How do I 表示する up the stable snob at a 表示する tomorrow?

I know, I know. I should just be going to have fun and do my best, not to 表示する anyone up, and I am, but oh my God, あなた have not seen how arrogant this girl is. She thinks she is soooo much better than everyone and refuses to associate herself with "average" riders. I won't fret if I lose to her, and I know I will, but it would be fantastic if a beginner (started riding in December) like me beat a self-proclaimed expert like her. And she is good. I know expecting to beat her in this millennia is unreal, but do あなた have any tips that could help me? I do have one advantage: my horse knows もっと見る than hers. Assuming I knew what I was doing, I could beat her in jumping, dressage, and Western 馬場馬術, ドレッサージ (as if she'd ride like a "hick" in Western), but I don't. I'm still in the ホルター and walk/trot classes phase. Still, unrealistic または not, I'd like to win, not only to beat her no matter how fun that'd be, but to well, win. Like I said, I'll have a blast even if I take last in everything, but how she irks me, I'd enjoy beating her. Ideas?
 ppgcowgirl posted 1年以上前
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JosefS_girl24 said:
I understand where you're coming from. Confidence is everything hun. Note, not arrogance like this girl you're talking about. I don't have any riding tips または such like that. But being (not overly) confident can make あなた look better than maybe あなた actually are. If someone looks like they know what they're doing, it can help your over all look.
But like あなた 発言しました having fun is the most important thing. Even if she wins, she might be miserable doing it. If you're able to have a great time regardless, in my opinion that makes あなた better in your own way.
I hope that helps even just a little. Have a great time girl! Do your best and good luck!
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posted 1年以上前 
Thanks for the advice! It worked! In the one class we shared, I placed, and she didn't. It really bothered her, too:) Other than that, I also placed in two other classes. I would've got 2nd in trot pole bending if my horse hadn't cantered two strides. Oh, well. I still took 5th. Thanks so much for the tips. They really helped!
ppgcowgirl posted 1年以上前
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