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After having been to the meetings and begging England oh so many times to let あなた be some sort of personification, he finally found a place for you. He allowed あなた to personify his capital city of ロンドン just so long as あなた would leave him alone! So, feeling quite pleased with yourself and eager to help England with what he called 'foreign relations', あなた were immediately out of the house to talk to people.
あなた remembered that England wasn't very close to France all of the sudden, and felt it necessary to 'patch things up'. Just as well, あなた remembered that he wasn't all that far away because he had to stay in British territory for the time being.
That's how あなた found yourself knocking on France's door all of the sudden.
The blonde man opened his door and looked rather surprised to see あなた standing there.
"Ah...bonjour...?" he greeted uncertainly.
"Hello, good sir!" あなた greeted enthusiastically, giving him a curtsy.
Hearing your accent, he asked, "And...which country are あなた again?"
"Oh...ah...I'm the city of London."
"Angleterre..." France muttered.
あなた didn't think to much about that before he invited あなた into his rather flamboyant home.
"Please set down," he invited, gesturing toward the ソファー, ソファ just before he went into the kitchen.
あなた examined the room from your spot on the couch.'s very vibrant in this room. I wonder if the rest of his house looks like this? I wonder if his people live like this, as well... あなた thought. I do like it very much. It seems different from England's home, yet it also feels just the same.
"I'm back, mon cheri," France announced as he came back with two mugs of hot chocolate, very artistically presented, of course.
あなた hadn't the faintest idea what he had just 発言しました to you, as you'd never taken it upon yourself to learn this language before.
"Ah...thank you," あなた 発言しました shyly, taking a sip of hot cocoa.
"It was no problem. Now, could あなた please tell me why あなた are here?"
"Oh! Yeah! Um...I came here to get to know あなた better...and...uh...improve 'foreign relations'."
"Oh, I see. So then, why don't we start によって getting each other's names, non? My name is Francis Bonnefoy. Now tell me, what is yours?"
"I'm <First Name> Kirkland," あなた replied, grinning.
"Oh, what a lovely name, <First Name>! Now, where should we start in order to get to know each other better, hmm?"
"Ahh...I'm England's little sister. I wanted あなた guys to be フレンズ because I heard that あなた fight a lot and it's good to have lots of good...'foreign relations'."
"That it is, mon cheri."
あなた nodded. "Now...I want to know something. Why do あなた keep calling me mon cherry? What does that mean?"
He chuckled. "It's pronounced mon cheri, darling, and it means...sweetheart."
あなた found your cheekes heating up slightly. "Um...could you...I mean, if あなた don't mind, Sir, could あなた please avoid calling me that?"
"Ah, no problem at all, darling!"
Ignoring that endearing remark, あなた asked, "So, we're good?"
"Well, that depends on Angleterre. あなた have to ask him before deciding anything, darling. But, I enjoyed your visit. I would very much like for あなた to visit me again, <First Name>," he answered with a smile.
あなた smiled in return and, with another curtsy, went home.
"Oh, hello, <First Name>. Where have あなた been?" England greeted automatically as あなた walked in the door.
あなた smiled at him. "I was helping あなた improve 'foreign relations'."
"W-with who?!" he demanded, looking up from his book.
"Well, I was at France's hou-"
"That frog! What did he do to you?!"
"Nothing! He just wants to be your ally! I think it would be best, seeing as how your only true allies are a shuttant and a bloody pig who didn't want anything to do with あなた in the first place!" あなた snapped.
England opened his mouth to say something, but only shut it again. He appeared to be thinking something through. Then, he looked back up into your eyes.
"<First Name>," he 発言しました calmly, "you are not to talk to him anymore."
"But why? That's unfair! あなた aren't the boss of me!" あなた yelled.
"I am your superior, <First Name>! あなた are both my junior and just a city! So, I make the rules and あなた follow them! Is that clear?!"
あなた had no intention of answering. The very thought of making even a reply to him was causing your blood to boil. However, with much hatred and strain in your voice, あなた growled, "Yes Sir."
England nodded, returning to his 読書 as soon as あなた left the room. Little did he know that あなた were climbing out of your window to tell France his answer.
あなた were soon once again at France's house, knocking on the door. He soon answered, but this time with less surprise on his face.
"Oh, hello, <France's Nickname For You>. Why are あなた back so early?"
"England didn't want to be allies. In fact, he told me not to talk to あなた anymore."
France looked sad. "Ohh, darling, you'll come see me anyway, non?"
"Of course! I don't care what he thinks! I like あなた very much! I think あなた could be a great ally; he's just too blind to see it!"
"Well, I'm glad to hear あなた think so, <France's Nickname For You>."
あなた smiled up at him. "I wish I was a country, so we could be allies. Then I wouldn't have to listen to my stupid brother anymore."
