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I was staring at America as he spoke “Okay! Now we have to decide on what to do to try to defeat the axis powers!” America screamed “Russia! Do あなた have any ideas?” he 発言しました turning to look at me “oh! Okay first we kidnap 日本 and Italy then challenge Germany to fight us if he wants his フレンズ back and then-” yet I was cut off as America questioned England. “Yea nice plan Russia okay England tell us your part of the plan!” America screamed “well-” England started “Never! That plan sucks! We’ll fail if we go along with your plan!” he 発言しました “WHAT!? あなた didn’t even...
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China: Shot through the ハート, 心 and you're to blame
darling あなた give 愛 a bad name!
England: * begins to play rock guitar*
Italy: *begins to play drums*
China: an angle's smile is what あなた sell あなた promise me heaven then put me through hell! Chains of 愛 got a hold on me when passion's a prison あなた can't break free! ooooh you're a loaded gun...yeah
Russia: ooooh there's nowhere to run no one can save me the damage is done! shot through the heart
and you're to blame あなた give 愛 a bad name!
Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia: bad name!
Russia: I play my part and あなた play your game あなた give 愛 a...
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