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posted by Miss_Dreamer
 Claire Bennett
Claire Bennett

- "I’m not normal. I tried to pretend that I was and I just hurt everyone; my mom, my dad. I ruined everything because of what I am. I hated it. But あなた – when I met あなた I finally felt like I was part of something."

- "I walked through 火災, 火 and I didn't get burned."

- "This is Claire Bennet. And that was attempt number six."

- "Look... thanks, okay? I'll talk to あなた in front of people at school tomorrow. Promise."

- Claire: "Give it back Lyle!"
Lyle:"No! I'm going to put it on YouTube and make like a million bucks!"
Zach: "YouTube's free, idiot!"

- "You're totally my...
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posted by conheroes
One of my fav ヒーローズ is the many parts of Niki Sanders. The reason why i like her is because she is a single mother - her husband recently deceased - and trying to make ends meet.

I have read コメント across various ヒーローズ websites with such コメント as "Kill her off" または "She the worst". I don't know why people are saying this because, every personality is another glimpse into the real Niki because she is after all one person - only fractured.

She has suffered practically all her life and i think that she should deserve もっと見る ファン because she has one of the best powers on the 表示する (strength) and...
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posted by want2watcheroes
 Justin Baldoni as Alex
Justin Baldoni as Alex

Alex is a comic book enthusiast.

Fan Theories
-He will become Claire's 愛 interest this season.
-He will have an ability.
-His ability will be "Animation" (If "The Hunter" has the ability to petrify または paralyse a person, Alex's ability will be able to counter it).

 Željko Ivanek as The Hunter
Željko Ivanek as The Hunter

The Hunter is a character who hunts evolved humans.

Fan Theories
-He is tasked によって Nathan to capture the enemies of Pinehearst.
-His actions are not illegal and are supported によって the government.
-He has a power which helps him subdue people he encounters.
-His power is mental manipulation....
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posted by kim4312
Chapter One:Son Of Phoenix
When Peter Attack Angela, He Kept Seeing Visions From Angela Of a Redheaded Woman & a Firely Bird
He Keeps Hearing Two Voices Of Them, He Sees a Vision Of Himself As a Infant & Other Infant Who Look Exactly Like Him, Peter Sees The Woman Holding His Past Self, Peter Feels That She Might
Be His Real Mother, He Begins To Cry, He Wakes Up On His ベッド In His Apartment "What Do They Mean?*
He Throught, He Puts Both Of His Hands On His Forehead Feeling Confused & He Wonders What His Dreams Mean About The Woman & The 火災, 火 Bird, He
Felt Bonded To The Woman &...
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* Potential Spoilers*

In the 最近 Promotional pictures for "Kindred", the upcoming ヒーローズ episode, one picture in particular caught my eye. I'll link it below, but a brief discription is: The picture shows Ando (James Kyson Lee) holding what appears to be the hilt of Takezo Kensei's sword. The end looks to have been removed, revealing a possible cavity in the hilt.

The episode discription states, "In the presesnt, Ando makes a happy discovery." Could there be a message from Hiro, explaining his whereabouts? Any other thoughts on what it could be, i encourage あなた to post them below! :)


Credit Goes To ヒーローズ Wiki

On March 5, 2009, Ryan Gibson Stewart conducted an interview with Joshua Rush, the seven-year-old actor who portrayed young Gabriel Gray.

Ryan: Hi Josh, how are あなた doing!
Josh: Great!

Ryan: So how do あなた like first grade?
Josh: It's really good, actually. I like the games we play—there's a lot of games involved. A lot of mathematics games.

Ryan: Do あなた like reading? Are あなた a good reader?
Josh: Yes, I do. I'm actually at a fourth grade 読書 level.

Ryan: What's your お気に入り book?
Josh: It's actually a series. I have two お気に入り series. I like Beverly Cleary and I like...
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 Nissan Versa. Nissan Versa.
Nissan Versa. Nissan Versa.
Tim Kring is a genius. Masi Oka is a rockstar. Ali Larter and Hayden Panittiere are smoking hot. NBC's new 表示する ヒーローズ is the talk of the town and for good reason. But there's one very big and painful problem with the 表示する that could only get worse with its popularity...selling out to big corporate ad dollars.

