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posted by livethislifeup
"You left things hanging with her. あなた didn't even talk to her before あなた left."

Wilson was calling. It was their first phone call in a month. His voice was fairly unsteady and shaky, as House spoke calmly, however, with a sense of regret and pain in his voice.

"I left things hanging--for a reason."
"She needs to know why. Why, and what."
"Just--I haven't spoken または seen her in days. The last thing I can do for her right now is have her visit me."
"Just talk to her. She doesn't even need to come. Just call her."
"And what."
"You don't even need to tell her anything. Just let her know, you're okay....
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
I know this is quite long but I 愛 what happened in this chap and I want to share them with you! Hope you’ll have the patience to read all through. Happy Reading! And thanks for loving this fanfic!

House woke up in the middle of the night. The first person he saw was Cuddy looking down on him and on his left side was Dr. Pitt. He was breathing heavily and was trying to sat down straight before removing the cold and rounded sweat that were on his forehead.
Cuddy: Are あなた okay?
House looked at Cuddy and took the glass she offered. He took a sip and gave it back to her.
Pitt: あなた know where you...
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Somebody got front row seats to see the Jonathan Ross 表示する and this what was cut out. I did ask them if I could post this and they 発言しました it was ok. Injoy

What follows is, as best I can give, a transcript of the 30 分 interview. Around half of which should be shown tonight. I will include any extra コメント along the way…

JR:    Is there a fake American doctor in the house?
Queue 4 Poofs and a ピアノ – JR’s resident band– singing, “Welcome to the House of Fun” which makes a change from the other usual Madness song,...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Hugh sighed and looked at him and he apparently moved his head to look in the room again.
Hugh: Am I dead?
House looked at him, letting his eyes say things for awhile.

House: No…
Hugh took a deep breath and moved uneasily thinking the man with the cane beside him is making fun of his misery. House looked at him for awhile and looked フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして again.
House: But there’s something wrong with you…
Both of them looked at each other again.
House: You’re out of your body. ---- You’re a soul…
Hugh: あなた just 発言しました I’m not ---- I can’t be JUST a soul… I have my family…
House: That’s...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
によって 次 morning, Cuddy woke up as early as she could. Her alarm clock went ringing によって 2 o’clock in the morning but she decided to get up on her feet thirty 分 later. She went to the bathroom to do the routine stuffs before walking down the キッチン to prepare her self some breakfast. She was seated alone, with cup full of hot お茶, 紅茶 at hand, on her キッチン counter while re-reading the folders she reviewed last night. Her eyes were about to fall back to sleep but she was holding on.

On the other hand, same time, House began waking up from his hospital bed. He smiled when the thought of Cuddy...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Hugh finally woke up after two days of coma. He had a bike accident and was rushed to the nearest hospital in Century City. He ran his fingers on his beard, feeling some facial hair and knew he was still alive. He sighed before noticing that he was alone in his hospital room. Does his family know what happened? His co-workers, why aren’t they here? But then he doesn’t want them to know anyway. He tried to got on his feet after knowing he could sit up and he was surprised to know that the nurse behind those glass window doesn’t care but still he tiptoed out of the ICU leaving his IV behind....
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first if あなた havent, please read link

here is a part I just decided to add, to give a little もっと見る background to the story. its part of part 4...lol

please rate and give constructive critizism! :)
and stay tuned for the continnual story!


The winter grew sparse as it blew toward spring. The trees had significant buds, the 草 had shed its deep white barrier, and perhaps the most tell tale sign of winters end, the wind shifted its face to bring air from the southern most tips of the sky, instead of the cool Canadian air. Though the wind had its’ fallacies,...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Previously on In Mayfield:
House stopped and didn’t bother to make any sound.
Wilson: How do I do that? I don’t know how to handle things like these… ------ Especially the other party cares for her much as I do… and I do care for the other party too…
Pitt: <sighed> If あなた could, please, let it go, stay away… ----- And just one もっと見る thing… Don’t let House know about this…
House gave a sigh and pushed himself to walk. Wilson and Pitt’s eyes grew bigger at the sight of him.
House: So… what do I don’t need to know?

Wilson stammered as Pitt acted like was searching for something....
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posted by huddysmacked
A/N: Ok so I don’t know about あなた guys but I’m liking this story =) Hehe I have never been so excited with a fic. Which is good I believe. Well no really a/n today so….Larger than usual but I gues good, enjoy and leave a review. Remember reviews = <3

There was a beep and another one that made Cuddy smiled.

The Psych opened her eyes slowly. She rested her head in the hospital 枕 and glanced at her eyes.

“What happened?” The Psych asked, her voice being soft as a feather.

“You had a ハート, 心 failure. When you, little devil, started to laugh, your blood pressure raised and there was...
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So here is Chapter 4 I know its short I’m sorry I just really couldn’t get in the groove and honestly I really don’t like it.. I actually rewrote it 5 different times and it still hasn’t come out the way I really wanted it to, so I’m sorry if it sucks and thanks for reading! =) O and I’ve grown to 愛 5x24 because we saw the feeling House has for Cuddy =) and that made me happy! Moving on here is chapter 4


As House walked down the hall he continued to hear the whimpers and laughter...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
House entered his room after a hard 日 at the Physical Therapy Ward. His leg was a little bit hurting but not the usual scorching pain. When he slid the door open, he was surprised to find new stuffs in. Flowers, new 表, テーブル clothe, some supply of foods and some folded and well ironed shirts were there before his eyes. Some seemed to be made によって a familiar person but others are new ones. Before he moved another step, Cuddy walked out from his closet room and drew a smile upon seeing him stunned によって her visit.
House: What ---
Cuddy: Hope あなた don’t mind I put some new stuff in…
House stood there...
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posted by huddysmacked
A/N: Mmmh What shall I say well maybe just that this will get interesting and if あなた don’t understand ;) あなた will Don’t worry… So back to the fic… And please, please review it’s heartbreaking to not see any new reviews. Thanks to the ones that do review あなた make me write もっと見る =) and well ok I’m getting cheesy… And SOOOOO so BUT sooo sorry for the late update I was having really hard time but now it’s ok =)So to the fic…

A knock was made at the exam room door. House put his PSP inside his ジャケット pocket and 移動する out of the door’s way.