"Oh, <France's Nickname For You>, he is just looking out for you, あなた know."
"I know," あなた sighed. "I just wish he would give it a rest sometimes!"
"I know, <France's Nickname For You>. But at least he isn't smart enough to see あなた escape."
あなた giggled and nodded. "Well, that's true."
"Okay, <France's Nickname For You>, if that's all I will see あなた later."
あなた nodded once more, heading ホーム again.
Of course, the fact that あなた had escaped through your window had completely left your mind until あなた opened the front door. あなた began kicking yourself immediately when あなた saw your big brother's expression of both shock and rage.
"Arthur," あなた pleaded, hoping that using his real name would lighten him up just a little bit, "I can explain!"
"Start explaining, then," he commanded, getting up from his spot on the ソファー, ソファ to stand before あなた with his arms crossed.
"I-I-I left through the window to t-t-talk to America! I though あなた would be mad if I went out the d-d-door!" あなた said, thinking as fast as あなた could.
"What did あなた have to say to him?"
"I-I wanted to tell him that I was finally a personification! Are あなた happy now?"
"I am. And, 次 time, <First Name>, just tell me where you're going," he told あなた with a smile.
あなた sighed with relief and returned the sentiment. あなた weren't too happy with him, but あなた couldn't stay angry at your big brother.
Now, this climbing-out-of-windows business had become your habit over the course of six months. However, あなた always remembered to come back in the window as well.
At the beginning of the seventh 月 - April - あなた entered France's house soaked through with water. Of course, によって now あなた two were close enough so that あなた could just waltz right into his house and he wouldn't care.
Now, as あなた lived in the United Kingdom, the term 'April showers' took on a whole new meaning for you.
"Greetings, mon cheri," France 発言しました as he walked into the room(you had become used to his little terms of endearment). He stopped once he saw you. Now, あなた often walked into his house with rain all over you, but it hadn't rained this hard in quite some time. あなた were shivering. "Ah, <France's Nickname For You>! You're soaked through! Sit on the couch, mon cheri, please!" As he spoke, one arm made its way around your shoulder and he pushed あなた to the couch. "I will be right back!"
あなた nodded, unable to stop him from doing anything for some reason.
He came back with a comforter and wrapped it around your shoulders.
"Oh, I do hope this will warm あなた up, <First Name>. I hate to see あなた shivering so badly."
"I'm fine," あなた assured him, still shaking like a leaf.
He sat on the ソファー, ソファ 次 to あなた wrapping his arms around you.
"F-Francis...?" あなた started.
"Oui, <France's Nickname For You>?" he responded.
"It's just..." あなた tried. あなた settled into the warmth of his embrace, not sure of how to say what あなた wished to. "I...know we've been フレンズ for six months. And...we've gotten close in that time."
"Oui?" France prompted.
"I...nothing. It wasn't important." あなた started kicking yourself again.
"Oh, I'm sure it was. But if あなた don't want to tell me, it's alright."
A chill went down your spine, but it wasn't the kind あなた got when someone started creeping あなた out.
Well, basically, あなた discussed the usual topics and even some new ones before あなた came back ホーム at midnight.
There was a silhouette on your bed. Scared out of your mind, あなた inched toward the light switch to reveal that it was only your big brother. He had to have been there since あなた left at eight that night.
"And where have あなた been all this time?" he demanded through gritted teeth.
"I...I...uh...I just..."
"You might as well tell me the truth, '<France's Nickname For You>'," he informed あなた in a hateful tone.
Your jaw dropped. Why would he call あなた that?! He'd never called あなた that before, and he certainly wouldn't start now!
"E-excuse me...?" あなた asked in disbelief.
"You went to that frog's house again! After I deliberately told あなた not to! London, I'm beginning to think I should put あなた on house arrest または something!"
"You can't do that!"
"Yes I can! I'm going to put the entire city of ロンドン on lockdown and leave あなた there until あなた can learn!"
"No, please! I'm sorry! I won't do it again! I won't even look at him! I'll even spend my time on the other side of the world. I-I'll stay with Japan! Please just don't make me stay in my home!"
Your brother stared at あなた for a moment. "Very well then," he finally said. "We're leaving for Japan's house tomorrow. Until then, あなた should get some sleep...follow me."
あなた obeyed reluctantly, and he led あなた to his room.
"You are going to sleep here, where I can keep an eye on you. If あなた 移動する just a little bit, it will wake me up because I am a light sleeper."
あなた nodded grimly, unsure of what else to say. Your stomach churned as あなた lay down. Your big brother lay down 次 to you, and あなた were both asleep soon.
The 次 day, あなた were shaken awake around ten in the morning. England was on the phone with Japan. He had just hung up when あなた finally opened your eyes.
"Come along, <First Name>. We're getting on the plane at two. Get your clothes on."
