alarming rate and drink themselves to sleep. Some channel their pain into a savior complex, turning themselves into the proverbial white-knight for all. Some change their names and hop on the first greyhound they come across, hoping that if they erase their identity they can erase what happened. But the most common human defense mechanism is denial. It...
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posted by Lela48
Cameron walked down the hallways, the hospital was filled with people, there had been a car pile-up accident which got the hospital packed with victims and doctors, thankfully she wasn’t on ER shift now.
She was sure that Chase would be in the surgical lounge, waiting for any emergency surgeries which was very liked to have during the hospital current status. She stopped when she arrived at the lounge’s door, then she took a deep breath and entered the room.
The lounge was practically empty; all the doctors must have been doing emergency surgeries. There was only one doctor on the couch,...
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Neighborhood Legend
Chapter 6: 火災, 火 is a Dangerous Thing Part 2

    In the middle of one of House’s dreamless slumbers, he suddenly woke up in burning discomfort. His eyes closed and his head stuffed in the pillow, he noticed sharp pain shoot itself through his leg. He bolted up right, only for his skull to bash itself against the oak rods of his bed’s backboard. An adrenaline induced high pumped through his body, and he looked around his bedroom in quiet shock.
    “What the hell?” he asked himself. Flames danced on the carpet, the door was a pillar...
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so i am so jazzed about the キッス between house and cuddy in ep. 6!!! i mean who isn't?!?! besides the hameron fans. and i was thinking, what if the キッス is a flashback?? i mean (spoilers ahead) the writers did say they were going to get もっと見る into their personal lives this season. and we know there's a house and wilson road trip coming up and i believe i read somewhere a long long time 前 about how there might be flashbacks on the trip?? (or am i having delusions of grandeur again). so maybe the キッス will be a flashback, which will be kind of bittersweet if it was. i mean we are dying to know もっと見る about house and cuddy's past but we also want to see them get it on this season! well whatever it will be, as long as we see house and cuddy make out!
Summary: Every neighborhood has its legend, Boo Radley, “the town witch”; God knows what the Princeton children all think of House. Neighborhood child Tom has a growing curiosity with his street's "Mad Doctor" the topic of all rumors and tales told on Baker St. Read as Tom explores the life of Gregory House, perhaps learning something along the way.

Disclaimer: If あなた can’t see this disclaimer then Adobe Flash Player isn’t on the correct resolution.

Author’s Note: I am SO sorry for the late update, I was going to write it last weekend but I had a サッカー tournament, any way enjoy!


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(Overall view of the prison,zoom into Cuddy's cell.She's sitting on her bed,trying to catch conversation with her cellmate,a tall,black woman)

C:So,how long have あなた been here?(her voice is trembling)

INMATE:Look,lassie,you won't find a friend here.Don't care who あなた are,what あなた are.Ther's one rule here,everyone for themselves.Don't expect us becoming friends.I don't need friends!You look at your business,I look at mine!Comprende?


INMATE:If あなた want any favours,don't dare ask me!

C:OK.(A police officer opens the door,points at Cuddy and says:
You.Visitation time.(Cuddy looks at him confused...
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Here at the House md spot we like people to feel welcome, please walk this way and I will give a tour of the prominent members at this hospital...did I say hospital I meant ファンポップ spot! If あなた would please ignore the fanpoppers that run around popping Vicodin and smacking people with their canes, our staff are doing their best to keep the "fanatics" under control.

As guide on this tour I'll tell あなた a little about myself!


First of all describe yourself:
One word SPAZ. My フレンズ know that I obsess over things (namely people, 映画 and TV shows) lately I’ve been obsessing over...
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After watching last night's finale, I can better understand Lisa's decision to leave HOUSE and I can see why Hugh is hinting that 次 season will be his last. I imagine he wishes he had never signed on for Season 8.

I have always been a big ファン of HOUSE, Hugh (especially Hugh!) Lisa and Huddy. But after last night's fiasco I'm wondering if this episode was written によって the proverbial group of monkeys locked in a room with computers. Unless the finale is explained as another dream sequence または ファンタジー (lame) I can't see anywhere left for this story to go.

House's medical genius has been rendered...
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 thx so much to PLH for this
thx so much to PLH for this
Alright before I start I’d like to apologize to the participants in this 記事 who have been waiting for about 2 months for me to post this. Frankly I have no excuse, just being lazy and massive writer’s block. But lol I got it done so here it is, now for my little intro before the tour.

