This is a copy-paste of the rules I have in the フォーラ in th YJ OC club. I just like to have my stuffs accessible. If あなた have already read this, close the tab and go do something less boring. If あなた haven't read it, then read (that's me, Ms. Logically Obvious). It's just 4 rules that will help things go a little smoother in this here club:

1: NO FIGHTING (ON THE WALL). Like OC wise, knock yourself out. But if あなた have an issue with someone, talk to them on their ウォール または through a message または something. I know we're human beings, and also teenagers, so of course we are going to disagree on some things, but try to be civilized about it.

2: KEEP THE PICS AND WHAT NOT NONOFFENSIVE. Basically, no nude pictures または anything that targets some else または their OC. If あなた have something that may classify as rated R (like a sex scene または a ton of cursing) put a little warning in the タイトル または a little paragraph. It's a free country and あなた can do what ever the heck あなた want, just keep in mind some people don't feel comfy with some things.

3: ONE OC PER PERSON. あなた can have as many as あなた want, but only one is allowed on the squad. This is to the over crowding, so this rule pretty much explains itself. If あなた have a villian, then have them attack whenever. Just keep in mind the club will be for the squad. There's a seperate clu for ye villian (No really, there is. I think it's called Young Justice OC's Villian Edition).

4: Last, but not least, POST A PIC AND/ または BIO. Post something that'll give the others an idea of who your OC is. あなた can cut and paste the bio あなた used for the YJ OC'S club if あなた want to. Just want an accessible reference.

Okay, so there. Rules since I'm a bossy, OCD dudet. Thanx for your time.