Never before have I seen such blatant product placement in a テレビ 表示する until the 日 I saw the pilot episode. Every time I see that Nissan Versa または the mention of it on the 表示する makes me cringe. The 林檎, アップル iPod video was a little less blatant, but irritating nonetheless. Product placement...
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I enjoy watching Heroes. I truly do. It's a great 表示する to watch and every week I tune in. But from the very beginning of season one, I had issues with ヒーローズ and its very obvious character parallels to X-Men. Sure there are those basic powers one must hit for entertainment purposes: flying, instant healing, 読書 minds. But just for my sake of drawing the character parallels because this stuff interests me, here are some of the instant X-Men/Heroes connections (nine-tenths of my X-Men knowledge is based on the 映画 -- so I apologize if I managle comic book lore.)
 No bullets can stop this man!
No bullets can stop...
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 Sylar kills his mom kills
Sylar kills his mom kills

- "You were right mom. I am meant to be special just like あなた wanted. I can be anything. I can even be President."

- "I understood it before, the killing. I had a reason—to take what others didn't deserve. It was natural selection."

- "This is usually the part when people start screaming."

- "Turns out you're the villian, Peter. I'm the hero."

- "They are out there... I can feel them."

- Dale Smither: "That sound in your heart, what is it?"

- "I wasn't begging for my life. I was offering あなた yours."

- "That was for the haircut."

- "I believe in...
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posted by harold
Most 最近 アップデート made on 7 December 2007.

This is an expansion of the フォーラ thread, link, listing all the significant characters on the 表示する and a brief 説明 of what we know about them as of the most 最近 episode. This means that this is chock-full of spoilers, and should not be read によって anyone who hasn't seen all the episodes または doesn't want to find out about character developments outside of the pacing of the 表示する itself.

OK, with that caveat, here's the list, divided into three sections: characters with powers, characters without powers, and deceased characters. I've included only...
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 Doc Brown prepares to explain a timeline tangent in Back to the Future Part II
Doc Brown prepares to explain a timeline tangent in Back to the Future Part II
This 記事 will be an attempt to describe the multitude of timelines featured in Heroes, a 表示する with a heck of a lot of time travel and prophecy aversion. As of the end of the fourth season, there are twenty-nine (or seventy-four; see below) different timelines in the Heroes story – wow! Hopefully this can help with wrapping our brains around the complex plot. Note that this will not cover any alternate timelines that may be featured in the graphic novels, as I haven’t read all of them and I don’t have a good grasp on their goings-on. This is complicated enough already.

The first timeline...
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GREAT 名言・格言 from the third season of Heroes

The バタフライ, 蝶 Effect

- Sylar: "My name is Sylar. And あなた are not my mother."
Angela: "But I am, dear. I am."

- Hiro: "You are not faster than me, nemesis."

- Claire: "That pain, I'm always so grateful for. Because it's the only time I know I'm still human."

The 秒 Coming

- Sylar [to Claire]: "You can never die... and now, I guess, neither can I."

- Claire: "Are あなた gonna eat it?"
Sylar: "Eat your brain? Claire, that's disgusting. "

- Claire: "I'm sorry, Peter, I always loved you."

- Sylar: "Why is there evil? How many 天使 can dance on the head of a pin?...
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Sylar and his DAD...

So while all of the other ヒーローズ are running for thier lives, Sylar is now searching for his REAL dad. But what does Sylar's dad look like??

Here is our first official look as John Glover playing Sylar's dad as Samson Gray in Volume 4 of Heroes!
 Samson Grey
Samson Grey

But why does Sylar want to find his real father, could it be just to know who he is?? または has he got another motive?? We'll just have to wait and find out...

