Over the last 20 years, prescription pharmaceuticals caused the death of between 14,000 and 27,000 Americans each year. One of the most tragic high プロフィール deaths from prescription pharmaceuticals was Heath Ledger.

Ledger’s death galvanized the public’s attention, but the underlying cause of his death has not been recognized. Insights into this can be found in the Jan. 23, 2009 issue of Entertainment Magazine which prominently featured the posthumously Academy Award winning actor on its cover with an eight page spread that recounted his life and death.

Not shying away from the circumstances of his death, the article’s authors, Josh Rottenberg and Christine Spines reported “There was immediate speculation he had overdosed on illicit drugs, but autopsy reports ruled his death an accidental toxic combination of prescription painkillers, anti-anxiety medication, and sleeping pills.”

What had happened was that the prescription pharmaceuticals that Ledger was taking for pain, mental agitation and insomnia reacted with each other to produce a deadly combination that killed him. Heath Ledger died directly from what was an entirely appropriate use of legal prescription pharmaceuticals prescribed to him によって his doctor.

Shining a light on Ledger’s short but extraordinary rise to stardom, the 記事 included personal and poignant stories from many of Ledger’s closest フレンズ and associates. One of them was Terry Gilliam, a close friend and director of The Brothers Grimm, one Ledger’s early starring roles.

Gilliam told of his work and relationship with Ledger and in commenting on the circumstances of his death stated that “Marijuana was no longer in his life, which he had enjoyed a bit.”

Gilliam did not say why he stopped using marijuana, but for some unknown reason he stopped using it even though “he had enjoyed it a bit.” Other than it was illegal, there was no problem associated with his use of marijuana, so why he stopped remains a mystery.

It was a fatal decision.

Dating as far back as 5,000 年 old Chinese physician manuscripts, マリファナ was used all over the world for pain relief, mental agitation and insomnia. Your grandparents obtained マリファナ at the corner drug store and used it for these exact same symptoms. Today, these symptoms continue to be safely and effectively treated with cannabis によって millions of Americans – some legally, most illegally.

Ledger was in pain, suffered from anxiety and insomnia. And what are the classic uses of cannabis - pain relief, anxiety reduction and a good night’s sleep. If Heath Ledger had not stopped using marijuana, he would not have needed as many, if any, of the prescription pharmaceuticals that killed him. If Heath Ledger had not stopped using marijuana, he would have lived to accept his Academy Award for best supporting actor and would be alive today continuing to make blockbuster motion pictures.

Although Heath Ledger died from a toxic combination of prescription pharmaceuticals, what really killed him were our nation’s マリファナ prohibition laws because his doctor could not prescribe him cannabis. For the ailments that ailed Ledger, his doctor could only prescribe the prescription pharmaceuticals that killed him.

Compounding this tragedy is that no one is talking about how if Ledger had not stopped using marijuana, his death would have never occurred.
This is a tragedy that continues to play out every 日 in the lives of not just celebrities, but in the lives of millions of Americans who have no choice but to use the far もっと見る dangerous, generally less effective and arguably もっと見る costly prescription pharmaceuticals.

Protecting their bottom line, America’s giant pharmaceutical corporations, along with those other stalwarts of American business, the alcohol and tobacco companies, spend millions of dollar every 年 hiring lobbyists and providing funds in support of law enforcement’s insatiable feeding frenzy at the taxpayer funded pig trough of マリファナ law prohibition.

Until マリファナ is once again restored to its rightful place in our nation’s medicine cabinets, thousands of Americans, like Heath Ledger, will continue to needlessly die every 年 from prescription pharmaceuticals because they were denied the choice to use marijuana. Millions of others will continue to have their health jeopardized and their lives destroyed because of our nation’s マリファナ prohibition laws. What will it take to get あなた to start doing something, anything, to end this madness?

Lanny Swerdlow, R.N. is director of the マリファナ Anti-Prohibition Project, an Inland Empire medical マリファナ patient support group and law reform organization. If あなた want to do something, anything, about it, contact him at 760-799-2055 または lanny@marijuananews.org.