Cuddy slammed open the door, she had a file...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Late at night, Wilson found himself seated in front of his bar 表, テーブル alone. He was having a couple of shot with his scotch feeling depressed like the night Amber died. A lot of things come and go in his mind; cancer patients, the cancer conference, House and Cuddy. With the bar lamp, one could tell he has been crying and all I could say was that he was drunk and a mess. Pitt’s 質問 came into his mind like a bullet and it nearly killed him. He didn’t expect himself to just stand there and say nothing, leaving his friend’s doctor suspicious.
Pitt: Are you?
Wilson: Am I?
He asked himself...
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posted by livethislifeup
Oh my dear, I apologize,
for the pain, the sorrow and all the lies.
I'm still getting, through the day,
understand, I don't want it this way.
I can't mend, your broken heart,
for my own, was also, torn apart.
And I know, inside I still care,
cause it hurts, to know you're not there.

So take back all the memories,
to take back the pain,
and take back all the moments,
I don't need them.
Take back everything
that reminds me of you,
everything that would remind me,
why I 愛 you...

Eyes so blue, hair so black,
we both knew, there was no, turning back.
Fell in love, way too deep,
for, I still, cannot sleep.
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so によって 人気 demand: i will post this in stages, but be aware: its gonna be a bit before ITS ALL DONE, and it makes もっと見る sense to read it all at once

those of あなた who have read and answeredlink know what im talking about

this is parts 1,2,and 3
part 4 will be the LONGEST

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave コメント and give constructive critizism, so i can improve whats yet to be written

anyway without further delay i present to you:

The moon sparkled over clouds turning twists about the sky. Shades of champagne crept in patterns and definitive...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
As Cuddy drive out of Mayfield, House saw her in a distance. He’s with Daniel who was then throwing pebbles to the man-made lake inside Mayfield. Cuddy’s car got Daniel’s attention before he looked back at House who was as well looked at the vanishing vehicle.
Daniel: She’s leaving あなた behind again?
House: I want her to…
Daniel: You’re an idiot…
House looked at him as he picks up pebbles and throwing it again to the lake.
Daniel: When I was a patient of yours, I always thought you’re great. But now ---
House: Like I always said, we all have our limitations…
Daniel: I know but your...
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posted by bRiNnAyCuLlEn
*****I know this may be better fitted for the House ファン spot, but I think this may be interesting to do over on this spot. Also, many ファン on here aren't on House Fans.
*****I'm going to start it with me, and continue with anyone who wants to do, and basically end up with an alphabetical encyclopedia of everyone's お気に入り character and their ships. If あなた want to be included, just make a コメント on this 記事 with what あなた want your entry to be and I will add it to the article.
*****Sorry about the pic, it's funny!
*****Also, sorry abot not being able to complete this quickly, I am now out...
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posted by anaperez007
I just wrote this to say thanks to all the ファン who make our addiction to House possible.

All of あなた that are posting news, links, pictures, articles, 動画 and all sorts of things that make us laugh, cry and all the feelings that House make us feel.

All of あなた that are searching for news または things that あなた want to 表示する to all the fans.

All of あなた that are making 動画 to post in the spot.

All of あなた that are making funny images.

All of あなた that are 書く amazing articles.

All of あなた that are posting where to watch House onlie.

All of あなた that are posting spoilers.

All of あなた that want to know the fan`s opinion with the picks.

All of あなた that are conting how many ファン have our spot.

All of あなた that are joining this spot.

All I can say is THANKS FOR ALL OF YOU!!!
 Claps For all of You!!!!!
Claps For all of You!!!!!
posted by Olivine
こんにちは guys ;)

I just felt like saying it: This Spot Rocks! And I'm not saying this because it's such a freaking awesome show, but because it seems we are all civilized people here - contrary to some other spots...i don't want to say a name..but..*coughs* oth *coughs*

No seriously. At the moment this spots has proud 14015 ファン and usually there are no bashing picks, bashing pictures, fights and the like. We are so many, we respect each other's ships and opinions and still have loads of fun.

I'm saying this because I have recently joined the OTH spot and was surprised...in a not so good way. I don't...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Wilson heavily swung Cuddy’s office door the 次 morning. It was already past ten in the morning but she wasn’t still there. He decided to sit down on the ソファー, ソファ and write something on his post-it sticker before moving close to her 机, デスク and sticking it on her computer screen. Just when he was about to leave, he noticed an オレンジ file on 上, ページのトップへ of the other folders. He picked it up since it wasn’t the ordinary red and blue file Colors(色) of PPTH. Indeed, he was right, it was from Mayfield and he gave a heavy sigh upon 読書 it.

Moments later, Cuddy was the one who went to see him in his office....
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