あなた nodded and made your way down to your room, pulling on any old clothes あなた found. あなた started packing up clothing, along with your camera, cell phone, and basic toiletries. Otherwise, あなた abandoned your belongings where they were.
Soon, あなた and England were on the plane. あなた were not at all happy about this situation. Your stomach churned when the plane took off: あなた never 発言しました good-bye to Francis, told him where あなた were going, または even let him know あなた loved him.
あなた slid down in your seat, wrapped your arms around yourself, and fell asleep.
あなた woke up on your own just as it was announced that the plane was landing in Japan.
Arthur must have carried me onto this plane. I guess I was tired...
"Oh, <England's Nickname For You>, you're awake," he 発言しました gently. "We're finally here."
あなた nodded. Everything was still a blur to your tired eyes as everyone stood to get off the plane. Of course, 日本 was out there to meet you.
He bowed. "Kon'nichiwa, Engrand-Sama. Kon'nichiwa, London-Chan."
あなた curtsied back, feeling it was the proper response in this situation.
"Kiku," England said, "I need <First Name> to live with you. She needs to be here so that she doesn't continue being フレンズ with that frog."
"I see." 日本 turned to face you. "London-Chan, I have a room set aside for you. Prease forrow me home." He turned toward England and bowed once more. "Sayonara, Engrand-Sama. Have a 安全, 安全です trip home."
England nodded to the man. He turned toward あなた and smiled sadly. "I guess I won't be seeing あなた for a while now."
あなた nodded, feeling your eyes burn with unborn tears for several different reasons. Before あなた knew it, あなた could feel his arms around your person. Just like old times, he had lifted あなた up into the air with a tight hug. As the tears finally started running down your cheeks, あなた hugged him back.
"Good-bye, Arthur," あなた whispered.
"Good-bye, <England's Nickname For You>. I wish it didn't have to come to this."
あなた simply nodded, not knowing how else to respond.
England set あなた back down on your feet. "I'll come visit あなた sometime, okay, <First Name>?"
あなた nodded, happy to hear that your brother would still come see you.
あなた just wished that あなた could tell France where あなた were at. He had never 与えられた あなた any phone numbers of his.
To spare everyone the boring details, あなた spent three years with Japan. France had been pushed into the deep recesses of your mind, but あなた still never forgot him entirely.
Of course, then came the 日 that 日本 decided to take あなた to a world meeting. All of the 前 times, あなた would beg and whine. However, his answer had always been 'no'("It's a quirk," he explained).
Now, he decided of his own accord that he would take you.
"You are a representative," he said. "It onry seems right."
あなた were the first two at that meeting. 日本 didn't seem to mind that あなた abandoned him to wait によって the door. あなた also didn't take into account who could walk in first.
Of course, it started out with Russia and his subordinates, then China and his subordinates, and so on. Soon, however, the western side of the Eurasian continent was beginning to meander into the large building.
France was first.
あなた were so overcome with every sort of emotion that あなた could not get his attention. He wasn't looking at you, for あなた were waiting quietly beside the doorway. The man was just staring straight ahead as he strode confidently toward his シート, 座席 at the long table.
As your mouth couldn't form words, あなた opted for the 次 best option: あなた grabbed hold of his 衣服 and pulled, staring up at him hopefully.
France looked down at you. His jaw dropped, and the rest of his face lit up dramatically.
"Francis," あなた murmured in disbelief, tasting his name on your tongue after what felt like forever.
"<France's Nickname For You>! I missed あなた so much!" he exclaimed, grabbing あなた によって the shoulders and キス both of your cheeks in a sort of greeting.
"Francis, I'm so sorry I never 発言しました anything!" あなた started babbling. "England caught me that last night and took me to Japan's house to live so I couldn't see あなた anymore! I had no way to contact あなた because I didn't know how to and I only had my phone and - Please forgive me!"
France's face was one of understanding. "It's alright, mon amor. All that matters is now. And now, I know where to find you."
あなた still hadn't the faintest clue of what he had called you, only that it meant あなた were his something または other. あなた didn't care though. He drew a pen from his pocket and took your hand. He wrote a seven numbers on your hand.
"There あなた go, <France's Nickname For You>. Now あなた can talk to me whenever あなた want to, even if you're sure I'm asleep."
Without thinking, あなた embraced him.
"I 愛 you," あなた blurted out.
Here we go with the whole kicking yourself situation again...
France pulled あなた away and held あなた out at an arm's length so that he could stare at you. "Why, <First Name>, don't あなた know what mon amor means?" he chuckled.
"I-it means my friend, doesn't it?" あなた asked sadly, あなた cheeks hot with embarrassment.
"No, darling," he responded. "It means my love." With that, he leaned down and brushed his lips against yours.
And that was when England walked in.
But that is a different story~