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"House?" Cuddy opened the door to House's office. He was sound asleep at his computer with a 音楽 playlist on the screen. At least it wasn't another porno video. Cuddy scrolled down the 一覧 of artists in front of her.
-Alice Cooper
-Bon Jovi
-Duran Duran
-Linkin Park
-Salt and Pepper
-Stroke 9
-The Cure
-The Who
Cuddy found it a little strange that House would listen to Abba, Eminem, Salt and Pepper, または Madonna. Plus, she didn't even know who Stroke 9 was. She was interested in seeing what songs または compositions House himself had made, so she clicked on Me.
Everything was numbered except one song. It was titled "Rachel". Cuddy clicked on it. Why did House have a song named after her daughter? Cuddy pressed the play button. It was a ピアノ solo House had recorded, and it was beautiful. But the 音楽 came out extremely loud, waking House up.
Without bothering to open his eyes, he figured Wilson was snooping through his computer while he had the chance.
"Wilson turn it off." Cuddy giggled, startling House awake. "My God Wilson, you've changed." Cuddy ignored his コメント and went straight for the 質問 she wanted to ask. "Is this for Rachel?" House sat silently for a moment. "No, it's for some hooker I called over. She was nice. She threw in a massage with a happy ending." He smiled, but it dissapeared when Cuddy made a 子犬 dog face that would usually be made によって Cameron. "Yes."
Cuddy stopped the music. They were silent for a moment. "You know I'm with Lucas now." Cuddy whispered only loud enough for House to hear. He got very angry and started yelling. "Yeah, I know. But I made this before あなた were with Lucas. Anytime I try doing something nice to 表示する I've changed, あなた say Oh, but I'm with Lucas. I'm sick of hearing that, Cuddy, and あなた know it!"
Cuddy didn't expect House to get so upset. So she just continued as if House hadn't interupted her. "I don't think Lucas and I will ever be commited. If I stay with him, あなた will keep trying to break us up, and Wilson will keep talking to me about it but if I was with you, no one would try to seperate us."
Cuddy whispered her last few words, and House did understand. "Like I said; Everyone knows this is going somewhere."
Ok so this is a fanfiction about House/ Wilson friendship and Huddy, but I'm not really sure.
English is not my first language so please be gentle if I make mistakes...
Btw I think it doesn't have sense..


"Damn Wilson, あなた won...."

Here they were, House and Wilson playing some kind of stupid game just because House was getting bored.


This smart 尻, お尻 decided to play a new game with Wilson, somehing like strip poker(well, not so much of poker, but I can't say the same thing about the strip part)just to make Wilson feel uncomfortable.If he won, Wilson had to give him 1000...
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This story is six acts and reads like a real episode of House. This story takes place after “Small Sacrifices.”

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own House. I asked Santa for him for クリスマス but was totally disappointed.

“Letting Go”
Act One


The weather was unseasonably warm. The high temperatures on クリスマス 日 and New Year’s 日 both broke local records and although it could never be described as balmy, the 日 had turned out to be lovely. Margaret loved warm days. On those days she could go outside. On those days she could escape the prison that was her ホーム and venture out into the...
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In the morning Cuddy is in her office working. Fifteen 分 after than when he was supposed to be there, House gets in.
‘Wow it's your best mark.’ She looks at the time. ‘And you’re not complaining!
‘I've come here to complain!!’
‘Of course, I want to complain about the fact that あなた notify me that I don't complain!!’
Cuddy sighs. ‘I just wanted to know if this summer you're going to go on vacation and when, because I have to make new schedules.’
‘Of course. I'm going on holidays. I need a break!! When can I go and how long??’
‘You have three weeks off. But...
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Within a week, Cate was emotionally tortured with House’s attitude towards her. She’s trying her best, as what had been advised によって Pitt, but it seems to her that nothing is working. All her works were failure for House and only some were gratefully followed. In spite of her patient’s great performance in rehab and therapy, Cate on the other hand was the one who’s falling apart slowly and painfully.
One afternoon, the door slid open in House’s room and he silently entered. He went straight to his ベッド and took the edge of it as a シート, 座席 without looking at Cate who happened to be in the...
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As Cuddy drive out of Mayfield, House saw her in a distance. He’s with Daniel who was then throwing pebbles to the man-made lake inside Mayfield. Cuddy’s car got Daniel’s attention before he looked back at House who was as well looked at the vanishing vehicle.
Daniel: She’s leaving あなた behind again?
House: I want her to…
Daniel: You’re an idiot…
House looked at him as he picks up pebbles and throwing it again to the lake.
Daniel: When I was a patient of yours, I always thought you’re great. But now ---
House: Like I always said, we all have our limitations…
Daniel: I know but your...
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A/N: I’m in such a 書く mood today sooo… Here’s chap 2 …I hope あなた like it… Plot twist watch out… And here is where the Mary Sue enters but you’ll like her I swear.. Oh and I got inspired in the song Just my Imagination によって The Cranberries. It will appear in the last chap… So to the fic right?

“House, clinic duty now.” Cuddy 発言しました as she watched House sitting in his chair.

“God woman, あなた don’t even care that I almost die in a car accident two months ago.” House 発言しました not turning his eyes from his computer monitor.

