Naruto, his フレンズ and enemies are all standing in front of the very very big mansion.

The mansion is in the middle of small island. That island is known as Nin-island. It has white sand and crystalic water.

Naruto, his フレンズ and enemies walked inside the mansion.

"Wow" Hinata gasped.

"Cool!" NARUTO -ナルト- shouted.

"Can anyone remind me how did we get here?" Sakura asked in amusement.



(Ok I'll make it shorter as possible as I can).

Tsunade received a ticket from her fellow villager. It says 'You're Welcome to Nin-Island, Where あなた can have a Vacation for 4 Weeks'.

Shizune and Kabuto bought the last two Nin-Island tickets from the fellow vendor. They want a 日付 alone at that island.

Jiraiya received the ticket from one of his fellow reader.

Sakura found the ticket on her お気に入り bag.

Kurenai and Asuma received a gift ticket because they just married last week.

NARUTO -ナルト- and Hinata bought the ticket from the mysterious vendor for their date.

Kiba received the ticket from Akamaru, Akamaru found the ticket while digging the ground somewhere else.

Lee and Gai found two tickets while running somewhere in Konoha.

Tenten received the ticket from her mother.

Neji found the ticket somewhere on the ground while training.

A ticket fell at Shikamaru's face while sleeping somewhere at the 草 area.

Ino found the ticket on the お花 she's organizing.

Sai received a free ticket when he bought new pencils.

Chouji won the ticket because he ate 100 BBQ.

Shino found the ticket at somewhere else.

And while はたけカカシ was 読書 the 'Icha Icha Paradise' a ticket fell from the book.


At the Sound Village...

Kabuto was unhappy because Orochimaru found a ticket from his fellow prisoner.

And Karin bought two tickets for her and Sasuke, she's desperate for a date, so she thinks if they'll just have a vacation it would be like a date.


At the Suna...

The red headed kazekage received the ticket from tweety bird, ok not tweety, but a bird delivered it. Shukaku was hoping that he would be with hottie hot hottie girl. But the demons' ハート, 心 broke.

Temari received a ticket from Matsuri and Kankuro received from his ex-girlfriend, so the kazekage will be with his siblings.


At the 暁(NARUTO) hideout...

Konan bought the ticket, she actually wanted to be with Pein but she's too shy to ask him, fortunately Pein asked her. He has ticket too- well he killed someone to get the ticket because he doesn't have any money.

Konan should have been delighted, until she knew that the other 暁(NARUTO) member has tickets too. And made her realized that her plan 日付 was ruined.


Tsunade accepted all of ninjas who want to have vacation at nin-island, because she's going too. And Anko will be the sub-Hokage.

To go to nin-island they must take a ship first.

There's only one ship to go to nin-island, it will depart tomorrow at 9:00AM and arrived there exactly at 10:00PM.

So it only means one thing. Naruto, his フレンズ and Enemies will be meeting each other.


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Ino x Kankuro, Kiba, Chouji

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