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あなた never were big on the whole 'love' concept. Your parents, loving as they were towards you, went through a nasty divorce that started on the 日 of your 16th birthday. Your elder sister suffered through abusive/controlling boyfriends in rapid succession; あなた thought she was on boy number 13, at least if your numbers were correct. At least so far this guy seemed decent enough.

It wasn't that あなた didn't think 愛 really existed, oh no. There were surely picture-perfect marriages out there. After all, your grandparents had been the very personification of such things; they were highschool sweethearts and married after graduation, having heaven knows how many happy, love-filled years together without that 愛 fading… あなた just didn't see where that would happen to you.

It was your senior 年 of highschool, and あなた had never experienced that apparantly amazing 'first kiss'. Well… to be honest, あなた had never dated, nor had あなた ever held any feelings towards a real (real in this case meaning they weren't from manga, anime, movies, または TV shows あなた particularly loved) boy. Was that pathetic? Well, あなた certainly didn't think so.

You'd never told anyone about that, and あなた never planned to. It was lunch on yet another tedious school day, and you'd really been hoping to have a quiet time to eat and read. However, fate seemed to have other ideas.

"Ma chère ______, あなた look lovely as ever~"

あなた groaned quietly, turning slightly to look at Francis as he steadily made his way over to you, Gilbert and Antonio a short ways behind. あなた didn't know how exactly it had happened, but apparantly あなた had done something to attract the attention of the blonde haired, blue eyed, admittedly quite handsome youth, and he refused to leave あなた alone. Naturally, that meant the other two of his 'BTT' group, whatever that stood for, tagged along as well.

"Kesesese, happy to see the awesome me, _______?" Gilbert questioned, taking the chair to your right. Antonio took the シート, 座席 次 to him, and Francis naturally sat at your right.

"No. Will あなた leave me alone?" The albino boy blinked, seemingly surprised, before he let out that trademark laugh of his once again,

"You know that's not going to happen, ______!"

"What are あなた reading, chica?" Antonio questioned, and Francis grabbed the book from your
hand, closing it (and effectively losing your place) to look at the cover.

"Fable'aven? Another ファンタジー book, _____? I would 'ave thought a pretty girl like you'd read zose もっと見る romantic novels…" あなた couldn't help but let out a disbelieving snort at such a notion, and Gilbert looked at you,

"What was that?"

"Sorry… That's just… amusing. I hate romance novels."

"Qué? Why?"

"Oh please, they're the biggest pieces of mushy, sappy crap I've ever read. Like I'd be interested in something so unrealistic," あなた stated simply, reaching for your book. Francis held it out of reach, looking at あなた like you'd just let loose a storm of curses.

"What is zis? あなた do not find l'amour realistic?"

When he 発言しました that, あなた paused. Dang. あなた hadn't actually meant to say it like that… especially not in front of the biggest romanticist in the school. あなた really couldn't lie at this point, and あなた shook your head slightly.

"Well, not exactly… I just don't find it realistic with me."

"Surely you've-"

"No. I have not dated, kissed anyone, felt romantically attached to someone who wasn't a family member, または whatever 質問 あなた plan on asking on it. Now seriously, give me back my book!" あなた snatched it from him and stood up, planning on leaving. However, your exit was hindered によって Francis taking hold of your hand, and pulling lightly so you'd face him. He flashed a dazzling smile, procuring a rose from goodness knows where,

"Now, zat simply won't do!" He winked suggestively, "Let me teach あなた ze ways of l'amour, _____. I'm sure I could change your opinion on ze idea…"

あなた sighed heavily, and looked down at your hand, still tight in his grasp. "You're not going to let me go until I say yes, I'm guessing?"


"…Fine." At this point the girls at some of the nearby lunch tables were shooting あなた death glares. Did あなた mention how much they hated あなた for somehow befriending one of the hottest guys in school? Nevertheless, Francis certainly didn't seem to notice them, giving あなた another smile as he released your hand,

"Magnifique! I'll call あなた after school zen, oui?" The ベル rang, and he hurried off with Antonio and Gilbert, making sure to leave あなた with the rose he'd been holding. あなた looked at it, then rolled your eyes, making sure to toss it in the trashcan on your way out of the cafeteria. Well wasn't this just wonderful.