“House. Clinic. Now!” Cuddy ordered. House turned...
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People have seem to have been getting confused so I thought I might clear this up. Danny=robber/bad guy. Its my fault あなた guys were confused.. I’m sorry. =) Anyway so I’m back with my 次 chapter because people again left me death threats. It gets dark and the rating is going to change just to be safe.
Btw am I the only one completely PISSED about tonight’s episode? I mean really COME ON! Sorry done ranting for the moment. Here is chapter 3.
    House spun around...
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    The team didn’t know what to do, no one wanted to follow him, nobody knew what to say and they really didn’t have a case, so they let him be.


House didn’t want to risk running into anybody else, but he was hungry, he had left without breakfast this morning and the hunger pains on 上, ページのトップへ of his leg was just too much. So despite his better judgment he headed to the cafeteria, he thought briefly about gluing the sunglasses to his head, but that wouldn’t work. He was going to have to do something about this sooner または later, もっと見る likely sooner. And there...
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Hello! So anywhoooo, my spanish teacher had to take a maternity leave, and now I have a sub. HE IS SO MUCH LIKE HOUSE IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY! Today, I entered the class late によって maybe 5 seconds? I site down and he sits in his シート, 座席 and glares at me. I kind of shifted around and took out my homework, but then the guy stood up. he said, " Tu estupido?" To which I responded cleverly with, " wait, what?" He then started rambling off assorted things in spanish which I could no longer translate , (Sounded like he was swearing, lol) and then I looked at him and said, " I'm..uh.. sorry I'm late, I fell in the hallway..." He then said, "Maybe あなた should learn to walk and then あなた could get to your classes on time!" OH, によって the way, his name is Dr.Hart.
Don't think I'll be late to spanish anymore.

(okay so in Health class one 日 we had to write a story about a character in our お気に入り tv 表示する that started smoking and how the other characters react to it, this is definantly a crackfic and is definantly OOC, however, despite what あなた may believe, mine actually turned out to be one of the もっと見る sane ones of the class, so anyway...enjoy!)

One day, at the marvelous Princeton Plainsborough Teaching Hospital, the infamous Dr. Gregory House, was, as always, sleeping undisturbed, in his office. All of a sudden, the door slams open, thus waking up House and Wilson walks in with the aroma of...
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All these years Chase had been with Cameron. But she left him. He could surtainly understand why. But House didn't understand why Cameron left him. Sure House had the hots for Cuddy, but Cameron would have been different than Cuddy. Chase was now comparing House and Cuddys relationship. House had always 発言しました he had hots for Cuddy, but Cuddy never 発言しました anything about House, at least not to Chases knowledge. Maybe House wasnt right for Cuddy. Maybe Cameron wasnt right for Chase. Chase had thought about shacking up with Thirteen on multiple occasions. Maybe thats what he was supposed to do. But...
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Lollipop Isues 4

Cuddy's house
Cuddy-so....why are あなた really here...
House-because...I wanted to see if those two would hit it off... And if I went ホーム than I could find them having sex.....
Cuddy-is that all....
House-no.....can I ask あなた something without あなた lying to me...
Cuddy-of course....
House-do あなた like me.....like もっと見る than a friend または employee...
Cuddy-we both know our relationship is going somewhere ..... And yes....I have liked あなた ever since that one 日 at college...
House-I thought あなた forgot about that....
Cuddy-nope.....I remember every...
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House and Cuddy go to their room to rest a bit before going to buy the tickets. She’s lying on the ベッド and House looks at her from the balcony, then he stands up, takes his shoes off, and lies 次 to her. Cuddy feels him on her side and put her hand over his. House jokes. ‘I told you. あなた won’t get sex from me...’
‘Any physical contact with あなた means that I want sex?’
‘If あなた were a different person no, but if we くま, クマ in mind that this person is you... YES!!’
‘Am I only sex for you?’
That 質問 really shocks Greg, and he remain in silence. Cuddy looks at him waiting for...
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House turns to her with his eyes wide open. ‘Like... me?’ He’s shocked and it took him a few 秒 come back to himself. ‘Perhaps I should tell that guy to do something like...’
‘Like...?’ Cuddy stares at him and smiles. ‘Say something to that stupid guy!!’
He chuckles. ‘Aren't あなた gonna キッス her, あなた stupid flack of bumfluf??’ He approaches to Lisa a little.
‘Yeah, twenty years of waiting... that guy is very slow...’
‘Well... a bit...’ House approaches もっと見る and he is almost touching her lips with his.
‘Oh God Greg! Come on!’ Cuddy puts her arms around his neck...
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Im a 15 年 old theater girl. My life coulnt possibly CONTAIN もっと見る drama. I used to come here to escape it. not anymore.

When i first joined fanpop, i had no idea about the "community" of people on here. I had never been part of an internet community in my life, and i was absolutley blown away によって the generosity, helpfulness, acceptance, kindness and good humor the all users seemed to eminate. I LOVED coming on because if i ever had a question, comment, フォーラ topic, article, pick または anything, i knew it would be viewed with an open mind. No fights, only intelligent discussions about what really...
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