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posted by rosehustle1
 Ariel Harrison(My idea of how this character looks like)
Ariel Harrison(My idea of how this character looks like)
"That's where あなた were all night? I called あなた three times to see if あなた wanted to hit that new bar on twelfth." Wilson 発言しました as he ate his eggs. House drank some coffee and leaned against the booth.
"It was the best spontaneous 日付 I've ever had. She's gorgeous によって the way."
"What is she like?"
"Funny. Annoying. Smart...Different." He 発言しました with a far off look.
Wilson smiled in surprise at House's unguarded look.
"Good for you."
House turned his gaze back on Wilson.
"Hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I could still severely screw this up."
"I doubt she'll be able to leave your place after...
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posted by cudambercam13
"House?" Cuddy opened the door to House's office. He was sound asleep at his computer with a 音楽 playlist on the screen. At least it wasn't another porno video. Cuddy scrolled down the 一覧 of artists in front of her.
-Alice Cooper
-Bon Jovi
-Duran Duran
-Linkin Park
-Salt and Pepper
-Stroke 9
-The Cure
-The Who
Cuddy found it a little strange that House would listen to Abba, Eminem, Salt and Pepper, または Madonna. Plus, she didn't even know who Stroke 9 was. She was interested in seeing what songs または compositions House himself had made, so she clicked...
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posted by cudambercam13
- "Wilson!" Wilson woke up freezing cold, realizing he had no blankets at all. "You need to call the guy. I've been telling あなた for a week to call the guy. We need a new heater!"
- Seven days with a broken heater, and six of those days Wilson had been woken up によって House, the annoyingly sarcastic middle-aged son he never had. "House, where are my blankets?" "You can apperantly stand the freezing cold temperature of this appartment but I can't. So I took your blankets so that my 尻, お尻 doesn't end up アナと雪の女王 to your couch."
- Wilson sat up shivering. "So あなた took my beddings and added them to the five...
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posted by rosehustle1
"I like this view." House 発言しました as he sat a 上, ページのトップへ the roof of Ariel's apartment building. She sat down in the chair beside him and handed him a beer.
"Thanks...I use to always hide on the rooftop at the hospital." He said.
She smiled as she drank some of her own beer.
"Your own hidden sanctuary?"
"Sort of, but I was always found."
"It's chilly tonight... maybe we should have stayed for the 11:15 showing." She 発言しました as she leaned further back into her chair.
"No movie can match this." He 発言しました as he pointed the the lit up skyscrapers and the full moon above.
She turned to look at him. He had a soft...
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I have been thinking a lot lately about the direction of House fandom. A number of creative decisions made on the 表示する in season six have not been well received によって some sub-groups of ファン and these ファン have taken their frustrations out on people like David 海岸, ショア and Greg Yaitanes, and even on the actors and 女優 on the show.

I'll start によって acknowledging that I am a freak who ships many ships on the show, so in that sense I do have a perspective that many people may not share. But I think that because I sit in so many camps, my perspective may shed some light on these issues.

The main issue...
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This is an All My Children and House crossover ファン fiction I do not own All My Children it belongs to ABC and House belongs to FOX. Also AMC ファン in this story David does not know about his child with Amanda. House ファン Cuddy is not with Lucas and doesn’t have Rachel. Sorry if this disappoints anyone I hope あなた will still read and enjoy the story. Reviews are love. Enjoy!

All My Doctors

Chapter 1: New Head of Cardiology

Dr. Lisa Cuddy sat in her office at eight o’clock Monday morning quietly reviewing over some notes and other paperwork. She was very anxious about seeing her newest employee...
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posted by rosehustle1
"Well, this place is a real dive." Ariel stated as she sat down at the booth.
"One of the best dives in Princeton." He 発言しました as he sat across from her and lay his cane against the table.
She opened up a menu and began to scan for something to order. House merely watched her for a moment. He already knew what he was gonna get. The same thing he always gets when he comes here; chicken souvlaki platter, a beer, and bakalava for dessert.
"So, those test results あなた were picking up..."
She looked up at him with a challenge in her eyes.
"Am I gonna need to double bag it tonight?" He asked with his...
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posted by huddy_aimee
::: Chapter 1 :::
2 Months Later

    Sergeant によって the gateway came to attention as the bus was granted access to the all but deserted army camp. Out on the horizon was the outline of the inner fence and the shadow of the three storey accommodation block. The occupants of the bus stared out the windows. The sun was out, but the クーラー winds of spring countered it. The 草 was wild and a brilliant green and the small lake near the accommodation gave the base a summer camp feeling. House’s stomach churned at the thought of being on a military establishment again. The dirt...
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posted by rosehustle1
 Ariel Harrison(this is my idea of what she would look like and as close to getting LG to being on the show)
Ariel Harrison(this is my idea of what she would look like and as close to getting LG to being on the show)
It was an どんよりしました, 曇った, 曇り morning when House awoke the 次 day. His pain was an eight on the pain scale, and his head was fighting to push it to a ten. Letting out a harsh exhalation, he propped himself up and began the daily drudgery.
"You have two hours of clinic today House, and I don't want to hear any argument about." Cuddy 発言しました as she handed him the green chart for exam room 3.
He looked appraisingly over her form. She was wearing a dark purple v-neck ブラウス that fit snug against her breasts. Her スカート stopped above her knee revealing her shapely...
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posted by rosehustle1
Once the waitress had moved out of the way, House could once again take in the mystery woman that sat across the room. He wondered if she was a professor at the 大学 または possibly a 'mature' student.
The woman looked up from her notebook and caught House staring. He barely bristled at being found out and instead unabashedly continued to stare.
"Hon, あなた want anything else?" The waitress asked House once more. He kept his gaze on the mystery woman while answering.
"Another cup of coffee, but send it over to the woman at the end."
The waitress looked back and forth between House and the...
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In the unlikely event that anyone on this spot cares enough about Wilson to read this :P , here's an extract from the link "Difficult Characters" written によって Doris Egan (one of the writers of House MD), in which she writes a few things about Wilson's character. The complete 記事 also includes analysis of characters from different stories she has written.

