A rare and natural beauty
5. Ginny-For starters, I 愛 her beautiful red hair. It's so gorgeous. I 愛 it when she has that white 花 in her hair, it's pretty. I also 愛 her eyes. She's just stunning. She has an amazing smile. She is such a natural beauty.

4. McGonagall-Now, before あなた start calling me weird, let me explain. Have あなた seen her as a young woman? She's gorgeous! I 愛 her big eyes, they're so amazing. She has gorgeous hair.

3. Luna-I 愛 Luna's looks! She's stunning! I 愛 her long, blonde hair. I also adore her eyes, not to big and not too small. I 愛 her だいこん, 大根 earrings, they compliment her so well.

2. Bellatrix-Wow, this woman is so gorgeous for someone who's so evil. First off, her hair is so messy and gorgeous. I actually like how messy it is, it looks gorgeous even when it's messy! I also 愛 her eyes. So beautiful. She's also got an amazing figure. I 愛 her big, full lips. Her black dress compliments her very well and is perfect for her. This woman is just gorgeous. However, she's not number 1 because number 1 is in my 上, ページのトップへ 5 most beautiful women of ALL TIME.

1. Hermione-Of course my お気に入り character would also be my most beautiful character. But I promise, I'm not being biased. I honestly think Hermione is one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the planet. I've always thought she was beautiful, even when I was little. As the 映画 progressed, she just got prettier and prettier. Just like Ginny, I think she's a natural beauty. She's got the most beautiful hazel eyes. Her hair and lips are gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS!! She's also got an AMAZING smile. When she came down to the Yule Ball in that ピンク gown, I swear I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. I 愛 her full, gorgeous lips. They're stunning. She's truly one of the most beautiful women ever.
A classic and angelic beauty
A strong, confident, beautiful young lady
An exotic and striking beauty
She's a sunset in a frame