So again the time has come for me to look around the House MD spot and to pick a few individuals to highlight on their achievements of being active, posting lots of stuff and generally helping to keep out spot active and an interesting place to be. Its nice being a verteran now and seeing the newbies...
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posted by Immunity
 Eliza Dushku as Danielle Fayle
Eliza Dushku as Danielle Fayle
This episode is between episode 9 and 10, lol.
I´m neither good at medical stuff nor at sticking true to the characters, be warned...

Episode 9 1/2 (Part 1)

(View of Wilson´s office. He is sitting at his desk, 書く something as a woman with a file comes in. Wilson stops 書く and looks up, taking a nap of his morning coffee.)

Wilson: Morning Danielle.

Danielle: Morning James.
(reads the files)
You have to talk to a patient in an hour. Ah and Mrs. Taylor annulled her appointment for tomorrow morning.

Wilson: Thank you, Danielle.

Danielle: によって the way, Mr. Thompson is still complaining about the...
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House fans, do NOT give up because it is NOT over. Lisa Edelstein may have issued a statement, but TPTB at House and the executives at 狐, フォックス Broadcasting and NBC Universal have not コメントしました on または confirmed her departure. Though we don't know the details of her exit, it doesn't matter. What matters is that we emphasize a mistake has been made and pressure Fox/NBCU to renegotiate. What matters is that Lisa 発言しました she was "disappointed," and leading up to the renewal of the 表示する itself she was quoted (by Ausiello) as looking フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to season 8. Just because she's leaving doesn't mean she wants to...
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posted by MrsBellaSwan
it was 6 a.m. Remy Hadley's alarm clock shut off as Remy slammed her hand down on it. She rose from her bed, going to look in the mirror. Her hands on the edges of the sink. She stared at herself in anger, sorrow and shame. She thinks: "everyday, I go to work looking beautiful and gorgeous. Then I come home, wipe off all this makeup, change into sweats, and I feel like a shitty person. I wallow in my sadness, hoping Eric または Robert will find me." She runs her hand through her knotty brunette hair and her hand gets stuck. She tugs at her hand hard and sees she pulled a chunk of her hair out....
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I don't know if any of あなた have been watching the last episode of the Simpsons (Season 21 Episode 19) but there was a reference to House. AGAIN.

The Simpsons bought a big windmill to get the electricity from it. But the wind didn't blow continously so Bart climbed up and he propelled it with his hand. It was pretty exhausting so he asked Lisa when can he stop it. Lisa was watching TV: a man with stubble, grey hair, in front of a white board! :D
Lisa's answer was:
"Ugh, Bart, please! I'm trying to hear Dr. House's third incorrect diagnosis before his final correct diagnosis!"

That cracked me up! :D :D :D
posted by DemzRulez
House Season 1 Episode 21: Three Stories

Full Recap

House has agreed to substitute for a sick teacher in exchange for a couple of hours off of clinic duty. Since, as Cuddy points out, House would rather hear himself talk than listen to patients, this trade was really a done deal from the moment Cuddy suggested it. House tries to talk it up to four hours off clinic duty, but Cuddy knows him too well.
As House leaves, he meets his ex-girlfriend Stacy, who wants him to examine her new husband who is having unidentified medical problems. House is reluctant to take on the case and admits he isn't sure...
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posted by vieamemusique
Let me start off によって saying that this 記事 may offend some thin-skinned people, for which I apologize, but I must get this out of my system – hence the following rant.

I have several フレンズ who seem to think that House has began the downward spiral that will lead to inevitable episode that marks the jumping of the shark. This is so far away from the truth, I can’t help but laugh at these idiots. One person in particular seems to believe that because HUDDY has been introduced into the 表示する (Introduced? Where have these people been for the past three seasons?) the 表示する will die. It’s...
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The team jolted in surprise at the sound of the patient files slamming against the 表, テーブル in the silent room.

“Patient- sixteen 年 old female with extreme back pain. There isn’t much of a history considering she came her によって herself. She also looks a lot like Cuddy, which can be good and bad.”

“House, she was about to be discharged.” Foreman replied. “Why did あなた admit her?”

“Because I’ve been DYING to kick a romance off with a teenager and I thought this was my perfect chance, especially considering she looks like Cuddy.” House sarcastically replied, topping it off with a...
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