A few hours later, あなた were in the としょうかん, ライブラリ doing research during your free period. Much to your surprise, Arthur came to sit at the computer 次 to you. He didn't say anything at first, just logged on and avoided looking at you. Finally he managed to work up the nerve to question, "What was that bloody display during lunch about?"

あなた paused. Arthur had been フレンズ with あなた since あなた first moved here. Sure, he was a curser, and got mad pretty easily, but he was a good guy and あなた shared a lot of interests, namely that obsession with anything related to fantasy.

…Which, of course, meant that あなた couldn't lie to him either. Damn your honesty streak. "Francis basically asked me out." あなた looked up at the ceiling when he stiffened at that. Arthur and Francis had harbored a poorly hidden rivalry for as long as あなた knew them; あなた figured he'd react badly to it.

"You didn't…"

"I didn't have much of a choice in the matter, he had a death grip on my hand."

"Bloody wanker, I can't believe him! あなた do realize he's the biggest womanizer in the school, right?" When he 発言しました that, あなた looked back at him with confusion.

"…I hadn't heard that one…"

"Well, he is."

"Great…" Slowly, あなた returned your attention back to the screen of your computer, thinking that over as Arthur went to get a book. This was going to SUCK. After a moment, an idea came to mind, and when he sat down once more, あなた gave him a suspicious look, "You're not just saying that because あなた hate him, right?"

"What? No! I just don't want that frog hurting you!" The sound of loud shushing followed his loud response, and あなた frowned a little, as did he. "Just watch out, _____," he added, whispering this time.


The end of school had finally come, and あなた immediately flopped onto the ソファー, ソファ on arrival of your home, "Only two もっと見る days…" Yes, あなた were one of the innumerable people who counted off the days until the 次 weekend. What could あなた say, any time to sleep in was time あなた liked.

The sound of the phone ringing broke through your thoughts, and あなた waited until the caller ID stated, 'Bonnefoy, Francis', before あなた hauled yourself out of your comfortable position to answer it.

"Well, when あなた 発言しました you'd call after school あなた weren't kidding. Did it have to be JUST as I got ホーム though?"

"Non, あなた are correct, it wasn't necessary, but I wanted to."

"Alright… So, about this whole 日付 thing-"

"Right, ze date! I'll pick あなた up at 8. I must go and prepare, au revoir!"

"Wait, what are we even doi-" Dial tone.

"I'm already not liking this," あなた grumbled, setting the phone back on its reciever. あなた had 4 hours to get ready, apparantly. "That's three hours and fifty 分 too much time..." あなた didn't take long to get ready, clearly. A knock on the door, and あなた went to answer it.

"Feliciano? What are あなた doing here, I thought あなた were staying after with Ludwig for track…" あなた stared at the little Italian before you, who beamed,

"I skipped," he admitted, and あなた facepalmed.


"But that's because I wanted to help you!"


"I heard あなた were going on a 日付 with big brother Francis, and I wanted to help あなた get ready!"

"Wait, Feli, I don't think that's a good ide-" Too late. The enthusiasm had taken over him, and he darted inside, managing to snag your hand and yank あなた along, up to your room.

"Vee~ I'll make あなた look so pretty, ______!" he exclaimed, plopping あなた down on your chair and grabbing stuff.

"What do あなた even know about makeup and stuff, Feli?" あなた questioned, and he looked back at you.

"Feliks taught me! Plus, if I know how to do this stuff, I get to be around pretty girls all the time when I graduate!" あなた chuckled a little at that.

"I see. So あなた think you're going to go into the makeup business so あなた can be around pretty girls? Don't あなた think that's putting your priorities in the wrong place?"