In a novel, it would be easy to lay out [a character's] thoughts. In a visual medium, the viewer has to do the work themselves, and here's the problem: we're used to there only being one answer.

Take Wilson, a complex character on...
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posted by made_of_awesome
This is really repetative in the beginning but keep 読書 because it gets a little もっと見る interesting...but if you're looking for something realistic i would suggest a different fanfiction.

"Remind me again why I let あなた drive on the way to this meeting in Maine?" Wilson had asked this 質問 at least 5 other times over the past couple hours. "Do あなた ever use heat?"

House grinned. He looked out the window and saw snow... lots and lots of snow. Everything was completley coated, even a mountain lurking a few miles away from the car. To his right was Wilson, whose theeth were chattering, and in...
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posted by huddy_aimee

    His hand ran over the coarse paper of the invite. It was a bad day. The rain pounded on the window as the northerly gale caused the temperature to drop to 33°F. Thunder rumbled just miles away causing the window panes to shudder. The door from the differentials room opened and in popped a light brown haired, woman’s head.
    “House,” she said, bringing him from the invite.
    “Hmm,” he hummed in a non-committal response.
    “We’re leaving,” she told him. “The weather is getting worse...
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posted by rosehustle1
House sat in the darkness of his bedroom thinking over the turn of events that had recently occurred within his life. Cameron had left. Cuddy was with Lucas. He didn't know how to feel anymore. After all the positive strides he had made he still was no closer to having a different life. As he pondered his situation he looked around his bedroom and took in the pictures of Wilson and Amber gleefully smiling. He enjoyed being roommates with his best bud, but he knew it was time to go home...no matter how nervous he was about falling back in to his old patterns.
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posted by somuchfordepth

This isn't that interesting really, it just made me smile today.

I'm a ファン of 13. もっと見る on that later though.

I work in the security industry (malware, viruses, all that jazz).

I bet you're all familiar with spam emails, right?

Now we have this 'saying' in the industry that あなた ain't someone just yet until you're used for spam.

What's funny is that OW made her spam debut earlier this year: link

see Figure 2. LOL.

I've been thinking of sharing this to her through Twitter, but since she's not following me *sob* i can't send it as a direct message. I can't just address it to her cause then all my other followers (officemates mostly) will know that I am happy about spam, which is not so good in my line for work. :p

So there. I hope I didn't bore anyone with this. I know most of あなた are younger than me and not really interested with work stuff, but it was just too fun to not share, at least for me. :)
posted by nothin_ooses
First of all I'd like to thank my new beta,link, for 読書 and fixing my 書く since my English has been proven a little defected. Thank you!

Second I'd like to thank あなた guys who is still there 読書 this sort of lunatic and weird story. Thanks! Hope あなた like this chapter and sorry for the late.


Part IV

Coldness, darkness, moisture, … and a damn drop falling from the roof right 次 the old and crank ベッド inside that small and claustrophobic cell. The pain was extreme, three days without those useless meds were enough to multiply the pain a billion times. That terrible smell, what the...
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It's been a while since we talked (or rather, I talked and あなた listened XD)
Well, if あなた don't know me, I'm Hilly :)
so, let me get to my reason for 書く this :

Right now, we have a little problem on our spot.
It's always been around, but not in this amount.
Yeah, あなた know what it is.

It's bashing

I'm not gonna talk about who is bashing, I'm gonna talk about why.

We all know we all have opinions.
Those opinions differ from one ファン to another.
The problem is, some don't tolerate other people's opinion and believes.

You know our fandom has two groups (maybe more, but I'm sticking to 2),
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Two's Company - Three's a Crowd
-Chapter 4-

House arrived at the hospital early, only so he could avoid all contact with Cuddy. He headed straight to the clinic to do his hours. Wilson had seen him and caught up to him.

“Avoiding the boss?” he asked.

House continued and picked up a folder on the way past the nurses station.

“Avoiding me?” he tried again.

“No Jimmy – I just want to sit in an exam room with a folder and do nothing.”

“You’re actually working?”

“Is it a crime?”

“No, but –“

“’But’ means forget everything I 発言しました before that.”

“No it doesn’t.”

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Two's Company - Three's a Crowd
-Chapter 3-

3 Weeks Later

Cuddy had allowed Kirstin to stay with her permanently now that House knew about her. She had recently taken a week off to renovate the spare room with her daughter. Kirstin had opted for an off white with a ライム green feature wall. House had 与えられた her a bunch of band posters to stick up around her room; much to Cuddy’s disapproval.

On the subject of Kirstin’s rape, Rob’s brother had been sentenced for three years on the charges of rape and purchasing alcohol for minors. Rob had moved into an apartment near によって when he heard about the...
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here it is…chapter 2…please review!!! I’ll try not have a big 尻, お尻 wait between the 次 chappies… (well I’ll try) thanks to my beta – Iane Casey!!!!
oh, i know あなた guys have 与えられた it a low rating, but yeah...? i dunno

Two's Company - Three's a Crowd
-Chapter 2-

Cuddy had ordered Kirstin to unpack her stuff, put it into the spare room and wait for her return. House sat on Cuddy’s ソファー, ソファ impatiently. Every few minutes, House would look around in hopes that he’d see Cuddy ready to explain this to him, but she was upstairs having a conversation with their daughter.

“What happened?”...
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