Role Playing Definition:
the changing of one's behavior to assume a role.

Role Playing, My Definition: The act of becoming another person, either fictional または non-fictional for a certain purpose.

Beat that internet haha. Well lemme explain some Role Plays.

Normal Role Plays
Normal Role Plays are well, basic Role Plays were あなた are in either Camp Half Blood, Jupiter または any other place. There isn't anything to achieve, just fun and あなた can make up your own story line.
Examples of these Role Plays are: link, link, link and link

Purpose Role Play
This is a Role Play where あなた have to fufil a purpose. Different from Quest Role Play because this type of Role Play takes a very long time and may never finish lol. Examples of this Role Plays are: link, link and link.

Quest Role Plays
Quest Role Plays are Role Plays meant for a certain purpose like quest. Example of this is: link

Now for the rules of Role Plays! Without rules, there will be Chaos! So there will be rules and あなた must obey them.

1) Do Not God-Mod

2) Branch to the first rule: Get hit. When you're battling don't keep dodging and blocking it, you're not Mars または Athena

3) No Sexual Content. We do no support Adult Role Plays. ヒーローズ of Olympus are for Teenagers. If あなた want an Adult RP, go to ランダム Role Playing

4) Do not kill another character without the permission of the player.

5) もっと見る of a suggestion rather than a rule but あなた should have mods in your RP to accept people when あなた are not around unless あなた put there "Everyone Allowed"

6) Cussing level depends on the Creator but please minimize it. As Cara said, use "*". For example: "Graceus Bas****".

7) Try and post frequently, we do not like dead forums

8) Do not criticize または make-fun of others unless you're joking, don't mean it, または teasing.

9)This is actually an unspoken rule but some people rp in other places before. Do not control another person's character. This is how we do it in our club.

10) Do not break the laws..I meant rules.. あなた know the saying "Rules are meant to be broken" ? Yeah, not while I'm around

11) Have fun

Admins あなた can add もっと見る if あなた want. Is all this okay?