"…No… Ooh! Let me see what's in your closet! Do あなた have any dresses, _____? I never see あなた in dresses, just those fancy shirts sometimes and t-shirts…"

"Yes, I have a couple dresses. I just don't like wearing them that much."

"Then あなた should surprise him によって wearing one! This one!" He yanked out a dress and held it out in front of him. Admittedly, he'd made a pretty darn good choice. It was purple, a silky, but thicker, fabric, and… もっと見る low-cut than あなた felt comfortable wearing. That was why it had never been removed from the closet before now, to be honest.

"Oh… Feli, it's pretty and all, but I really don't like the… erm.." あなた gestured to the 襟, 首輪 of your t-shirt, and he nodded a little in understanding.

"Si, I understand. But the other dress あなた have isn't as pretty, and don't あなた want to make big brother Francis surprised?" Although his argument hadn't convinced you, the puppy-dog look he gave あなた sure did. あなた sighed, relenting,

"Fine; but just this once."

"Vee~ yay! Go get changed then, _____!"


You'd never spent this much time getting ready for anything. EVER. The four hours were almost gone, and Feliciano was only JUST putting on the 'finishing touches'. Although it amused あなた to no end that Feliciano, of all people, was doing your makeup, あなた managed to keep still, even as his conversation went from pasta, to pretty girls, to how impressed 発言しました pretty girls were with his work, to how excited he was to get to flirt with the pretty girls and be flirted back at because of that. Finally, though, he stepped back.

"Ho finito!" he exclaimed cheerfully, and あなた glanced into the mirror. あなた had to do a double take.

"Is that me?!" Sure, あなた thought あなた were pretty, but never had あなた thought to rank yourself on the 'drop dead gorgeous' scale. From how あなた saw it, Feliciano had managed to raise あなた to that status. "Okay, I take back everything I've been thinking about あなた going into makeup. Keep doing it." Feliciano laughed,

"Grazie, ______!" The doorbell rang, and he smiled, nudging あなた slightly, "Big brother Francis is here now!" All of a sudden, あなた felt nervous. Weird… you'd never felt this way before. Then again, you'd never been on a 日付 before. After taking a preparatory breath, あなた hurried down the stairs and answered the door.

"______?" Francis's jaw dropped, and he just stared at あなた for a moment, until あなた felt uncomfortable and waved a hand in front of his face. "Tu es superbe!"

"Er.." あなた didn't speak french, but that sounded like a good thing.

"You look beautiful, ____." He took your hand and kissed it, to which あなた responded with a blush. He led あなた over to his car, and off the two of あなた went.


あなた had to admit, あなた were impressed with how this 日付 went. Sure, it was just a movie, but he took special care to make sure it was something you'd enjoy watching. He was affectionate, like taking your hand, draping his arm over your shoulder (although あなた had to admit あなた shoved his arm off at the idea he might have something inappropriate in mind with the position of his hand), giving あなた that look… As if he had eyes only for あなた when he wasn't facing the screen. It was so unfamiliar to you, and it brought heat to your cheeks.

…You thought あなた liked it.

"Thanks for the date, Francis…" あなた 発言しました to him, standing on your porch. He grinned, and again procured a rose from nowhere, offering it to you.

"It was my pleasure, _____..." He winked at you, "Don't throw zis one away, s'il vous plait."

Now, あなた thought that was it, and あなた nodded as あなた took the rose, turning to go inside. He, however, had other ideas. Taking hold of your arm, he spun あなた around to face him and pushed his lips against yours. Your eyes widened, and your face immediately turned a dark shade of red. He didn't stay in that position long, knowing あなた were ready to harm him, and pulled back, giving あなた a cocky smile.

"Your first キッス is mine, ma chère~" He gave a light laugh and darted back to his car before あなた could react, just watching him dumbfounded as he paused, blew あなた a kiss, and sped off. The rose dropped from your hand, and slowly あなた raised a hand to your lips. Goodness, あなた could still feel his lingering there.

"I think I have to change my mind on this whole 'love' thing…"