Egypt: Mummy-style

Norway: Sleeps like Egypt, but もっと見る dangerous. He always crosses his left arm over his right arm, and if someone tries to switch that position (or any position of his), he bolts into sitting position and headbutts them, still sleeping. Denmark has been on the receiving end of this many times.

Germany: He's a side-sleeper. He usually turns his back to any bedmate he might have, because he feels awkward facing someone while asleep. Plus he can pretend they aren't there.

America: Sprawled out all over the bed. Arms askew, legs in strange positions, head lolling to the side--he takes up the whole bed, whether または not there's someone else there. That または he'll latch on to them unconsciously.

Italy: He sleeps on his back, usually with one arm above the covers on his stomach. Sometimes he'll latch on to someone in his sleep, または roll on 上, ページのトップへ of them.

England: Also a side-sleeper, but he always has one hand under his head as a pillow. He doesn't like be touched in his sleep

France: Even if there's no one in ベッド with him, he sleeps as if he's cuddling with someone. If he's taking a nap he'll just throw an arm over his chest, but if he's really sleeping he's cuddling the air.

Canada: Since Kumajiro gets squeezed if he cuddles with Canada, Canada has to cuddle with a blankie. He curls up into a loose ball around the blankie, while Kumajiro sleeps in a similar ball at the foot of the bed.

Iceland: Sleeps in the fetal position, in a very tight ball, hugging his knees. No one touches him for fear he'll lash out like Norway, but he doesn't do that. However, if someone tries to uncurl him (it looks almost painful), he'll whimper as if he's in pain または yelp. It's not a conscious thing, and he's not really in pain; in fact he doesn't even know he does it. No one wants to mention it to him.

Sweden: Arms folded across his chest, but not quite as stiff as Norway または Egypt. He sometimes gives off a scary aura when he sleeps, but usually he looks もっと見る relaxed in sleep than in waking.

Hungary: She sleeps on her back, but her head is always turned to the side, and her arms are usually all over the place. She's a mouth-breather, too. This use to annoy Austria to no end.

Prussia: Never the same position twice in a row. He laughs and talks in his sleep according to what he's dreaming, although sometimes what he says has nothing to do with the dream (i.e., he'll be dreaming about beating Austria and he'll say something like "lemon pie for breakfast!"

Ukraine: She would sleep on her back, but her boobs make it really uncomfortable. So she chooses the lesser of two evils and sleeps on her side, which isn't exactly comfy but better. She uses one hand as a 枕 and clasps the other one to her chest as a protective measure, not because she thinks someone will kill her but because it's a habit.

Belarus: She always faces inward on the bed. When someone sleeps with her she faces them, and sometimes she sleeps with her eyes open, so they think she's staring at them. She's freaked her siblings out multiple times.

Latvia: He sleeps in any way that allows him to take up the least amount of space. When he shared a ベッド with Estonia and Lithuania, he was afraid he would annoy them if he hogged the bed, so he always just curled up. Even now that he sleeps alone, he can't break the habit.

Estonia: Also a mouth-breather, and he sleeps a lot like Hungary, except his arms are at his sides and over the covers. Now that he has his own bed, he likes to sleep near the edge so he can reach his glasses.

Russia: Uses both his hands as pillows, and sleeps on his right side. He likes it to be absolutely dark where he sleeps; nightlights distract him.

Lithuania: He puts one hand under his 枕 while he sleeps, so he's a side-sleeper. He's so used to having the edge of the ベッド that even if he had a queen-size ベッド he wouldn't sleep in the middle.

Sealand: Uses a nightlight, but it has to be one of those cool ones where the heat from the bulb rotates a small lampshade and throws shadowy patterns on the ウォール behind it. He also likes to listen to the sea, so he has a CD that plays the sound of the waves.

Austria: In order to fall asleep, he must be listening to music. As a birthday present, Italy once compiled a CD of classical 音楽 for him. The CD includes Summertime (Gershwin), Revery (Debussy), and Nocturne, Op. 9 No. 2 (Chopin). It's one of Austria's お気に入り presents. He's noticed lately that at one point in Summertime, there is a part where it sounds like Eleanor Rigby によって the Beatles. He's shared that point of view with England, and now England has a special interest in Gershwin.

Seychelles: Her legs are always bent unevenly, her hair is all over the place like a mermaid, and she always has one hand under または near her head and one palm-down 次 to her torso. She smiles in her sleep, too.

Poland: He hogs the ベッド without a 秒 thought, and although he usually sleeps on his back he will occasionally switch to his side.

Japan: Has the covers pulled up over his head and his arms near his face, but not touching. If he gets too hot または runs out of air, he lifts up the covers to the side temporarily.

China: His ベッド must always be facing the door, but not directly across from it, according to feng shui.

Turkey: Sleeps with his arms behind his head. No one knows why he does that, または even how it's comfortable.

Belgium: She likes to listen to Enya whiles she falls asleep. It's soothing to her.

Netherlands: He looks troubled in his sleep, even when he's not. He'll twitch and growl and mumble and scowl. Belgium is so used to it that it doesn't faze her, but for those who haven't witnessed it before it can be pretty scary.

Denmark: Sleeps much like America, all over the place. He has a tendency to grab people's shirts without knowing it, and sometimes he accidentally pulls down their pants. If he sleeps on the 上, ページのトップへ bunk of a ベッド he usually falls off and is left hanging there until someone gets him down. In fact, he has a tendency to fall off any bed, because he rolls around so much.

Greece: Any position. Anywhere. Any time. Any how. Upside down. On a roller coaster. Atop the fridge. In the pool. He's scared people multiple times によって dozing off in dangerous places.