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‘I know I am the terror of the doctors, “says series creator’ House ‘
Producer and writer of “House” David 海岸, ショア participates in an event in Rio
In an interview, he ensures that the program will have new season.
Carla MeneghiniG1 RJ
print At age 31, Canadian David 海岸, ショア left his job as a lawyer and moved to Los Angeles to try his luck as a screenwriter. In the first year, he almost gave up, but today, at 51, is known as the creator of the hit series “House.”
“I never thought a 表示する about a guy as bad as some would,” says producer and writer of the program, which is already in its seventh season. ”Nobody knows anything in Hollywood, if あなた believe in your idea, however crazy it is, it can work,” added Shore, who is in Rio on Wednesday (16) to present a lecture at the event Rio Content Market Barra da Tijuca.
For Shore, the biggest challenge to write “House” and attract the public each season is to make the protagonist, played によって Briton Hugh Laurie, keep their already famous - and comic - negativity. ”Making the House glad to be the character’s death,” says series creator. ”When Hugh [Laurie] smiles at some stage, it is a sign that the episode was horrible,” laughs Shore.
New season guaranteed
On negotiations for the 次 season of “House,” the writer ensures that the production is confirmed, so the contract with the leading actor. ”Negotiations continue because of financial issue, but to renew the contract for the new season is already guaranteed,” 発言しました David Shore, who prefers to keep secret details about the end of the season.
Inspiration and perspirationParallel to the planning for the eighth season, the writer says that he starts thinking about what will be the series finale.”Not now, but in a couple of years we will have to give an outcome to the story,” says the producer, who hopes not to disappoint ファン of the 表示する in the homestretch. ”That worries me because most of the series ends poorly. Perhaps this is the goal, to make people want more. “
But from where those crazy medical cases that appear in “House”? The series creator says his main inspiration are “deadlines and pressure to deliver the text.” ”On TV the writer is paid for not having writer’s block, and it is this climate of pressure that the best ideas emerge,” he says.
He also says his experience as a lawyer helps when 書く each episode. “‘House’ is not a medical series. Medicine is a detail, the main thing is the human drama, “he says. ”When I was in office listened to many dramas of customers, and it helps, because I want the audience smile without losing sight of what we’re talking about life and death.”
However, he says he was amused によって the influence of the program in the world of medicine. ”I know I am the terror of the doctors, very hypochondriac ideas should get the series and fill the offices of nonsense,” he says laughing.

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