What do あなた think of the new charactor??

x x
posted by Miss_Dreamer
 Claire Bennet healing as walking out of her burning house
Claire Bennet healing as walking out of her burning house
Screen Burn

Mark Spatney is particularly proud of this scene where heals as she walks out of her burning house in Company man.
"Origionally the plan was to have various 写真 doubles for [Hayden Panettiere] in stages of make-up that they would cut between. On the 日 of shooting, it became evident that this was not going to work because although the 女優 looked like Claire, they didn'y proform like Claire. They didn't have Haydens way of walking. So we created a CG double and exactly matched it to Hayden's proformance and then went betwen the live actress and the CG charactor. Eric Grenaudier...
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posted by chels125843

- 3/4 cup (170g) granulated sugar
- 2 & 1/2 tbsp (20g) quick-cooking tapioca
- 1/4 tsp salt
- 4 cups (900g) fresh peaches (sliced, peeled)
- 1 tbsp (20ml) freshly squeezed レモン ジュース
- 9 inch (20cm) unbaked crust
- 1/3 cup (70g) brown sugar
- 1/4 cup (60g) flour, sifted
- 1/2 tsp cinnamon
- 2 & 1/2 tbsp (35g) soft バター

how to make:

1. combine granulated sugar, tapioca,salt, sliced peaches, and レモン juice. allow to stand for five minutes.

2. spoon 桃, ピーチ mixture into unbaked pie crust, spreading evenly.

3. Mix remaining ingredients together until particles are the size of peas; sprinkle evenly over 桃, ピーチ mixture.

4. bake at 425 degrees farenheit in main オーブン for 45 to 50 minutes, または until nicely browned.

5. serve warm, with vanilla ice cream :)
posted by docarzt
In the tradition of the "Nuts!" campaign that compelled CBS to resurrect Jericho によって shipping hundreds of pounds of nuts to CBS's corporate offices, link has begun a movement targeted towards the networks and the AMPTP to urge them, through the nuisance of ファン activism, to bring the strike to an end so our お気に入り show(s) can 移動する forward.

Our plan is to have fans, as many as we can get, to mail the studio head of their choice a lovely, but very inexpensive, Roller スケート charm. A "Cheap Skate" for a bunch of Cheap Skates.

For this effort to work, we need to bring national attention to it. あなた can help によって digging this article:


And of course telling ファン everywhere to visit, sign up, and speak out at link.
 Jack Coleman, ヒーローズ
Jack Coleman, Heroes
I'm posting this as a soapbox 記事 because I'm unable to add this as a link (for some reason).

link for the original text at TV Guide.

Here's the 記事 reprinted:

Jack Coleman, Heroes: What's Going On Behind the Glasses?
by Ileane Rudolph

How does a mild-mannered ダイナスティ vet come to be one of current pop culture's most enigmatic TV characters? What lured Jack Coleman to the role of Heroes' Mr. Bennett, aka Horn-rimmed Glasses/H.R.G.? And, for once and for all, what are this protective patriarch's ultimate intentions? TV Guide hit the actor with those hot topics and more.

TV Guide: Congratulations...
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posted by goalstopper
1=Best 10=Worst
By best i am looking for the most useful power and worst i am looking for, obviously, the opposite the useless.
1Peter-absorbs the powers that the other ヒーローズ he has met Who wouldn't want to fly,be invisible, time travel and the best part is he can never die. (unless glass is in your head)

2Sylar-knows how things work and steals powers he would be tied for the most useful powers, if he didn't eat brians (i know strange isn't it?), but still has many もっと見る powers than Peter does, like melting metal または superhearing.

3Claire-Instant healing
although this would be annoying considering...
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posted by Dragonclaws
 Stylized synesthesia.
Stylized synesthesia.
link is a neurological condition characterized によって the crossing of separate senses, allowing for perception of external stimuli to merge together. An example of such is to have sound appear to the synesthete as pulsing Colors(色) floating in the air. Heroes has introduced a synesthete character, Emma, whose stylized synesthesia is presented as a superpower alongside Hiro’s mastery of time and space. I initially found this handling of synesthesia insulting, but have somewhat cooled off after the reveal that Emma’s synesthetic ability allows her to supernaturally control sound in such a way that...
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posted by want2watcheroes
 "A Clear and Present Danger"
"A Clear and Present Danger"


Tracy speaks on the phone with the governor. He tells her to switch on the TV, which is featuring an interview with Nathan Petrelli, the now chairman of Homeland Security. Tracy assures the governor she doesn't know anything about what he's doing, and she hasn't spoken to Nathan in two months. On TV, Nathan talks about protecting the American people from a serious threat. As Tracy dresses, she notices the bathroom window is open. After closing and locking it, she turns to see a man in a commando outfit. She grabs his arm and tries to freeze...
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